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  1. Buildings not Building or Upgrading

    I always make sure to have alot of refined wood and stone in stock before upgrades.....it gives nuggets a time buffer between upgrading and replenishing whats in stock....this way nuggets are always upgrading something..
  2. Grass Patch feedback

    I had an issue when adding stone to a refinery....instead of it dropping into inventory, it did damage to the building itself.
  3. Nugget suicidepact

    I had this issue as well....had to pick them up and set them back down.....gets annoying
  4. Cannot figure out how to pick up anything

    I had trouble picking up rocks; the nuggets could mine it, but I couldnt pick it up....
  5. I had 220 polulation and 16 followers. Not sure how this will work
  6. Struggling in wood production and population

    I got my nugget population up to 220.Its very hard keeping a balance.....one day its at 220 ,people start to die from old age and I am down to 100. For me, everytime there is a die off in population, its half or more than half the population. Its very hard to recover even with god powers
  7. Temp Suggestion for Resource balance

    I think they need to rebalance how much wood we get from trees and how much stone we get for hitting it with the pickax....my civilzation has upgraded everything possible and the world is almost dead from lack of trees and water.....and we are just in the medieval ages...lol
  8. Ask Us:

    Future colonization of other planets....how would that work; would we have to make prefabricated buildings to bring along with us or make buildings using the resources on that world? I know I am asking questions for far down the road development for the game....but excited about the endless possibilities...lol
  9. Ask Us:

    down the road when we go to different planets and solar systems...are there any plans for us to visit other players systems....like for trade and war?
  10. Ask Us:

    When our civilzation starts going to other planets and solar systems, will the starting world be paused when we go to the new worlds?
  11. I had the same issue.....my civilzation is basically living in the desert because no water in winter time...I have 10 water reservoirs in the desert since water wont freeze, so my people can have water....very annoying....my pop is at 110, and have 4 stone and wood refineries and 3 iron mines.....they use crap loads of water.....if i didnt have the water reservoirs no one can work...
  12. very, very exciting and interesting! Would it be possible to convert a non-believer into a believer and join back to the other civilzation?
  13. Forecast Tower - Heat and Wind Maps v26

    I have seen the wind map...that shows the direction of wind....not heat
  14. Iron Mine UI Bug

    same.....I also had issues mining...both positions filled and not mining or mining very slowly....like to mine one iron took 3mins...
  15. v26 bug: lumbermills stop working

    i have the same issues....they go to work and do nothing, then leave.....i noticed after an hour of play this happens.....but stone refinery works well.