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  1. Wolves are coming

    Hello friends, I play Universim a long time and it makes a lot of fun I see a lot of improvement which makes me happy thanks guys But one question This watchtower should defend against wolves or? By the first attack I had 50 nuggets and 1 watchtower. Watch tower is warning the other nuggets but they dont care. 10 nuggets died. My gravedigger gets stuck a lot so everywhere are corpses. I changed the nugget "hotfix" but they are to many (2 gravedigger) Second attack. I have 6 watchtowers. Nuggets get slaughterd. 15 nuggets dead Watchtowers did nothing and nuggets ran away when it was to late. So I clicked the panic button -> many nugget got saved but my watchtower guards got killed my wolves too For what are these towers? By the way after two attack there are more then 25 corpses around my village. Those gravediggers cant ceep up
  2. Review of Gameplay

    I can easily upload pictures bigger then 3mb but not a winrar file Maybe ur uploader isnt able to uploade rar.files I get always that message There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 or "Du kannst nur 3.91MB hochladen." But it is only 2.17mb zip/rar both isnt working
  3. Review of Gameplay

    I did zip it. It is still to big 2.17mb
  4. Review of Gameplay

    There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 It tells me There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 or ur file is to big -> 3.91 but it has only 2.17
  5. Review of Gameplay

    Of course I can. Can you tell me where I can find this save file?
  6. Review of Gameplay

    After a while the population recover to 130 pop But then every nugget froze stood still did nothing -> was thirsty or had that no home sign i tried to reload but that was not possible -> crash or foreverloading
  7. Hunting

    Hunting is pretty cute and I like it I know it isnt ready yet, but will mammoths bears wolves etc fight for their lives? I saw deers running away but the other were standing still and just died recommended 6 for one mammoth i had 2 and they did a pretty good job
  8. Review of Gameplay

    Before this patch I had a few problems -> couldnt get over 50 pop cause they didnt mate Now all was fine. My population was growing so fast that I had problems to feed them So I got 160pops and 0 food but was able to solve the problem with 5 farms (1) Everything was pretty nice but some problems were still present Many workers did nothing -> engineers did nothing so many buildings were destroyed -> gravedigger did nothing -> I had 3 cemetries and only one guy was working and picked corpes right next to a different cemetry up -> fisher mans did nothing -> no food but wasnt bad cause I had a lot of farms, but two got destroyed cause engineers werent working -> rafineries werent working they had 100 wood/stone and did their job, but after were "finished" they didnt bring new stones/wood to there refinery, but a storage was next to them whith 100 stone/wood -> my nuggets are lazy as fu*k is it a fast forward problem? Well and after a tornado hit my village my population shrinked from 160 to 100 and now they cant recover from that cause they dont reproduce so fast like they did before -> no my pop is around 70 good point -> I have enough food for years Overall a good game/patch but there are still problems
  9. Doing Nothing

    Same problem by me
  10. Patch is corrupted

    Thanks baley, At first I tried to fix it with my Antivirus Software Avast, but it didnt help, so I decided to change the file and it worked
  11. Where can I download the game

    Thanks dashboard wasnt working but crytivo store worked
  12. Patch is corrupted

    If I am trying to patch the game I get a fatal error An execptional situation occured while patching: Unable to process Uri http://................................................. etc well what happened
  13. Sorry for that, but I didnt play for a year and wanted to play, but I cant find any download options. Cant connect with the dashboard Thanks for help Greetings Craysus
  14. Hello, I am Craysus, 21, happy about this game and cant wait for new features (: