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  1. Version/OS: Steam V26, Windows 10 Repeatable: Unsure as of yet(only 1 death so far) I will try to reproduce it again. I started a new game on the steam release, after playing for awhile and my first nugget finally died I checked to see if my gravedigger was going for the body. As they weren't making an attempt to retrieve it I used my powers to move the body to the cemetery where it was immediately buried, however soon after my gravedigger walked into the cemetery and collected a body from it they then left walked around to the front and i saw another 2nd body appear on the cart when nobody else had died. They took one body up to the pyre which i turned off and it immediately disappeared, the second body however they buried and I ended up with 2 of the same nugget buried. Edit: I've tried uploading screenshots/save files but i get a -200 error on everything