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  1. Tips System

    The side quests are fun but found most of them required a bit of trial and error to get through. Would recommend through a tip in how to go about completing the quests. For example it took me a while to figure out how to fling things into the air rather than just dropping them to the ground.
  2. Crash on hitting space

    I'm on a win 10 machine. Here's the error logs, the ones in feb are from space bar crashes, the one from today is crashing at the Crytivo Loading screen: 2017-02-02_155416.zip
  3. Crash on hitting space

    I'm having this as well quite often. Something to do with hitting space bar, after skipping tutorial at the beginning. Not consistent though, some times it works, sometimes not.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm J from Canada, been following the news on this game since the Kickstarter campaign a year ago. Couldn't wait to play so just bought the alpha now, can't wait to play!