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  1. Nuggets wander off after save?

    you have been looking into it for the last 3 years about time you got it sorted or is publishing crytivos main goal
  2. upgrading buildings

    seems to me clicking the upgrade button breaks the game I have had this happen twice now
  3. Texture glitch on AMD RX480

    can confirm the new patch has fixed this I love you devs I can play again
  4. Weird black boxes flashing in and out everywhere...?

    this has been an issue for a long time now its not has bad has it used to be but it is time it was fixed makes the game annoying to play
  5. game wont run!

    they need to ask questions to find the solution how else they going to fix it
  6. Oops! The game crash

    not had any crashes but the games hangs alot like its going to crash for a few seconds then rights itself
  7. Downgrading versions

    i understand you wanting to wait thankfully mine improves near to ground and only got a few odd flashes but if i zoom out its like fairy lights all over my world and wouldnt be good for people with epilepsy
  8. Downgrading versions

    i am also suffering with this issue but i found if you zoom in quite close to the planet it is not has bad and is just about playable
  9. guess what

    what update
  10. alpha download?

    my mistake beta is still there it was just too small to see with my poor eye sight
  11. alpha download?

    alpha and beta have gone out of mine just probably means they are working on them ...plus only the pre alpha is available at the moment
  12. drawing to the end of 30th of oct and still no updates sighs not looking good

  13. still no update and no patches

  14. dead speak and not going

    the walking dead
  15. mine had food but still died of starvation must be carnivores not herbivores