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  1. Doing Nothing

    just curious to all those having issues, is there anything new you did around the time the nuggets stopped working? Trying to see if there might be a trend....like you build a certain building....or maybe the quantity of something. When it happens, i think it would be good to take screenshot of planet if you can. Could be used to compare cases of the situation happening.
  2. game wont run!

    do you use dual monitors?
  3. game wont run!

    the same launcher should work. Are you running the game under administrator mode? im assuming this is also windows? what version of windows?
  4. Stuck on loading

    If using Windows 7, make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36805
  5. My game never load

    Make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36805
  6. My experience since latest patch.

    yes, this exactly =) however, i dont know why you would not want to play with all those colors? =)
  7. I am having extreme trouble trying to play this game, what the problem is is that when I enter the game key to the slot and activate it nothing happens! Please I need help, also the current computer I'm using is a apple laptop made in 2017. NEED HELP.

    1. Greendq


      Look here:


  8. Issue with download

    awesome, glad your issue worked itself out =) locking this post
  9. Windows 10.1 Launcher not installing

    What directory you trying to install it to? Pinging @Greendq to see if he can help possibly
  10. Crash on Startup: Windows PC Users

    hey guys, we are aware of an issue on the loading screens of the game. This issue should be addressed with our next patch. I dont have a timeframe on when v13 will be ready, but hopefully within next month. Until then, sit tight if you can.
  11. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    Ok so we do believe we know what the issue is (plugin bug), and already have the fix included for our V13 patch. We have looked at what it would take to get that same patch into the V12 version (for a quick hotfix), but unfortunately it is not a simple task. In fact, it very well could take us longer to prepare the hotfix than it would be to release V13 (since we are getting closer to it....and no i dont have an official date yet). So instead of taking resources away from V13 and possibly delaying it further, we are going to hold off on any hotfix to V12. We really apologize for the inconvenience this may be to some of you, because we know many of you are itching to play. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to send me a PM via the forum.
  12. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    hey guys, we are getting a dev on this to see if we can figure out a quick fix for this until our next patch is released. We will probably also set up a better way to communicate with those having issues, so I may be reaching out to some of you via a PM to get you setup to chat with us to see if we can resolve this nasty bug.
  13. Fatal error after entering game KEY

    just curious, are you using a different machine when you tried windows 10? I only ask because the OS Version in bold says Windows NT.
  14. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    have you guys tried running the game under administrator mode? or try running in a different compatibility mode
  15. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    hey guys, can you send me your output log files? you can find out where to get them here: