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  1. Gravedigger confused (inoperational) I just build a gravyard and assigned a gravedigger. It worked properly, until he went out to collect a corpse and during his way to the body another nugged dyed. If this happens (tryed it three 4 times) the gravedigger seems not to know where to head and starts walking up and down a line of about 2 meters from the point where the message came up that the other nugget died. -> seems to be a pathfinding issue - some sort of priorization or "rset" of the to-do-list, as soon as the gravedigger finishes one job should work here. but besides this and some other minor bugs, you guys did an amazing job on the new update edit: gravedigger does his walk until he starves/dehydrates
  2. Nuggets unable to eat/drink

    Got the same Problem here, sometimes nuggets eat/drink, sometimes they don't... when being at about 20% on water, my nuggets move towards a well or the side of the ocean and remain there - nuggets say they are "going to drink" but they just remain in this state until dehydration and death... Im still on trying out what might be the problem... I believe it depends on where the well is placed, since it is always one well that works for all nuggets or the well does not work at all - same goes for oceans and lakes... if one nugget is able to drink from it, all are, if not, all are not... Just had a game where my beginning was between two oceans - two nuggets went to the northern ocean to drink and survived, 2 went to the southern and dehydrated as described before... after a while one of the surviving also went to the southern ocean and dehydrated as well... maybe a graphics issue ?!
  3. Bug: Build Dead lock

    jep Same thing with the god-power-buildingissue... Sees that this construction-Problem is a General one... for the moment only building-Destruction and retry Works - lets see what the next patch brings...
  4. Bug building with "godpower - priorization"

    So lets wait for it... Im really excited!
  5. Bug building with "godpower - priorization"

    Edit: the problem did not occur twice, when the "spelled" constructionsite was the only one around, as soon as there are two or more construction-sites and I use the god-spell to fasten up one of them, the above discribed accurs in 3/4 cases.
  6. Hey guys, I#m Martin from Germany - I hooked up on the game on Steam and was one of those guys wondering, why there were comments but no download option... so I looked on the website and... guess what bought immediately (even though only for 40dollars). I really love the game just now! And here I am - I hope Ill find some bugs to help you guys continue the extraordinary work, you realised until now!
  7. Bug building with "godpower - priorization" I just tryed out the Priorization of a building by using the god power (don't know how the spell is called exactly). However all nugget run towards the building and start constructing + collecting resources. However they don't collect and start building after all resources are piled, as in normal building, but they seem to start the construction as soon as the first 5 wood are piled. This works until the resources are near the needet cap, because nuggets donst seem to "communicate" - all builders run into the forest and collect wood, even though there are just 5 needet (e.g.). This leads to all nuggets having resources on their back but being unable to load them at the construction area. As a matter of fact, nuggets dont let go of the resources, dont build, block a building space in the construction site, don't eat, don't drink and die... the only way to break this cycle is to destroy the building and to not use the god-powers the next time... I tried this several times in order to confirm that bug. I would suggest to bring in a priorization also while using god-powers, so that all nuggets collect the necessary resources and start building as soon as they are collected and not all in one (im not a programmer, but maybe you could use if-clauses in order to stop the confusion at such building sites) Hope the report helped even though my english isnt that good