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  1. How do you use divine powers?

    Yes it use more points when using on buildings as well, depending on how damaged they are.
  2. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    When it comes to micromanaging I think it's good at the current stage. But indeed, as we advance, get more technologies and more structures it will be harder to keep track of everything without some kind of automatization. I would suggest less micromanaging the further your civilization progress, like for example they might place structures themselves. But to not make it run entirely by itself you are there to place zones where they are more likely to place certain structures. Like for example industry zones, commercial zones, residential zones etc. However I would love to see more specific zones so you can control where nuggets build for examples fishing huts and water pumps etc. This would give you more control over your civilization and if not managed properly you can still lose lots on it, rather then the nuggets never having setbacks cause they manage everything on their own like ants. So automatization is good, but as we progress I would like to see a new way of controlling your Civilization. Perhaps controlling their ethics and if my civilization will care for the environment or not care at all, that kind of thing (militaristic, religious, adventurous etc.). I'm not sure if we will see some kind of currency in the game, but if we will, the power to chose where the money is spent(renewable energy, research, space, sea, oil etc.). A fully automated civilization would be no fun and most people would probably get bored quickly after reaching that stage (I know I would). So what I mean to say is that we need something that more or less force us to take care (and control) of our civilization or something bad will/might happen. They need guidance! Also, as stated, auto assigning nuggets to buildings will probably be very useful when you get more structures. I would like to see a way of choosing which nuggets that will be auto-assigned through for example distance and perks.
  3. Disease is too OP

    Do you hold CTRL button while using it? But yea, I think there has to be something about the creator powers added to the tutorial to make them easier to understand and how to use them.
  4. Disease is too OP

    This post is from May and the plague was first introduced in April. We have had many updates and loads of balancing since then. This is when the disease first was added to the game, and when it came it was horrible and unstoppable, believe me. Nuggets died in seconds after getting infected which sometimes occurred early since some nuggets went to drink from lakes. Disease is much much better now then it was back then. This is how I deal with plague today: I usually try to have 2-3 cemeteries to take care of dead in different parts of the village, then I use god power rejuvenate to cleanse dead bodies from illness and heal those who gets infected since I believe hospitals are a bit slow taking care of ill nuggets. But it's more playable now then back then, but if you ask me still needs some balancing around this, but the plague itself doesn't seem to be the problem. The problem seems to be gravediggers being to slow or hospitals not doing their thing.
  5. You could always send a message to CM Mirror if you have any confusions regarding this. She should be able to help you.
  6. You're all good. However I don't think you have to post your E-mail here. It says that you should make sure you use the same E-mail for Kickstarter Backer E-Mail/PayPal backer E-Mail. But if you bought it on the website there shouldn't be an issue. No not yet. But I'm sure we will have this soon.
  7. You need to post here to be able to access the rest of the forum I believe. As for the rotating buildings it's Q and E.
  8. Find my lost nugget Quest

    Another way is to search up the nugget who request you to get back their child safety. When you find the nugget in the nugget panel you can search him up and you will find the nuggeling. You can also search up where the parents live and the nuggeling should be in the stone hut. Just press him and the camera will take you there. If you don't want to lose progress or time pause when doing this.. the camera is a bit slow hehe.
  9. Technologies/Perks

    This is a good suggestion, I like this idea. Maybe you could post it in the suggestion thread on the forum along with all other ideas? We wouldn't like this idea to get forgotten among the general stuff.
  10. Might know about what? If it's dashboard related I'm not up to the date sorry. Also, if you have problems you can always get a ticket and hopefully you'll get help. Ticket can be found here https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  11. If you haven't check our Discord server for a while, now is a good time to start! Since Crytivo became a indie game publisher and are working together with the developers of Goblins of Elderstone (GoE), Prehistoric Kingdom (PK) and Cefore we now have loads of different chat rooms where we can see the games progress, get involved with sharing great ideas and such.


    Have a look now! https://discordapp.com/channels/290953539516104704/290953539516104704

    If you're not already there: https://discordapp.com/invite/crytivo

  12. Countdown finished.

    Here is the announcement: https://www.crytivo.com


    What do you think?

  13. everybody starts going crazy

    This is not suppose to happen. You are suppose to be able to conquer the whole world, but remember that the game currently is Alpha. Many of those issues have been reported as bugs, so take a look there and you might find them. If you don't, then remember to report them so we might see a fix soon!
  14. Even with this patch , no fix for reservoir bug ?

    My guess is that visual bugs are not as highly prioritized as for example pathing issues, since they aren't always game braking. As for this bugs concern it don't seem to be destroying anything except perhaps being a bit annoying as. However, in time all bugs visual or not will be dealt with. Just have some patience @Dr Dude