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  1. Build version: Alpha V 0.031 23618 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 Description: The Mother Planet Population Log does not handle more than 100 pages. The slider at the bottom truncates triple digit numbers to the first number. In the attached screenshot see that the pages past 99 are all '1'. Reproduction: 1. Create a world. 2. Get the population above 350. 3. Open the Population Log. 4. Click the >| button to go to the end of the Log 5. Observe the Labels on the bottom pagination tool / slider. Expected Result: labels above 100 properly displayed. Observed Result: labels above 100 truncate to 1.
  2. The 'click on' icon in the "If you lost" help menu does not look like a the house icon but appears corrupted. Continues if game removed and reinstalled through Steam. Also, the English phrase should probably be "If you are lost" instead of 'If you lost".
  3. In the Building List screen there is a button up at the stop to disable shifts. The Building List screen is opened by clicking on the icon in the top right of the window next to the Nugget List button. The Building List button icon is a tiny stick and three parallel bars with a roof-like shape on the top. Once you research Shifts, at the top right of the Building List pop-up screen is a slider button. This slider turns Shifts off globally. You can also disable Shifts for individual Buildings when Shifts are enabled. Shifts do not work in Alpha V31. Depending on the structure you will have either duplicate workers at once, no workers completing tasks, workers failing to schedule task on the building or workers unable to complete the task before the shift changes. I would recommend researching Shifts as soon as they become available then disabling them in the Build List menu immediately. Do not delay disabling Scheduling until you have a large number of production buildings. The toggle off of Shifts will cause your economy pause as the game adjusts the scheduling for all the Nuggets. If this is done at the wrong time your Farms, Fishing Piers and Hunting Lodges won't get enough food to Eateries to keep up with demand. Lots of food in storage can help buffer this. If you do not have enough Nuggets or no Town Hall with a Mayor then you will automatically have no Nuggets for 2nd Shift. Check this before you toggle Shifts off! The toggle of of Shifts will remove all workers from any Building that has nobody assigned during that Shift. This will kick workers out of Farms, Treadmills, Defense Towers, Engineers and other jobs that should not be interrupted. You must manually re-hire any lost workers if you do not have a Town Hall.
  4. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    God game or RTS with planets? Games are all about the agency the player has. In no other artistic medium does the audience place so central a role in execution of an idea. A game doesn't really exist except while being played. The Universim advertises itself as a unique game. This is sort of a space enabled remix of Black & White or a non-evolutionary take on Spore. Just due to development we only see the early parts. We have not seen the 4X elements yet (Explore Exploit Expand Exterminate) yet so any commentary on the long space-age level game is speculation. Eventually the church building is going to need some nuggets assigned to interact with their God. I would recommend that this be used to create an automation interface where you can delegate how much and which tasks you want to micromanage. Give the user something to do besides answer or ignore Godmail. Eventually the church, not the evolution tower, should become the center of attention. Agency is about choice and consequences. Set the automation based on social progress. Also set it based on user play style. Tie the function of these to how well or poor the nuggets see their God. I know that tossing corpses around quickly results in a death-world statue. Leaving happy nuggets to do their thing or firing off the building repair / healing hand gets a Tree of Life growing in the God Status Garden. Decide what this means for the automatic policies you can or will allow the player to use. Perhaps a death-world cannot automate corpses or heal buildings or build bunkers. Perhaps a Garden world has discounts on love spells and lake refills but has to trust that gravediggers are doing their jobs. At this point there is not much to micro-manage(1) unless you really want to dig into matching nuggets to their jobs. Automatic placement of new wells or water wheels Enable and disable of used or unused buildings Toggling restrictions on education level or properties for buildings Suggest new buildings to zone Create forbidden areas that nuggets cannot travel through The game could help a lot by creating a 'recommended' nugget list for a building so you could shuffle assignment. Then let the church leaders implement that if the player has research the correct item. Currently mother world has puddles or lakes. There are no rivers, glaciers, ice caps or tectonics(2). We don't even have volcanoes in the game, yet. And what weird worlds will we find? Those will require research. Good to handle you first few times but then you will want the ability to automate that away as your nuggets grow in space-faring skill. Eventually we will need multi-family residences, firefighters and ports. If the current system is employed the gameplay will be a sim-city clone where the player dictates zoning all day. Eventually it might grow to be a clone of Planetary Annihilation with armies at work among the planets. But none of these are God games. 1. Beware descent into spreadsheets. Min/maxers will always cheese whatever mechanism is provided. 2. Triggering an earthquake to destroy buildings like in Populous isn't handled by the Wind Storms.
