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  1. Tudor House roofs not colored?

    I think it would be better if you could choose between these pallets then? or somehow influence it in some way.
  2. WAYYYY too many stone huts...

    i have like 100 nuggets and like literally over like 60 stone huts... which wouldn't be a problem it really adds to the city feel.... if my engineers werent letting important buildings fall into ruin to try to repair all the huts that are being placed literally everywhere... Couldn't you simply make nuggets move into old homes that are no longer used instead of having to build a new one every single time? Or at the very least have engineers prioritize actual buildings rather than repairing all the stone huts? Other than that however this is one of the best updates you guys have released... the most stable ive seen in forever... kinda wish the rival tribes were a bit smarter with their raids at least (as in not sending their entire population to raid you when they have like 3 people total and you have 100 and 4 watchtowers and being wiped out)
  3. First plathrough, thoughts so far

    Earthquakes are already planned eventually... as well as reforestation... just not in the game yet earthquakes will be a power of the player and a naturally occurring event that can damage your cities but also has the chance of unearthing more resources... there will also be a chance that it could unearth an ancient disease that will spread throughout your colony (if they keep to their original idea)
  4. I agree the whole planet should be lit up with sunlight while you are placing your civ so you can see..
  5. Struggling in wood production and population

    It doesnt really matter as its not implemented in the game yet but if you look near the modern technologies in the list there is a reforestation option... its just not part of the game yet.
  6. Only You Can Prevent Deforestation

    your just not believing hard enough you gotta believe you can plant the trees ;D
  7. Suggestion : You make your world

    i know its not related but is there still going to be an immortality power? you know making a nugget live forever? It would be nice especially for like streamers ect to be able to do that if they like name certain nuggets for a stream to have them stick around for awhile... until they do something stupid which they probably will cus they are nuggets after all..
  8. My ~20 hour impressions

    I like alot of your ideas trans.. but as a god game having all powers available at all times would be better... perhaps instead these "biblical" powers can get more expensive to use later on and require more power but still be possible if desired... and what is so bad about night time? thats why you have the "god light" that makes everything bright even at night... unless you turn it off of course but why would you do that (other than for nighttime screenshots or something)
  9. Only You Can Prevent Deforestation

    apparently in universim it will be a late game technology to replant trees... but thats why you will have god powers to replant trees... i mean why would nuggets learn to plant trees when they have a god to do it for them.
  10. Struggling in wood production and population

    That is already planned sigard... if you look at the research tree there is an option listed for reforestation... but its not implemented yet... same with the god power to do the same.. just not implemented... this will be important later as lack of trees = lack of oxygen and the planet could die... which will be a thing in this game... having to flee a dieing planet if you don't take care of it.
  11. Feel Like I am Missing Something

    I think the game will be more interesting when they add in hostile/rival tribes and more disasters like earthquakes ect... right now it gets kinda boring after you research everything and there is nothing left to do.
  12. God Power Generation, Followers

    I believe at some point they plan for a church/temple system for offering sacrifices (for instant god power gain but evil rep like in black and white) or slow spread of religion thru the church/temple.. or something like that... but we don't have any details on that system yet.
  13. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    The space around the buildings are meant for upgrades and roads... there needs to be space around the building for roads to generate.. for houses its not as big of a deal as if they upgrade in the future and their upgrade would conflict with another home that home becomes a home for 2 families instead (like apartment buildings) so that is why the homes can be closer together cus their upgrades can apparently merge with nearby homes to create bigger buildings housing more nuggets.
  14. Only You Can Prevent Deforestation

    if you look later in the tech tree already in the game.. there is an option for reforestation already in the works... its just simply not in the game yet.
  15. A very aged nugget

    worlds oldest nugget... we must scribe it into the nugget book of records ;D