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  1. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    Seems like a great patch! Can't wait to try it out this weekend, great work!
  2. The only holiday resort for the nuggets is the cemetery.
  3. Curved Monitors?

    Never tried a curved monitor but have a curved TV which I find great. I would say that the best way is to go to a local electronic store and examine a live specimen of curved monitor before ordering it. Not everyone likes them.
  4. Games That You Play?

    You play all of these at the same time or do you mean games that you have played in the past? In my life there is only time for one to two games at the same time and right now both slots are filled with Universim and a revisit of Civ 5. Civ is a game that never gets old, especially with mods!

    Didn't order one now, will let it mature some first. What bugs me though is that the featured page of steam is now 100% VR games and no option to hide them. I like to browse through once a month to find some newer games or games I've missed. But that's not gonna happen now. (Oh and I'm missing a crying emoticon )
  6. What's Your Computer Specs?!

    Congratulations, my oldest is an eleven year old 500GB, still works like a charm. Had to retire a two year older HDD last year, he had a good run, but the old eventually need to make room for the new, it's the circle of life.
  7. Murica

    Must admire the hair physics! Looks just as fake as his real hair!
  8. They announce on twitter from time to time about job openings, the latest is on http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/paid-part-time-unity-c-developer.349818/#post-2264165 Other than that I guess it's best to contact them by mail if you have something to offer.
  9. Where's romusen

    He was/is a community volunteer forum admin, and a generally nice chap.
  10. It's been said before... https://theuniversim.com/contact-us
  11. Sim City 5 Anyone?

    As said previously, if cities skyline had multiplayer I would be all in! But Sim City 5 just fills me with sadness when I play it, guess partly because it was the last nail in the coffin for Maxis(Not counting Sims) which I used to love and adore and partly because of it's limitations. As for Windows 10. I've got a big distaste for Win 8 so went from 7 to 10 on two computers and overall it's been a good experience. One of them is a semi-old Dell latitude e6420 though and Dell hasn't released any sound drivers for Win 8/10 for that device and the default Windows 10 ones is kinda borked. So can't listen from the speakers and only one of the headphone ports work and can't listen to sound from any application that doesn't have support for manually selecting output device. So if you have a computer with drivers made by the computer manufacturer and they've stopped supporting your model you might be in for a surprise.
  12. What're You Listening To?

    ​When I'm programming I prefer monotonous electronic music, no lyrics or such. Then I float away to a happy place where the code is all that matters.
  13. Physical cards to mobile device issue

    Well since you are using mobile devices I would say that you take advantage of the mobile technologies Using NFC, a subset of RFID, brings the advantage that it's really fast and almost all mobiles comes with a built in reader. So the only cost would be the NFC chip in each card. This is probably the easiest and fastest way. There is a big downside to it though and that is spelled iPhone. Even though the technology has been standard in other mobile devices for years Apple only first implemented it for iPhone 6, and that implementation is currently locked to Apple Play. So unless you are fine with locking out iPhones it's a big drawback. There are external NFC readers for iPhones, like the FloJack, but they can be quite expensive. Most mobile devices have a gazillion of apps that can read both bar-codes and QR codes using the built in camera. I've used standard bar-codes for a beer drinking app several years ago and as the cameras get better image stabilizing technologies it's becoming better and better. But as you said for QR codes, bar codes can take up to and over a second to be processed. So it's a close call if your first option with a touch interfaces isn't faster. But as there are many free bar code readers for both android and iPhone it might be worth it to give it a try as it's quite easy to manage and implement.