  5. Orbital Rings

    Orbital Rings I am not sure if this is a bug of a feature. Things don't really "orbit" since orbital mechanics are not in the game, yet. But items dropped into place high enough just hang there. But if you get tired of trying to keep Nuggets alive you can build an orbital ring with rocks and trees (and Nugget corpses) around the planet. The trees not only spin in place but also change color with the season. Running into both trees and flying rocks will break the 'window pane' of the view into the game just like colliding with a mountain. Version of the current build: ALPHA V. Operating System: Linux (openSuSE 42.2 Leap) Module: Mechanisms, Graphics Computer specs: Intel i7-6700K @ 4Ghz; 32GiB DDR4 RAM; 2x EVGA nVidia GTX 970 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: objects released far enough from planet 'hover' in place How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): 1. pickup a tree, a rock or a Nugget corpse 2. fly away from the planet 3. release (not toss) object Expect object to fall back to the planet. Observe that the object spins in place. Objects tossed even lightly may travel ballistically around the planet and land somewhere. Nugget corpses let go too near the planet will slowly drift down to the ground.
  6. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    I find that being very picky with what planet to accept, even more picky about picking a starting location can get you to 90+ with little work. I just can't keep that number of Nuggets going for long. I certainly haven't been able to do any upgrades with the tiny trickle of processed stone and wood the factories output. Firstly, don't accept planets without at least one, preferably three or more, deep lakes. You want long, deep lakes so you can throw a lot of pumps on them without thinking. Good shorelines that aren't all curvy or covered in mountains are helped by the lakes being long. Just be aware that the pathing AI picks resources for generic harvesting based on distance from the evolution tower, not from the harvesting Nugget. This means that a juicy tree on the other side of a large lake may cause Nuggets to suicide walk across a quarter of the globe for 2 wood. You get up to 8 farms so you know that you always want a large space around the tower for the constant Stone Hut spam. However, at six eateries you're probably wasting food. I would not be surprised if a lot ended up stuck uncooked in eateries. Nuggets are happy to eat raw food from fisheries, warehouses, bushes and sitting in a farm. But it the food is in a bunker or eatery it is out of reach. This means your cooking nuggets can get stuck walking from fishery to fishery trying to feed themselves instead of cooking more food. Since the AI is too stupid to know that the resource was consumed you will end up with caravans of hungry Nuggets walking from empty building to empty building instead of working. I find that building forest or desert farms are a must. The Malina and Plum resource are low frequency but high quantity dumps. This means that the eateries cannot absorb all the food, locking it away from use until cooked by Nuggets more interested in getting a Massage than frying fish. One good trick to remember is to rotate the Doctor out for a patient. An injured doctor automatically heals on their own. This can save an almost dead Nugget. It's also essential when you are super low on herbs and have a large backlog of injured Nuggets to process. While you might not care that an 80 season old laborer falls over dead from injury, losing one of a breeding pair after a major die back can hamper or prevent a bounce back. Double so if they were the farmer and a crop is about to spoil. Finally: save scum. A lot. Use your saved games. Your first play-through will teach you how the area you picked worked. It will be very helpful for figuring out where to put things or what resources to 'Divine Power' harvest to help out. At the least you get a different random set of perks that can make or break the mid-game. I've had games from the same save that barely hit 50 before dying out. The same save with a little different building strategy easily hit 92.
  7. Version of the current build: ALPHA V. Operating System: Linux (openSuSE 42.2 Leap) Module: Mechanisms, Graphics and AI Computer specs: Intel i7-6700K @ 4Ghz; 32GiB DDR4 RAM; 2x EVGA nVidia GTX 970 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: game built Stone Hut in front of Engineering Hut, nuggets leaving hut to repair started flying . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): place a building such that the automatic placement process will put a building in front of your placed building. Once Stone Hut is built any Nugget walking into or out of your building or the Stone Hut will fly. See the auto2.gz saved game and Player.log. There are 80 Nuggets in this save. It will take a long time to load. A Stone Hut is being built right in front of an Engineers next to the shallow lake. All the building Nuggets are flying. Fortunately you can pickup a flying Nugget and drop them on the ground to stop the flying. During wind storms the flying Nuggets will form a huge line above the bunkers making this easy to do en mass. Nuggets going bellow the surface has been happening at least since 0.0.13. That seemed to have something to do with the seams in the world model. The subterranean Nuggets usually happened when an Engineer or someone seeking to harvest a resource walked through a corrupted map chunk. The mountains were a particular problem as the skirts around them broke pathing, building placement and caused Nuggets to go under the ground. With 0.17.7468 I've noticed an increase in graphical problems with the planet model. Sometimes trees models are stretched out as it one or more points on the model was placed far away from the rest of the points on the polygons. Some lakes are split in the middle and do not line up. Nuggets walking through these model areas start flying or go underground. This indicates something wrong with the model. The glitches can go away when the seasons change, too. (The affected Nuggets continue to fly.) Stone Huts can be a major source of flying Nuggets. For the last few runs I have noticed that the build placement planner puts Stone Huts in bad locations. On top of Engineer Huts. Attached to the side of the new Amusement buildings. When this is done any Nugget exiting the building through the Stone Hut side immediately begins flying. Why the game designers don't let us place Huts is still confusing. Any automatic planner is going to make terrible decisions. At least let the player make the mistakes. I feel powerless in the face of bad Huts that get setup somewhere. If I destroy one in a particularly bad spot the game immediately sprouts another build job, eating up resources and precious Nugget time. I also had a world with a very shallow lake in the middle of a desert. When Nuggets starting bumping up against the lake to walk to things on the other side they would fly a lot. Sometimes flying Nuggets like Engineers cannot do their tasks. They 'fly' over to the location to do the task and the task never starts. And dead flying Nuggets randomly continue to float. Player.log.gz auto2.gz
  8. Linux launcher and updater

    Between v0.0.15 and v0.0.16 Crytivo have updated their Unity3D directory. When I original ran the Linux client prior to v0.0.16 it created the directory $HOME/.config/unity3d/Crytivo Games Inc. In v0.0.16 the client creates the new directory $HOME/.config/unity3d/Crytivo Games Inc_ Notice that one ends in a period while the other ends in an underscore. This new directory may have new settings that do not work for me. I backed up the new directory and renamed my old directory to swap between them. cd $HOME/.confg/unity3d mv 'Crytivo Games Inc_' 'Crytivo Games Inc_.bad' cp -rp 'Crytivo Games Inc.' 'Crytivo Games Inc_' I do assume you have the pre-v16 directory still lying around. If you want to keep your new directory can you try this file Graphics Settings file? https://gist.github.com/waveclaw/226acfbea10a5de5f93fdbd45c4c3133 Just backup the $HOME/.config/unity3d/Crytivo Games Inc_/GraphicsSettings.xml file and replace it with the contents from that Gist. These settings forces the application to start in Windowed mode. You will have to resize the window created once to force the 2D User Interface to draw correctly. If that doesn't work, I can create and post a minimal-everything-setting version of TheUniversim.Settings.json, too.
  9. Linux launcher and updater

    Greendq, I realize that Crytivo are in this for the money at the end of the day. But if you want to bring up numbers, PC gamers are a drop in the bucket compared to Android Linux gamers on Smart Phones. There are just so many smart phones in the target income market for a game like The Universim. And most of them run Linux with a Dalvik and ART user spaces. Just look at America: 77% adult smartphone ownership verse 74% desktop ownership (source: Pew Research http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/10/29/the-demographics-of-device-ownership/). I doubt most those desktops could run a game like The Universim at all. Frankly, I'm just happy people are still developing games for the PC market. A Farmville-on-the-phone clone can earn AAA profits on C-quality work. Something like The Universim is a really nice piece of interactive artwork. Even in the Alpha this game has already more content than some of the phone trinkets that mint one-shot millionaires every year. And that content can take upwards of tens of millions in cash just to create, let alone polish, perfect and deliver. But, still, I play exclusively on Linux. And I pay for this privilege. I don't like wasting time rebooting into Windows. I make too much money to waste my time like that. Frankly, I'd rather pull up a console and a TV with a game instead of deal with logging out of my desktop session. I've had desktop session last 18-20 months. I've got virtual desktops with projects involving 6-7 applications. I might even have a GPU running a render for a week. And yes, you can game just fine that way on Linux. Plus, because of that packaging stuff I talked about, patching Linux systems usually doesn't require a reboot or even a logout. Mostly you just restart one or two apps. But I do tire of running badly performing (Blizzard) games through Wine. There is a flood of B-quality Steam games out there. So many are not worth even the developer's time. More than a few which the Humble Bundles left to rot on my Steam menu. You don't get quality like The Universim very often. Linux will never have a large market based on games. You only get that when you get exclusives. Microsoft knew that when they bought Bungie and made Halo for the X-box only. If you were around then you recall that Halo, like almost all first-person shooters, also had Linux ports. This was largely thanks to ID Software and their impact on the market at the time. Microsoft closed that off and killed Linux gaming for a decade. Exclusives are powerful. People don't game on Windows to run Windows. They game on it because their games run on it. (And because almost 100% of the time, someone else set their computer up for them.) Being able to also play The Universim on LInux means I do not have to play that exclusives game. I get my choice. Crytivo gets another sale. Crytivo probably won't make as much money in its lifetime as Nintendo made in profits from selling the Switch. And so many people really only bought the Switch to play Zelda, which is still available for the older Wii U. Larger game companies would wet themselves over numbers like that (source: http://fortune.com/2017/04/27/nintendo-switch-profits/.) So hopefully the game sells well enough, Linux and Mac and Windows, to justify all this work. I'm sad you feel that way, Greendq. This is why I offered community support. This is also why I paid so much to get into the Alpha: I put my money (and my time) where my mouth is. I think you'll find more hardware issues than software if the correct tools are used. So I will continue to test as I can on Linux. I will continue to play as I can on Linux. I will continue to support the community as I can on Linux. But if and when Crytivo no longer wants my kind to play their games let me know and I shall leave. But I will say it's been a fun ride so far. Massive piles of dead Nuggets and all. Your work is appreciated. Thank You for supporting Linux.
  10. Linux launcher and updater

    I donated on the website only because there is a Linux client. No I don't want the ugly arsed dino badge, thank you. I missed the sweet kickstarter badges since I didn't find out about the game until the KS campaign was already over. The Universim uses the Unity engine which builds for most popular targets. I Alpha test on openSUSE 42.2 on an Intel i6 with two SLI'd EVGA 970s. My rig was quite nice for the 2015-2016 timeframe. It's also not that bad of a bitcoin miner. I'm willing to bet I'm the only openSuSE testing Crytivo has. (And I'd love to be wrong.) SuSE is known to have a very well developed mono environment. What Linux distribution do you use, Nieke? (cat /etc/*release to find out.) What graphics cards? (Use /sbin/lspci if it is installed or /usr/sbin/dmidecode.) Do you use Free/Open Source only drivers or do you use proprietary binary-blob drivers for your graphics? (/usr/bin/glxinfo | grep render) Can you try one of the Unity demos and see if those work on your system? (https://unity3d.com/unity/demos)
  11. Linux launcher and updater

    Since the final game is likely to be on Steam / SteamOS you probably are not going to package it separately. SteamOS is a debian variant and Steam packages software and content internally for distribution using a particular process. But, do you plan on evaluating non-Steam releases of The Universim for Linux? Know that each 'kind' of Linux is actually a Software Distribution, usually GNU software (hence GNU/Linux) plus the Linux kernel, which have: Unique file sytem layouts that variously follow the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy (http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/) more or less Various available libraries (versioned to avoid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_hell) A package management system (RPM vs Debian vs Arch vs Slack) Optionally, some kind of App Store or Main Repository of packages (yum + Pulp, Debian PPAs, SuSE repos) Also, many other standards exist, such as the XDG Cross-platform Desktop Working Group standards for Icons, menus and configuration file locations for users. Users usually expect that applications will adhere to at least some of these standards. Newer users are often surprised or dismayed when they do not since it makes applications harder to install and run. The applications certainly do not show up in the list of applications to install or through 'one-click' URLs on vendor pages. If you are interested in packaging The Universim, now shipped as a tarball, there are guides to building packages online: Generic Building of Software: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-Building-HOWTO.html The Debian Packaging HOW-TOs like https://www.linux.com/news/make-your-own-packages-debian-based-systems The SuSE Cross Platform Packing guide at https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Build_Service_cross_distribution_howto As well as dedicated software for building packages, like the Open Build Server (OBS) service at https://openbuildservice.org or https://software.opensuse.org) and Koji (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Koji). The advantages of packaging include automated testing of installed resources, verification of install application components, automatic dependency resolution. With tools like Koji or OBS integration with build tools can create opportunity for instant release publishing, signed (thus cryptographically verified) releases and hostable software repositories. An example of this is that nVidia proprietary graphics drivers which that company publishes through a proprietary repository. These drivers are used by gamers to significantly increase their frame rates and provide features required by top-tier games when run on Linux, natively or through OpenGL accelerated Wine. Another example is that Seam itself is often available in packaged format for the reasons given. Users will rarely download Steam straight from Valve when the installer can be easily installed as a package and self-update to the latest when run. Please consider packaging if you intend to ship The Universim outside of Steam distribution. Many people in the community are willing to help should you ever need to do so.