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  1. Version: V26 Experimental using Steam I started a new game today and made it to Year 250. I noticed some issues that seemed to compound as time went on. Sorry I won't be listing any triggers here cuz it seems (to me anyway) that time going on itself is the trigger. It was really only a handful of things though. -Nuggets walking undergound or underwater (though I only saw that a couple times) -Nuggets walking around with half of their bodies underground (from the waist-down) -Flashes of color across the screen mostly in the sky -Animals (mostly Mammoths) moving around without animations (feet moving), parts of their bodies (like their feet) in the ground or walking on top of water -One last extra thing is by the time I reached Year 243 and saved and exited the game, some of the sounds seemed to stop working; clicking on buildings, the wind blowing, things like that I would give all of the points above a Severity level of 1 as they occurred but were very minor. Except for those above, the game ran pretty smoothly; I had no freezes, crashes, slowing down or issues saving or loading the game (though when you click on/open the Archive, it does slow down a little bit.) I was able to run the game with all the graphics options set at maximum with no performance problems. -This one isn't really an issue (at the moment) but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Once the Nuggets start building Tudor buildings reproduction seems to slow down by a lot even if you have a large number of unassigned Laborers (which, to me, it seems do most of the reproducing) -Again not really an issue but the amount of fish listed in a Fishing Pier seems to be constant and never drops That's all for now
  2. Version: Alpha 0.0 26.18957 Tested in: Windows 10 This glitch and report is pretty simple and basic. I noticed a Tornado happening a little from the village. As it was happening, some ( but not all) of the Nuggets became either frozen (where they just stand still and kinda back and forth), started walking in place and walking/moving but extremely slowly. But then within a couple minutes AFTER the Tornado ended, they unfroze and everything/everyone returned to normal. I unleashed Tornadoes twice and the same thing happened. The Severity of the glitch is a 1: it didn't affect the game at all and, like I said, seemed to correct itself after a couple minutes. To reproduce: set a Tornado to go off OUTSIDE of the village. I tried it inside too but it did not trigger the freezing (12 Nuggets died though!) Couldn't get any pictures sorry ( Capture doesn't seem to be working right now.)
  3. V26 Test Build Report

    Okay first of all great job on all of the improvements and things that have been added. Having said that there has been a few issues that I'm gonna report. This report covers me doing 3 different playthroughs of the build: -Loading a Saved Game. Starting a new game is fine but with loading a saved game there is a really big issue: IT DOES NOT LOAD. I tried this with 2 different saved games and they would just keep loading and loading and loading. I actually counted on the 2nd one and after 45 minutes of the game still not starting I turned the game off, reloaded it and started a new game. This happened on my first 2 playthroughs. -On the 3rd playthrough I became unable to save the game at all with the Archive. I would Hit Save and either nothing would happen at all or a 'Info Saving In Progress' message would pop up and never go away. After 20 minutes (I counted) of that 'Saving in Progress' message on the screen, I hit Esc; that made the Saving message go away and I continued playing. -During my 2nd playthrough (before I saved, exited and tried to reload) during a winter the lakes suddenly froze over and my water quickly dropped to zero. This caused EVERY Nugget (and animal) to become frozen. Using God powers on the Nuggets like Telekinesis would scare them and make them run away but then become frozen again. Then once the temperature rose and got high enough for the water pumps to start working again, a switch flipped and everything just suddenly started working normal again with Nugget and animals walking around and everything else. -During my 3rd playthrough (I think cuz was the longest) glitches started to appear and compound after i got past Year 100. Nuggets walking underground or walking through the ground with only the upper half of their body being visible, Nuggets walking underwater, graphical glitches like lines of color (usually brown) flashing across the sky or just on the screen.) Two buildings just vanished after I upgraded them. -Not sure if this is a glitch but I placed this Farm and used telekinesis to fill its resources; it took the Nuggets 40 Years to actually build it. They would just walk right by it a whole bunch of times and even building their huts all around it. This was in the 2nd playthrough. -Near the end of my 3rd playthrough, I built a Wind Turbine. Once it was finished I went to build the Battery that came with it but once that came out I was unable to place it anywhere (as seen in the picture below.) I wasn't even able to put the placer away and was stuck with it still unable to place it anywhere. At this point I was unable to interact with anything else or do anything cuz the Battery placer was still stuck. All the Nuggets eventually died because I couldn't interact with anything. At that point I ended the game; I made it to Year 217. My 3rd playthrough is the one I wish I could have sent to Crytivo but I was unable to save it due to what I explained on the second point. That is all I have for now.
  4. Nuggets Dying and Vanishing

