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  1. Working Age Bug?

    Working Age Bug? Turns out I can assign a 4 you as a witch doctor; which is only funny because shes currently gathering resources (herbs). Yup, confrimed. She just made medicine (10yo now) Also, while she is making herbs, I cannot access her Info Screen (the one with all the bars, including the 'working age' stat)
  2. Nugget Occuption Vs activity

    Nugget Occuption Vs activity It's annoying when my Gravedigger's Occupation is "Eating". Need a second status; Occupation: Gravedigger Status: Hungry Activity:Going to Eatery
  3. Food / Drink Vs Hunger / Starvation. I think the AI needs to reprioritise this mechanic. Currently, Nuggets don't go for food drink until starving/ brink of death; and more importantly WONT GO GET THESE NEEDS FILLED UNTIL THEY HAVE COMPLETED THEIR CURRENT TASK. AKA Akamoba died of thirst while lugging rocks to build a Cemetary is hilarious.... kinda. So it needs to be revisited; at 1/4 full bar, they should prioritse food/drink as their next Queued task; at 1/10 they need to stop what they are doing and go replenish immediately. This is a major game breaking issue; I've had builders stuck / die because there were no materials to finish the task with, but they won't get food / drink until the building is complete.
  4. Hospital broken

    So my thoughts on the hospital (spills over into another issue) The biggest problems I have with it right now, are; 1. six spaces, and 1 doctor slot 2. people often die in hospital if it is full because of understaffing; but (this is why they die) 3. nuggets usually injure themselves when hungry or thirsty. They go to the hospital and don't eat or drink, nor have anything brought to them until they are healed and go get their own food; maybe we need a nurse to assist the doctor and carry food/ hunt herbs while doctor makes meds and heals up nuggets. 4. This is exasperated by the fact that nuggets will only go hunting for food or water once they are completely starved / deprived.