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  1. Keyboard shortcuts?

    Control key. Thank you.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts?

    Key guys. Does anyone have a keyboard reference around? I found out how to cast spells a few months ago but have forgotten. Would be nice if a keymap reference was in game or even a way to change what they're mapped to.
  3. upgrading buildings

    Thanks Bolerro - That was one part of my problem. Other part was I didn't build the stone/lumber refineries and I "expected" to still be able to build the tier1 buildings with the log/rock resources. I wasn't aware that once an upgrade tech is researched it forces you to build the tier2+ building. Thanks again.
  4. upgrading buildings

    Has this made any progress? Just had this happen today. Clicked upgrade, then no more buildings would get worked on and no upgrades ever took place. Nothing fell through the world, though. I'll try without the archive.
  5. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Agree with Goldmos & Apple1145. I’ve honestly stopped evaluating the new versions because new features only mean more micromanagement.
  6. Updating updates forever?

    Same, but at 8%. Suggestions welcome.