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  1. The Lost Nuggets Narrator: "This is a story from long long ago, before there was forecasters who told us of snow. Out in the woods lived two little nuggets, Elu and Chumba, a sister and brother. Alone in the world since the death of their mother, who was eaten by wolves on a hunt for their supper. Where was their father many of you may ask, this was the stone age where love was a fad. Despite lack of supper, a father and mother Elu and Chumba felt safe with each other..." Elu:"Chumba wait up! Its dark out, I can't see a thing" Chumba: " Hurry up Elu if you cant keep up with me, how do you expect to outrun wolves at night! Its survival of the fittest you know and besides,were almost to the village mom told us about. I know it! Elu: " You've been saying that for days, I think were lost! I think we should stop for the night and set up camp or at least call on gods light! Chumba; "{Sigh}.....ok, we'll stop for the night but soon as the sun rises we head out." Elu: " Thank you brother. Don't worry, well find the village, we wont be alone forever. I know it!" Narrator:" Around and Around, they walked and they walked, not knowing if they would find people or not, the closer they came the farther they got, lost, unaware of the sly creatures stalk. Early next morning they woke to the sun, hungry but rested and eager to hunt....." Elu:" Alright, I'm gonna look around and see if I can find some water before we head out. Why don't you go find us some food Chumba, I'm starving." Chumba; '' Really! Can't we grab some food fast on the way? Elu " Chumba we both know the only fast food you'll be eating is rabbit. NOW GO!" Chumba; " Fine...." Narrator:" One went for water, one went for food, alone in the woods....not a very good move...." Chumba; " Aha! Ill set a snare here and one here and ....!" Elu: "HELP! HEEELLLP! AHHHHHHH!" Chumba;" Oh no, Elu I'm coming!" Narrator:" With a swift little dash, he ran just as fast as the rabbit he was trying to catch! But when he got there there wasn't a hare that could prepare him for what would come next..." Chumba;" Elu, whats wrong, tell me!" Elu:" {crying} .........It was.....IT WAS......A SPIDER! There was a spider right there" Chumba:" Grrr....you screamed like you were getting trampled by mammoths but it was OVER A SPIDER!!! Come on, A SPIDER! Your such a baby!!!" Elu:"......Sorry......" Chumba;" Common, you've waisted enough of our time, lets go check the snares, eat and head out!" Narrator:" After their scare, they skinned them a hare, ate and got on their way. For nothing would stop them, their mother would want them to find the village and stay there." Chumba:" Elu, look! In that valley, by the river, there's stone huts! THE VILLAGE!" Elu:" No way, have we really found it, the village our mother had told us about!" Chumba;" Well I'm not waiting around here to find out. Lets Go!" Narrator: "So Chumba stumbled, Elu fell, both now felt so overwhelmed, Chumba sprinted o so fast, he left his sister in the past. they didn't think..........they didn't know...........they led the pack of wolves to home............. THE END
  2. Hi my name is Brian, just started playing the alpha! Cool so far, cant wait to help it grow!