    I just had a quick playthrough and was up to 6 Nuggets. Then suddenly they just started dying and floating up into the sky as ghosts and leaving no bodies behind. They were just walking around and it happened. And it was all 6 of my Nugget so now I have to start over. That's it for this report.
  5. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    are you sure the limit is 200? Cuz I've gotten higher than that
  6. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    Sure. How do I do that? Provide you the save file Sure. How do I do that? Provide you the save file
  7. Been playing v24 for the past couple hours good job but there's a few things.... 1. Something seems to be wrong with eateries/restaurants. I've gotten to a point that I have a pretty high, steady flow of raw food but cooks aren't picking any of the raw food up to cook it. The cook system seems to have stopped working. The Cooks just stay in their buildings Doing Nothing or they are stuck at Going to Eatery (even though they are already in the Eatery/Restaurant.) 2. The reproduction system. It was growing pretty steadily and got up to 180 Nuggets; I never had to use Le Cupidon. At that point the population seemed to remain stable around 180 with Nuggets dying and new ones being born (having 10-16 Nugget kids at any given time), but then it suddenly started to drop off. I am now down to 121 and am having a hard time keeping the population up and all the jobs filled 3. Hunting becomes a non-option for food VERY quickly. I realize that its because the hunting hasn't been fully implemented yet but eventually the Hunters seem to have run out of animals to hunt at which point they stay in their buildings Doing Nothing The game I am currently playing is at Year 189. That's all I have to report for now. I am going to save it and quit for now. I will come back and load the same game later and see if these same issues continue. I tried to post screenshots I've taken but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
  8. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues Just did a playthrough. Was going good until I reached a population of 40. Then everybody just seemed to stop doing anything Pathfinding issues still seem to remain (Nuggets getting stuck while Delivering Resources) and once you build up enough buildings the Nuggets seem to stop gathering resources like Rock and wood; this especially makes it difficult to operate the Refineries and the Funeral Pyres. Plus once I got up to a population of 40, the Nuggets stopped gathering resources like rock and wood. Then they all stopped doing ANYTHING all together. This is my only really complaint about the latest update. Good improvements all around and a lot of new features and content. Game mechanics could still use some improvement.
  9. V14 Status & issues

    V14 Status & issues Good job on new update. Eliminated a lot of issues but seems to have new ones. I found these over 5 different playthroughs: -Nuggets went to build a stone hut on top of a water well. This caused all nearby nuggets to become stuck; they stopped doing anything and eventually died from not eating and drinking -Not sure if it's a glitch but if you try building too many buildings at the same time, the Nuggets won't work on any of them -if you place buildings too close together, nuggets can become stuck -Engineers can't seem to keep up with the number of buildings that need repairing even with multiple engineer buildings (I had 4.) The more buildings there is, the more difficult this becomes. -sometimes nuggets will just get stuck in one spot and stop doing anything; sometimes assigning them a job fixes this and they start working again -with the fishing, the fisherman often gets stuck in a loop outside and inside the building; this makes it so that they won't go fishing even in the right season -if nuggets are transporting resources, they can get stuck either because a building is in front if them or just stop altogether even if the path in front of them is clear -if a nugget dies, it might be a while be before the gravedigger (if you have one) gets to it causing it to rot and spread disease (I think it's disease). This occurs even with more than one cemetery and grave digger. A few tines, they wouldn't even pick up the dead body at all. This made the bodies pile up. Ha -I like the new funeral pyres but they seem to only work a fraction of the time evendors with enough resources (wood). Are they supposed to work hand-in-hand with cemeteries or replace them? This is another issue of dead bodies not being collected fast enough if at all That's all for now. Keep up the good work. Not really a glitch but it looks like you slowed down the nugget reproduction rate by A LOT. As a result I can't produce enough manpower to keep up with everything and to grow