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  1. Lost Download

    I have already bought Universim and downloaded it on one of my old hard drives instead of my main one and I have gotten a new computer with a new hard drive and I only uploaded everything from my main hard drive onto the new hard drive so I lost the Universim download and I thought if I logged back into the website I would be able to just download it again but it's asking me to buy it again and I don't know what to do! I can't get the hard drive back because it has since been erased and sold! Please help! I love the game and wanted to play it only to see that it's no longer there! Also when I went onto the store it asked me to submit my name for The Rise of Evolution Monument. ( I think that was the name) The name I submitted was Brandon Noble but it didn't let me download the game! It's still telling me to buy it!
  2. Glitches And Bugs I Am Having

    Thanks the only thing I didn't see was the thing that nuggets waste over 200 resources on a building that only needs 10 or 5 and once it is built you cant get those resources back! Also how can I delete this I am very noob :/
  3. Glitches And Bugs I Am Having

    Glitches And Bugs I Am Having Ok after playing for a while I started to notice that my Nuggets were mating but when a child came into the world my population did not increase same goes for when a child reaches adulthood. I am also having the same problems with deaths and when a person dies while assigned to a job the game counts them as dead and alive like they will still be assigned to the job but they will be doing no work so nothing is happening and when I try remove them it doesn't work since the game is thinking their is no one to remove and then a lot of my nuggets wont build for me and just keep bringing resources e.g. I was building a water pump and my nuggets wouldn't build it yet instead they decided to bring 300 wood to it and 200 stone! Actually I have noticed nothing is changing my creators points are not increasing nor is my resources and food and water everything is telling me I do not have enough water but when I actually look at my water usage it says it is below the amount of water I am making I think this all since the only thing frozen is like the hot bar stuff also I don't know which version I am in so if someone could tell me how to find out so I can post this appropriately that would help a lot
  4. CM Mirror em I went to buy the gae and when it made me login in again it said my account didn't exist so I thought it as my password and I did the lost password and put in my username the one you see and it didn't work and said error doesn't exist and it did the same with the email address I used and I know I used the right email address since it is the one I confirmed the account with T_T
  5. Thank you very much! And ok that is all good to here I have access to both my parents email so that will be fine I just wasn't sure if I should use my own email address so that it links to my account or something
  6. I have literally just joined and will be buying the $40 one between now and March 19th ( MY BIRTHDAY) but should I use my email or my parents because they are using their credit card?