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  1. Well bugged out in the Desert

  2. Well bugged out in the Desert

    Well bugged out in the Desert I love the desert and always start there, and while I was placing down a well in the desert it said 0 water. I clicked to build it by mistake, which after it bugged out. I couldn't get the well to go away. So I went into the build toolbar to choose a new building to place thinking it would get rid of me holding the well. I thought it worked because I was now holding the reservoir, so I went to place the reservoir down. It was built instantly, and I was still holding on to the well. I went into the build toolbar again to choose another building and that building was also built instantly. I tried it few more times with other buildings and got the same results they were all instantly built, so I left the game and started a new game which again I ran into the same bug.