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  1. Issue with perks

    I can research Recreation before of Culture. How? If I need culture to unblock this perk ...
  2. Bug when I assign a nugget

    That happens after loading the game
  3. Bug when I assign a nugget

    I think it's the same bug
  4. Lumbermill

    After i discovered logging, i could build a Lumbermill, all right, but, in construction menu, this building is locked! lol. I think that appears because the interface was frozen.
  5. Bug when I assign a nugget

    When I assign a nugget on an upgraded engineers, I can not see which one is selected until i press escape. All ocurred after an upgrade. Edit 1: Occurred with Cemetery too
  6. Q: Clear Infection

    If the nugget die in a building, like a fishing pier, you can't clear the infection. Just the power repair the building.
  7. 100 happiness and wants to kill herself

    Can't reproduce anymore, i think it's solved.
  8. Load Game Issues (1) God Mails

    Can confirm in every try
  9. [6]AI gets stuck after loading a game

    Same problem, nuggets are getting stuck at day 100+ after a load.
  10. I can confirm this too, i loaded a game but the nuggets still doing nothing.
  11. I don't know why but nuggets are dying because they are falling through the sky. Can't reproduce, It happens every minute The log have a missing Translation
  12. Can be a bug in the save/load game. Next build i think should fix all the bugs related to this. I will try to save during a Sandstorm too and see what happens.
  13. Description: A nugget had 0 happinness and want to kill herself, i used the god power "jolt of joy", however, she still wants to kill herself. To reproduce: 1: Don't complete the mission "finding a nugget" 2: The nugget with 0 happiness is the goal, then, use the god power "jolt of joy" 3: The nugget now have 100% happiness, but she still wants to kill herself
  14. To reproduce: 1. Launch in normal mode 2. Click over Stone Hut 3. Profit That's my first attempt, I will do it in another try.