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  1. Cemetery

    Nuggets don't like to stay to close to the cemetery, thats where the red circle comes in. Due to this I would recommend you building your cemetery a bit away from your village, however not to far away since that will lead to problems for the gravedigger (might not do his job and sleep all days cause he is tired by the time he gets to work). I try to build it close but not to close (don't know if it helps).
  2. If you haven't got an answer yet, try to get a support ticket: https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  3. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    When it's ready I assume. I think earliest would be 2nd september.
  4. Summer is soon coming to an end. With it Autumn is opening up it's glorious colorful arms, while waiting for the cold dark Winter to strike. But don't be depressed! It's said that people "don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy!" - Cheers to that!!!

  5. It feels like this month have passed quickly, soon 1st July and a new update is on the way! As always you cannot help feeling excited! And don't forget to enjoy the summer everyone!! :emoticon-00157-sun:

  6. Forum Bug: Update Profile Picture button obscured

    Yes, it's right below your profile picture. So if you press right at the edge you can change your profile picture.
  7. Creators Powers

    In the news they just state two thing when it comes to the Creator Powers: "Another exciting bit of news is that we are putting more work into Creator Powers, which have seen some fun improvements since the last update." "Updated main UI - added Creator Powers menu button and bug report button" In any of those two they never really say that we can now use the Creator Powers. Just that they are gonna work more on them and that they have added the button (which doesn't necessarily mean that it works). However the "bug report button"works so I think they could make it more clear if it's suppose to work or not. If it is, then it's not working for me either and the button is grey.
  8. Unable to place Epicenter

    Post this problem here: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/forum/78-v15-windy/ Or ask in the support section on discord here: https://discordapp.com/channels/290953539516104704/290997961272459267 I hope this problem gets figured out so you can play
  9. When you press one of your nuggets and the game tells you that one of your nuggets that is moving around and very much alive (thirsty though) is "DEAD" (status dead) you start to question a lot of things. Do we have living dead in Universim? Better watch out before they take you!... :emoticon-00107-sweating:

  10. Just sit tight and endure the bugs and issues, for in the end, it will be worth it!!

  11. Bugs?

    Bugs? Recently when I played the game and my fisherman died I check how many fishes there were still in the lake, cause it was a small lake and I knew they would soon be gone. When I pressed it to watch the count I realized that the fish count were still dropping, even if I hadn't put a new nugget working as a fisherman at the small lake. There were no other fishing huts at the lake, the only other building were a water pump, but those should not affect the fish count right? Also my gravedigger where taking some people to the cemetery to burry them, but from time to time the one carried was invisible. This don't happen all the time, but sometimes it does and it's frustrating and annoying when they just disappear out of nowhere. I've also had a problem (this have only occurred to me once thought) where every nugget just stopped walking. They were still doing their movements but everyone just stopped. This was year 81 in game and I had a nugget count on 58. Also everyone runs around hungry and thirsty all the time. One of the problems with building many structures at once I guess. However this stopping problem got resolves after I pressed pause and play.
  12. Bugs?

    I guess that makes sense, just kinda odd right now when the lakes don't dry out after the water pumps reach 0% in water amount.
  13. Is it suppose to be a christmas tree or an ordinary (well alien/fantasy) tree with christmas decorations?
  14. Yey! :D It is funny to see that my little nugget population wants to move out from the small village I've created to make more villages!.. However they should really think about food and water before acting. Running around being hungry and thirsty all day cannot be fun.. Or is it? Never tried... :emoticon-00112-wondering:

  15. Issues in the game

    Issues in the game "Below is a list of issues I've spotted so far!" I will try to edit instead of adding new posts over and over again! Intro: When playing the game I've meet a few issues that keeps happening over and over from game to game while I play. Many of them can be solved by interacting and changing something in the game (for example if the issue includes buildings you could try to replace nuggets, remove building sites etc.). I've also noticed that many people are mentioning all the problems occurring after a specific amount of nuggets, so if it is to any help I will try to provide that. OBS: Issues will be updated as time pass by!
  16. Issues in the game

    = Being edited as time pass by! =
  17. I don't know about you guys, but every time I play "Universim" it ends up with the game freezing. This happens to me every time after a while, usually when the nugget count hits around 20+. Yes I've been waiting to see if it would resolve but no, it doesn't seem like it.


