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  1. Grassy patch thoughts

    To answer the missing kid problem, nugget children don't show up on the pop list.
  2. Nuggets go to guaranteed death!

    Yeah I've experienced much the same. These pictures are really good representations of what I've seen. And don't stress about your English, it all makes sense to me!
  3. Zoom rate to intense for Mac

    Have you tried adjusting the zoom sensitivity in game settings? I'll admit that I still have some problems with zooming despite endlessly fiddling with the setting, but I've managed to get it to at least a playable level
  4. Scroll Wheel Zoom TOO FAST

    The zooming does still need adjustment, but as XxEnigmaticxX said, you can lower the zoom sensitivity in the game settings. I've found that it is very difficult to find a happy medium for zooming though, as there seems to be a sort of cumulative effect on zooming which means that the zoom is either too slow or way too quick.
  5. Upgraded Fisheries causes unstoppable fishing.

    I've noticed fishernuggets will stay out way too long fishing, sometimes getting really close to death before returning.
  6. +1 Also, from my play testing, the same issue is apparent with the wind generator and battery.