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  1. Game looks good but....

    Hey Pat0chan, you can get to the end of pre medieval we are working on medieval right now
  2. Game not START on windows 7 32bits

    Hey there, Unfortunately, the Netbook won't run our game the game is using more ram then 32bit can handle sorry for this
  3. Medieval Age

    Just research from your evolution tower then upgrades will come available, and we are working hard on getting these issues fixed
  4. Medieval Age

    Hello, Medieval is the next stage we are going to right now you can get to pre-medieval
  5. hello

    1. prisha


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       Dec 24, 2016 Payment To Crytivo Games Inc  Completed  ... -$40.00 USD
    2. Chaosdrone


      Hello something wrong with your account ?

  6. Busy weekend for me will pop on now and then to answer and reply to posts and questions :)

  7. Happy New Year

    Happy new year every one lets hope it's a good one
  8. put's some lights on it and it looks like it can walk ? looks good tho
  9. i can see them working in game just from this looks great
  10. that looks fantastic very nice
  11. ah that's a shame would of looked cool either way it's a fantastic tree
  12. i see the star and the glowing things wrap some like around the trunk maybe ? i do really like it tho
  13. nice! add some balls and a star