    However are you suppose to be able to use the weather tower? Cause I cannot.

  18. Math 1 & Physics 1 at the same time... puh.. Well, to clear my mind! "The Universim"! B)

  19. Issues in the game

    ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BUILDINGS: (All of those may or may not include Nugget problems) 1. Nuggets ignoring to finish a "Stone hut". It just poped up at almost the same time as another. I guess this is not suppose to happen? The building site were taking up space (not that much of a problem though) and they never gathered resources to the building site, like it never even existed to them. (Nugget count 30) 2. Resources on building site says 0 wood & 0 stone when the resources have been gathered. However the nuggets could still finish the building and were not affected by this. There are also times when there is resources at the building site (resources>0) but still some missing. For the record I've also seen problems when the resources gathered can be more than what they actually need.. I assume this is cause they've cut down a tree or some stone in the working area and it's added? Anyway! none of this have affected the nuggets ability to build. (Nugget count 20+) (Overall there seems to be a lot of building problems from time to time. Trying to give as much information as I can and I will look more into it!) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— NUGGETS: (All of those may or may not include Building problems) 1. One nugget take up 2 spots in the building queue. To solve this I gave him a different work so he would stop building, which solved that problem, BUT! Instead the other builder who once took 1 spot now took up all 3 spots in the building queue. The building they were building was a "Stone hut". I could solve the 2nd problem in the same way, after that it worked properly and 3 workers came to finish the stone hut. 2. Nuggets starting to build randomly placed stone huts, and with "random" I mean building stone huts all around and far away from my little village. This result in nuggets running around everywhere hungry and thirsty not doing a thing. They only complain and where it says what they are currently doing it can go from for example "gathering" to "idling" and then to "gathering" again in a no ending loop (meaning, they wont do anything). (Overall there seems to be a lot of nugget problems from time to time. Trying to give as much information as I can and I will look more into it!) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— FARMS: (All of those may or may not include Nugget problems) 1. Farming queue bugging. When adding crops you want to grow to the queue in order for the nuggets to automatically grow it after the first one is completed (in the good or the bad way) it's only placing them in the top left farming spot queue. It doesn't matter if you try to add them to any other farming spot since it will still automatically be moved to the top left spot. I assume this might be cause of the system that makes so they will automatically grow the same type as you already doing again? (Nugget count: 30 ; If you did not understand my explanation please tell me) 2. Too cold for the plants and still they grow? I don't know what is suppose to happen, but I assume they should decay and die? However my plants got this freezing icon over themselves but continued to grow and could be harvested properly when it was time. (Nugget count: 30) ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  20. And as usually the studies makes me to busy for playing. But when I have time (like now) I'm gonna enjoy this wonderful game. I hope the rest of you does the same, cause believe me. Universim is a wonderful game and it will become even more wonderful as time pass by! ;) 

