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  1. Animal Attacks

    I have built watch towers and the alarm goes off and every nugget ignores the alarm and continues about their day til they're attacked..
  2. Animal Attacks

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I couldn't find any comments like this. I have an issue with the animal attacks, I had 51 nuggets and "ONE" wolf ran through my village and attacked and killed over half of my nuggets. Before that I had a pack of 4 wolves come through and killed about a dozen of them and my population was 47. I have 3 bunkers and not one of the nuggets went into the bunkers until the lone wolf was spotted, by then it was way too late. What am I supposed to do to keep my nuggets alive while there's an attack besides total destruction and not play the game for another few patches... I love the updates don't get me wrong, but this one with the animal attacks and (Forgive me) stupid nuggets makes me not want to play this game atm. I just want to know what I'm doing wrong or is there nothing I can do?