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  1. Random Crash

    Random Crash The game just randomly crashed Consistency seem random Steps to reproduce I just had a long winter where alot of my nuggets died because of lack of food (so sad for those poor things), only had fishing huts at of cause does not work that well in -25 degrees celsius. Just after winter i build a farm and had just assigned a nugget and a crop, this was when the crash happend. Screenshot Don't have any Build information & game settings. Output log. Attached System specs. DxDiag.txt is Attached Let me know if you need anymore information. Keep up the fantastic work your are doing on this great game, really love it!! EDIT: After writing this post i tried to start two new games, both times the game crash when i had just placed down my epicenter and whent into the perk research window. The crash reports for these two crashes are in the zip files. Best regards Kristian crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt 2017-07-31_134104.rar 2017-07-31_134814.rar
  2. Hi All, Just joined and really looking forward to follow the development of this great game, really nice to be able to follow it through the alpha. Keep up the great work