  21. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    Once upon a time there were a girl named Allison. She moved to the small beautiful town Raveswood with her parents. As the name says the town where positioned in the middle of a forest called Galdion Forest. The name is coming from an old myth about an old woman with the name Galdion sacrificing herself to save (...) turning into an old tree iIn some myths the place were called a Nemeton). Allison loved Raveswood and eventually find her husband Richard who she later married. Richard were like Allison a newcomer to Raveswood along with a few other new nuggets that had moved in. Amongst them a mysterious boy who often walked around in the woods and never to be seen. However everything were good and everyone were happy.... until one day Allison found this mysterious boy wandering out in the woods on a path that lead to an old house. She had found out his name were James. Allison shouted to James to come back so they could talk, but he didn't even look her way and just disappeared into the woods. The old house were like 1 kilometer into the woods close to a lake not far from Raveswood. The next day he hadn't come back and Allison went out to search for him. She found out that she could gather some berries for a pie while she where out in the woods anyway, also the small wooden house weren't that far away. She shouted for James a few times while she were out in the woods but got no answers. After a while she were going to give up and started to turn back she realized she had went much further into the woods than she could remember, she though she lost track of time. All of a sudden on her way back she could hear strange sounds from deeper into the woods, almost like animals were screaming?... The next second she knew a group of deers were running against her in fear, she took a few steps backwards and stumbled upon a root. Everything went black... When Allison woke up it was turning dark. She were lost, cold and scared. She couldn't find the way back to Raveswood. After a while she figured she couldn't just sit there eating her blueberries and started to prepare a small fire and a shelter for the night when she though she saw a dark gestalt of a man lurking in the woods, but when she looked there was nothing. She felt like someone were watching her (someone watching us? looks around and returns to the storytelling). She decided to calm down and ignore it just before she started to hear a voice of a man echo through the woods. "Allisssoooon..... Allisssooooooooon......" "Wheeeeee aaare youuuu?...." "Whaat aaare you doing in the woods all alone?..." Allison were freaking out and watched around her to see if someone were close by, but she couldn't see a soul. There were none nearby... Soon she could see a fog closing int in the fog she suddenly saw a dark gestalt of a man starting to move slowly towards her. Allison could hear how he started laughing, his voice became louder as he got closer, but there were something else... He started to sound more and more aggressive and mean, almost like he wanted to harm her. Allison became cold as ice and started to run, leaving her blueberries and the basket in the woods. She had no idea where she was running she just wanted to get away, away from the fog and home to Richard, home to Raveswood. While she run she were so scared and confused she didn't think about looking where she ran. All of a sudden she closed her teary eyes and to open them and be shocked when she found herself on a bed in the old house not far from Raveswood, around 1 kilometer into the woods. She quickly tried to stand up and realized she had hurt herself badly, probably fell in the woods. She quickly ran back home to face a surprised Richard. Richard started to ask questions, but none believed in Allisons answers. After she recovered she talked to everyone in the village and all but one refused to believe her.... James... The time passed by and she never got rid of the strange gestalt watching her, she could see him in odd places just staring at her. As time passed the gestalt were getting a face... The face of James. She could see him stand there smiling and laughing watching her. Every time she saw his smile she got flashbacks of old memories in the small house out in the woods. Horrible memories of him taking her there to do horrible things, like torture her. She never said anything about this, not even to Richard. All of this made Allison think how long this had been going on, when did this start? when they moved to Raveswood? how long had she lived here? Eventually one day Allison went out in the woods to never return. People say that they've seen her outside a small house close to the lake covered in white beautiful clothes. Some refer her as the "Woman in White" and "The White Lady" or in a few cases "The Lady of Galdion". It is said that if she sees you she will scream as a banshee and you will get cursed and experience the same things as Allison, others say you will turn into stone trapped and tormented for an eternity. Those who claims to have seen her claims that she walks into the woods on the small path leading to the small house and they also claims that they've seen a statue of her searching husband Richard who went to search for her after her disappearance. Others claims they've seen her walking around in the woods holding a basket filled with blueberries. James were never heard of and some claims they've never seen him, like he never existed. Goodnight, tomorrow we will take a ride out to the old lake house in the middle of the woods to gather some tasty blueberries for a tasty blueberry pie!
  22. Have been a lot in school and in between I've been home to the family (920km away) for the weekend which have been taking my time. But not it's finally time for some more Universim! The nuggets shall be victorious!!..

  23. So after a good Universim game I got up with some few ideas and found some small issues/problems that happen from time to time.


    A giving game! I love those! Time for some food and then back to work! B)

  24. Time to prepare for the evening! A lot of stuffs to do today.. for example take care of the dirty clothes, go shopping and call a friend for some help about a few things.. lol.. This gonna be a fun weekend start... but it will be worth it!


    So long! Have fun playing Universim! I will swell when I'm done with all of this...