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  1. I kinda agree... it would make alot more sense if they had to build the evolution tower... but you should still mark a location for it.. perhaps a beam of light would show in that area so the nuggets can see that you want it built there or something... As the other poster mentioned a district mapping system would be very nice to have... so rather than having to place residential/commerical/industrial buildings you could zone an area for it and the nuggets would figure it out on their own... it would at least be slightly better than having to manually place every building yourself.
  2. Doing Nothing

    In my situation i had a similar problem... the nuggets breed like rabbits and the problem occured when my nuggets ran out of food... they all got stuck trying to get food.. when none was available they would stand around doing nothing... even some of the farmers.. who would be getting the food stopped working.. meaning no food was coming in because nobody was working... the population rises much too quickly to keep up with.. i had 4 farms 2 fisheries and hunters and it still wasnt enough to feed my 100 nuggets... and then it all shut down and fell apart when nobody had food and stopped doing work... i also agree with kerby... picking up a tree/rock shouldnt cause fear unless you have harmed them with it... if you normally pick up resources for them it should just be normal for them... of course if you had previously thrown said object at them then they might be afraid... but if you know a god is real and have seen signs of it being real and have god mail.. then seeing a rock floating probably wouldnt bother you... itd just be another act of god... unless of course you were doing other things to cause them to fear you. i also agree that all the powers besides the heal one (and fire) are wayyy too expensive... and your regeneration of power is much too low to actually use them.
  3. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    well when it was actually useful it was a very nice addition... i loved watching the little nuggets hunt with spears... perhaps the upgraded version in the future will use bows? thatd be cool however when they have to follow prey they cant do anything if the animal is walking away from them... they will keep getting into position behind it... but not have time to attack it before they have to re position again.. making it take a very long time to hunt medium and larger prey.
  4. the god power regeneration seems VERY slow... especially with powers costing 650 points... hopefully there will be a way to boost that later? i know its not really related... but its kinda related to god power stuff so i figured id post here.
  5. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    the hunters hut loses its use VERY quickly as they have to go further and further away to hunt prey... and by the time they get there they are thirsty and hungry... hopefully you have a way around that planned... like hunters bringing food/water with them?
  6. Doing Nothing

    I havent had any issues yet... im at 46 pop right now and its running flawlessly... so far at least... i take it back... i hit 52 pop and now people are standing around doing nothing.. seems 50 is when it all falls apart... still was smooth up until that point... definitely an improvement over previous patch.
  7. Punish my Nemesis

    well what do you expect really? i mean it is one of the EVIL quest paths... there is only 1 good (find nuggets) and 1 evil(punish nemesis) quests... so yeah why refrain from murder if your going to do the evil quests anyways
  8. Game progress rate is to fast

    eventually there will be god powers to ressurect or even make a nugget live forever.. so that will help... but keep in mind that eventually there will be other eras and you will go from a small tribe to a village then city. i do agree that it is a bit insane to need so many water pumps though.
  9. I wonder when we get all stages

    There was originally going to be other factions that formed.. your nuggets leaving to start a new faction which could war with yours... but they decided against that for one reason or another.