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  1. Nuggets unable to locate herbs

    Nuggets unable to locate herbs I build a hospital, RIGHT NEXT TO some herbs and made one of the nuggets a witchdoctor, at which point he began idling stating there were no herbs nearby Never mind apparently the herbs were still "growing" as about 2 minutes late he began harvesting the herbs, could a mod delete this post please
  2. Hospital broken

    Nope this was before I lost my first nugget, unless one died but it didnt notify me at all
  3. Nuggets stopped mating

    Nuggets stopped mating The title sums it up pretty well, but after my original 2 nuggets died the rest stopped mating altogether (the fertility creator power only worked on the original woman, and even then didn't seem to actually do anything but I believe it just hasn't been implemented yet) possibly related my nuggets got suck on a building project (that lead to the entire death of my species) where after a series of unfortunate events, everyone got an injury (pure luck) and they stopped building altogether
  4. Hospital broken

    Hospital broken When nuggets sit in the hospital they... do nothing. they just sit there. my witch doctor collects herbs, makes medicine, does his vaguely unsettling thing like hes supposed to... and the nuggets stay in hospital, consuming meds and not healing or leaving (I had to demolish the building to get them out). I think the first nugget that went to the hospital healed up fine but after that the next one was stuck at 49 hp until I ran out of herbs and medicine then didn't heal up anymore the unfortunate side effects of drug addiction?
  5. Population counter not changing

    Population counter not changing After alt tabbing population counter stopped changing, locking in at the value I had before I alt tabbed, saying I have 11 people, and 1 child, however I have 4 people and 0 children (Everyone died)
  6. Bugged building foundation

    Bugged building foundation Basically, the nuggets automatically placed a house foundation (as they are want to do) and it became unselectable and unbuildable; obviously I would call this potentially game breaking the sense that this could potentially happen multiple times, and (im not sure how the building foundation process works) but also take up a slot for a new house (assuming there is some kind of cap on the number of houses based on population) also it can take up potentially valuable space. I have not been lucky enough for lightning to strike it yet (also unsure if building damage has been implemented) so I'm unsure if it can take damage. unfortunately I wasn't paying attention at the time so im not sure what could have caused it but it is very slightly overlapping another foundation (the other one is selectable)