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  1. Downgrading versions

    Not at the moment but it is being looked into and hopefully the Hotfix will sort this soon. Has been a bugger of a issue to track down.
  2. No lights and pink squares

    One of the known issues for V16
  3. Farms are USELESS! Please Fix!

    This is being looked at balance wise. Once the locked slots are available it should be easier.
  4. Unable to place Epicenter

    I would love to see what you are doing. Do you use any recording software? If you have Nvidia card it comes with ShadowPlay free. Only other thing I can think off is to delete all the local data and try again as it will force a verify of the files on a fresh install.
  5. Unable to place Epicenter

    Strange question, is your game paused? Cannot place when paused.
  6. Thanks to Sl1pg8r for showing me this lovely game!