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  1. Mating Snoozer

    his misses must have worn him out pmsl
  2. list of bugs for new patch el pacino

    another bug I have just noticed the warehouse numbers for wood dont match the bottom left ,bottom left it says I have 36 wood but in the ware house it says I have zero
  3. list of bugs for new patch el pacino

    my grave digger was layed up in hospital for ever because everyone stopped working lol
  4. list of bugs for new patch el pacino

    mine go swimming in the ocean too and still die of thirst
  5. Laborers bug

    I had this problem also only I couldn't get past 16 nuggets has they wouldn't drink or eat
  6. nuggets cant find water even with half a dozen wells nuggets starving even with plenty of stocks nuggets not collecting resources after about 30 mins play so couldn't build or upgrade
  7. Short Video of Ghost Nugget Bug

    that looks quite spooky lol but an interesting bug if it is a bug lol
  8. Game Crash

    getting the exact same crashes and same error log crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. Texture Bug

    glad to hear is not amd cards then but it is a nasty bug makes my eyes hurt when trying to play i only last 20 mins
  10. can confirm that putting shaders to low makes no difference
  11. Texture Bug

    think its one of those bugs thats hard to squish or they arnt a fan of amd cards lol
  12. Texture Bug

    i have the exact same issue its like the nuggets are having a mass rave all over the planet on a serious note this has been a known bug for a while i believe but seriously needs addressing try zooming right in its not has bad then
  13. Nuggets won't build priority

    i dont think the priority button has been made active yet has we are still in alpha i could be wrong and if i am i can confirm it dont work has well then
  14. Disco Light bug still exists

    i can confirm this worked for me also :-)
  15. wont be voting has im still unimpressed with progress and the gameplay booted up the other day and still a buggy mess mating still constant only now they have foursomes in the epicenter the ai is still brainless and still too much micromanagement puting workers in buildings (should do it automatically if you have enough) gameplay is too slow at start took 15 minutes just for the first hut to be built even though i had enough builders . also nuggets live very short lives or get old very quick