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  1. Peanut and Mars...

    Well, he wasn't really lost in "Interstellar", was he? I'm quite confident that this movie is going to be great. Unfortunately I don't have the time to go to the cinema right now. So I will have to wait. And due to the disappointment from other adaptions I will read the book after I saw the movie.
  2. " If I've learned anything, it's that life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead. "

  3. Ja, ne. Sorry, aber $100 hätten es sein müssen.
  4. Fixed it. Shiny! Alte homepage? Wieviel hast du bezahlt?
  5. Sorry for my absence

    Yeah, I see. It happened a lot and a lot of "new" members or more active members are around. That's actually really nice. I try to be happy about it. And thanks for your statement.
  6. Sorry for my absence

    Hey people. Well, I'm really sorry that I wasn't around for such a long time now, but I just wasn't able for any social interaction recently, cause something really tragic happened. I won't go into detail that much, let's just say: Life gives and life takes and two and a half weeks ago a really valuable person left forever. It was hard and I needed some time to find back to myself. I hope you can understand. Now I'm almost reasonably well and I thought it would be time to check out the forum again. Sorry again. Regards
  7. ​Here you go. The badges are the only available rewards right now, but be prepared for the pre alpha release in a few weeks. YAY
  8. Upcoming things

    ​Ooow. Had to fix your post. But seriously No Man's sky is freakin' awesome. I guess you saw that video with ten minutes of gameplay then?! Just: Gosh! Another game I'm really interested in is Shape of the world.
  9. ​Keine Hektik. Well @Idiocrat and @Riverzend , I suggest to send JesperGrip (CM) a PM since he is the guy in charge for the homepage (and thus the badges) . kind regards
  10. Upcoming things

    I couldn't resist to buy this here. http://shop.lego.com/en-GB/The-Tumbler-76023?_requestid=445762
  11. ​Oh, I'm sorry,but you had to donate at least $100 to get a badge.
  12. ​Hey and welcome. Which package did you choose?
  13. Holiday!

    Have a nice holiday,mate. Btw, I actually made a topic especially for these cases. Now let's get the party started!