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  1. A Poll to see what you want!

    This poll is to get an idea of what the community really wants for their next update and help the Developers get an idea of what we would like priortised based on our play experience and what feels essential to the game at this point in time. Please feel free to suggest more options for the poll. I will add them based on the most popular.
  2. Crash on Startup: MAC Users

    Yes also having the same problem to a certain degree. For me the issue only occurs when 'starting a new life' on graphical settings anything other than their lowest possible option. When set to the lowest the game runs fine until about 35+ nuggets of which case they cannot build anything and are condemned to continuously overstocking materials (typically stone). I will add bug log when I get the chance and hope that it's a relatively easy fix since the low graphics setting don't do the game justice from other videos I've seen. Running on Sierra OS with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GE (something) card