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  1. Review of Gameplay

    I can easily upload pictures bigger then 3mb but not a winrar file Maybe ur uploader isnt able to uploade rar.files I get always that message There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 or "Du kannst nur 3.91MB hochladen." But it is only 2.17mb zip/rar both isnt working
  2. Review of Gameplay

    I did zip it. It is still to big 2.17mb
  3. Review of Gameplay

    There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 It tells me There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 or ur file is to big -> 3.91 but it has only 2.17
  4. Review of Gameplay

    Of course I can. Can you tell me where I can find this save file?
  5. Review of Gameplay

    After a while the population recover to 130 pop But then every nugget froze stood still did nothing -> was thirsty or had that no home sign i tried to reload but that was not possible -> crash or foreverloading
  6. Hunting

    Hunting is pretty cute and I like it I know it isnt ready yet, but will mammoths bears wolves etc fight for their lives? I saw deers running away but the other were standing still and just died recommended 6 for one mammoth i had 2 and they did a pretty good job
  7. Review of Gameplay

    Before this patch I had a few problems -> couldnt get over 50 pop cause they didnt mate Now all was fine. My population was growing so fast that I had problems to feed them So I got 160pops and 0 food but was able to solve the problem with 5 farms (1) Everything was pretty nice but some problems were still present Many workers did nothing -> engineers did nothing so many buildings were destroyed -> gravedigger did nothing -> I had 3 cemetries and only one guy was working and picked corpes right next to a different cemetry up -> fisher mans did nothing -> no food but wasnt bad cause I had a lot of farms, but two got destroyed cause engineers werent working -> rafineries werent working they had 100 wood/stone and did their job, but after were "finished" they didnt bring new stones/wood to there refinery, but a storage was next to them whith 100 stone/wood -> my nuggets are lazy as fu*k is it a fast forward problem? Well and after a tornado hit my village my population shrinked from 160 to 100 and now they cant recover from that cause they dont reproduce so fast like they did before -> no my pop is around 70 good point -> I have enough food for years Overall a good game/patch but there are still problems
  8. Doing Nothing

    Same problem by me
  9. Patch is corrupted

    Thanks baley, At first I tried to fix it with my Antivirus Software Avast, but it didnt help, so I decided to change the file and it worked
  10. Where can I download the game

    Thanks dashboard wasnt working but crytivo store worked
  11. Patch is corrupted

    If I am trying to patch the game I get a fatal error An execptional situation occured while patching: Unable to process Uri http://................................................. etc well what happened
  12. Sorry for that, but I didnt play for a year and wanted to play, but I cant find any download options. Cant connect with the dashboard Thanks for help Greetings Craysus
  13. Hello, I am Craysus, 21, happy about this game and cant wait for new features (: