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  1. Random floating nuggets

    We have fixed this for the new patch
  2. Game looks good but....

    Hey Pat0chan, you can get to the end of pre medieval we are working on medieval right now
  3. Updating updates forever?

    @Greendq could you help please, thank you
  4. Nuggets don't move

    we have fixed this for the next patch thank you for the report
  5. Farm upgrading - bug

    Hey Montai we are working on this as we speak thank you for the report
  6. Game not START on windows 7 32bits

    Hey there, Unfortunately, the Netbook won't run our game the game is using more ram then 32bit can handle sorry for this
  7. Nuggets don't move

    What patch are you on? at the top left of the game should say v21
  8. i do believe we are working on this (sorry was asleep when you asked)
  9. Click on the nugget and in their info panel you will see a duck on the right I think https://gyazo.com/39f600c29902e27a893a70467f96d779
  10. Medieval Age

    Just research from your evolution tower then upgrades will come available, and we are working hard on getting these issues fixed
  11. Medieval Age

    Hello, Medieval is the next stage we are going to right now you can get to pre-medieval
  12. Unable to place Epicenter

    your antivirus thinks it's one it's not it puts your screenshots to a website for you i use it all the time with no problems, and if you are following Mirror you will get spammed same happened to me
  13. Unable to place Epicenter

    Hello @Supernostalgic to help you with this problem I would really need a video clip you can post it here or message me on here or discord(same name as forum) with the video or a gift this program here is free and you can make a gift from it don't worry it's not a virus, I use this for work I have seen the report you made in-game but the log files have nothing in there thank you
  14. BUILDING UPGRADE NOT WORKING PLEASE READ Hello creators today i am addressing why upgrades for buildings are not working,so to get upgraded builds built you need to have refined wood and stone witch is what the refinery buildings are for,in the game right now this fails to say so for the next patch we will have this sorted sorry for the confusion
  15. game glitch

    we are working on this issue
  16. Cannot contact the update server

  17. Forum Bug: Update Profile Picture button obscured

    @CM Mirror Any clue ?
  18. V18 - Consistent Crashing

    Hey all we are working on the issues with nuggets and will get the game to the point where crashes will be more of the past
  19. Texture glitch on AMD RX480

    We are working on the RX problems thank you for the reports
  20. Thank you all for the info
  21. Hello Creators, Today we have come to you to ask for your help! Right now we are experiencing a very random issue where nuggets start flying or go underground. Our QA team has been trying to figure out the reproduction steps for this issue to help our devs kill it and solve the issue but we so far do not have a clear explanation to give to our programmers. In order to do so we would like to ask all of you to help us determine what is going on at the exact moment when nuggets stop walking and performing their duties on ground level and go up in the air or go underground. We are working very hard on trying to find why this is happening, so if you encounter this bug we ask that you post here exactly what you were building, what those flying nuggets were doing at the moment the issue appeared. Additionally, output logs, crash reports or any kind of information on what was going on exactly when you started seeing the issue would be very helpful, what buildings were being built, what action were the nuggets performing. Please also include the tech. specs of the pc/mac/linux you are running, every fine detail you can put in the post the better and it will help us find this bug and stop it once and for all. Now this deed will not go unrewarded for your help you will get a forum icon reward that will show that you helped Crytivo find the bug. On top of that one person who post the most detailed and helpful report will have a chance to join the community QA team,This will include working with the Crytivo Games team getting the latest patches a week before the public to test it and knowing much more about the game development! Please do not post any unrelated bugs here post that in the usual place, here: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/forum/85-patch-lizard-candy-feedback/ Thank you Creators!
  22. Weird black boxes flashing in and out everywhere...?

    if you put shades to low it might fix the problem, right now we are working on fixing the problem

    we are working on theses issues
  24. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    We are working on the issues and hope to have it fixed for v18
  25. Black screen on Linux

    Only people that backed on the kicker starter can play on steam,once beta comes everyone can play on steam (no date for beta yet sorry) you need to go here https://theuniversim.com/members/ and use the info you payed for the game with when you made the account we are working on fixes for your problems too