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  1. Slight visual glitch (not mac)

    Build version: Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 Description: Seems to be a pretty minor visual glitch. When zoomed out kinda far, there are these strange white outlines which move across the planet. Based on the movement of these lines, I think they are projections of the outline of terrain (trees/rocks) from the side of the planet with sun onto the other side. Reproduction: Seems to happen across saves, though I haven't tested to see if they exist on an entirely new world. The lines seem to only appear at certain angles (rotating the planet makes them disappear). I've attached a few screen shots, but can't capture video. Relevant images and saves:
  2. Grassy patch thoughts

    To answer the missing kid problem, nugget children don't show up on the pop list.
  3. Nuggets go to guaranteed death!

    Yeah I've experienced much the same. These pictures are really good representations of what I've seen. And don't stress about your English, it all makes sense to me!
  4. Zoom rate to intense for Mac

    Have you tried adjusting the zoom sensitivity in game settings? I'll admit that I still have some problems with zooming despite endlessly fiddling with the setting, but I've managed to get it to at least a playable level
  5. Scroll Wheel Zoom TOO FAST

    The zooming does still need adjustment, but as XxEnigmaticxX said, you can lower the zoom sensitivity in the game settings. I've found that it is very difficult to find a happy medium for zooming though, as there seems to be a sort of cumulative effect on zooming which means that the zoom is either too slow or way too quick.
  6. Cannot figure out how to pick up anything

    This might seem like an obvious statement, but make sure that the game isn't paused when you're tyring to do these actions. Sometimes it is not obvious that the game is paused, and you can't really interact with the world at all while paused (this includes using telekinesis, as far as I'm aware).
  7. Upgraded Fisheries causes unstoppable fishing.

    I've noticed fishernuggets will stay out way too long fishing, sometimes getting really close to death before returning.
  8. +1 Also, from my play testing, the same issue is apparent with the wind generator and battery.
  9. Bugs?

    I think that needs work as well. There should be a maximum population that the lake can support, and taking water out of that should affect it. However, if you've fished half the lake out, but only taken a quarter of the water out, the population of fish should remain the same. Could be as simple as saying that every unit of water is able to hold x units of fish, and only adjusting the fish population if there are more fish than the water can hold.