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  1. Nugget suicidepact

    I as well have this issue, it seems like they know they have a task, but get stuck deciding which they should do, but picking them up and placing them with creator power seems to reset their decision process and they proceed to re-prioritize their actions.
  2. workers starving themselves while 'building' Consistency: every game in Alpha .12.8524 Steps to replicate: 1.) Queue up 3 buildings 2.) Workers gather resources 3.) They begin building but cannot complete the task (cannot reach the materials, or something) 4.) Eventually it will build the building after I stacked materials next to hut with god hand. only setting i changed was I increased the UI to full size. Not sure if this affects anything. game didn't crash or anything windows 10 pro 16 gb ram AMD 8350 8 core 4ghz output_log.txt