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  1. stuck on loading screen

    I hadn't launched it in a while, and it just decided to work. so I would say either: Launching it multiple times making sure it isn't running a process in the background. OR Restart your computer.
  2. stuck on loading screen

    I have managed to get it working now! Had a good session, had about 30 odd nuggets, water was running out and then i went to change the audio settings and it crashed, no biggy. look forward to the next update!
  3. stuck on loading screen

    stuck on loading screen I installed the game, launched it and clicked "start new life" the loading bar gets stuck half way but the 'witty' remarks keep rolling in while nothing happens. i tried installing to my SSD as my HDD is old, but still no change. Specs: OS:windows 10 CPU: i7 4790k GPU:GTX 980ti please help!