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  1. Nuggets stuck while building and die

    Interesting. I was building a water container and it stopped at 87% as well. I did notice nuggets dying, but it seemed to just say that it did not know what the cause of death was. When I noticed it had stopped at 87% it no longer had any builders working on it. Its version 0_0_12_2710060800_8660
  2. Bugs i found in new update

    I am using build 20160730, version 0_0_12_2710060800_8680, and for me it stopped building a water container. Seemed no builders would continue building. I had just put down several buildings, some water pumps, some wells, a eatery and a hospital. I also had the problem with farms where some of them would not finish building some of the fields. I played a bit longer and I could no longer assign new workers in the builders hut I think its called. It had one worker, but the missing one I could not replace. I selected a villager, but it did not become active as a builder. Same thing with farms and so on after that.