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  1. Random Crash

    thank you for the report
  2. Nuggets Walking around the world

    Thank you for the report we are looking in to this
  3. thank you for the report should be right for next patch
  4. Building Entrance and Footpath

    Next patch we have this in testing right now
  5. Known Issues

    Hello, all this post will be to inform you all on the bug reports you summit and where they stand, From Logged this will give you all up to date info on bug tracking. Iknow you all like to follow on what is going on so I hope this will be a little insight Logged Bugs Upgraded Buildings disappearing Research bugged Big Pencils God Power 'Jolt Of Joy' Nugget stuck in Water Load And Save Messing Buildings Up Villagers stuck in Mating status global positioning not moving and time is moving backwards Can't place another water pump Nuggets stuck everywhere Nugget dies twice God Power 'Telekinesis' General Save And Load Game launches in Test Squad version, but on pause says Pumpkin Patch Nuggets Walking around the world Balancing/Feedback (For Devs) Poor Birth Rates Mountains Missing A bugs and feedback report v0.0.22(test squad) [0.22] Bugs report - Update 07/12/2017 Unplayable OSX Mac Bring back status to Nugget screen Nugget list needs to stay sorted
  6. no babies

    Hello all we are working on this issue thank you for the reports
  7. Pumpkin Bugs

    We are working on the issues thank you for the reports
  8. [Feedback] Really good until late game

    We have fixed this, no more flying nuggets (it was funny)
  9. Save Games won't load

    Hmm ok thank you for the feedback glad it is working for you know
  10. Save Games won't load

    Did you use any god powers yet with the new save ?
  11. Save Games won't load

    Can any of you please contact me on Discord please @SpaceCat99 @Capt.Cornball @Rejgnar @Jono
  12. Save Games won't load

    We believe we have fixed this but we have not pushed a patch to you guys and girls, I will investigate see IF a small patch can be pushed Sorry for your troubles
  13. No ETA but we are working on medieval right now so i would say soon
  14. flying nuggets

    We are working on this issue thank you for the report
  15. Pre-medieval what you can get up to right now we are working on the bugs that you guys have reported to us