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  1. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    Yeah, I saw the dev blog regarding the buildings reflecting what kind of god you are perceived to be, but to be honest it's quite black and white-ish. Having a binary state for religion though (faithful to player or not faithful i.e. agreeing with the player's choices or disagreeing) is quite limiting. Multiple religions and thus multiple gods would also be the first step towards multiplayer. Even still, I do not see why it would harm to add nuggets wanting ot control other nuggets with heretical thoughts? It only adds to the managment aspect and brings forth new, fresh challenges.
  2. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    Oh I did not get you meant evolution regarding religion. Naturally what you said would be an exceptional addition. I did not pose war as the only available solution, just as a choice for the player; A possibility, not a certainty.
  3. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    These topics are not mutually exclusive. I am merely suggesting that if features such as the ones I described were added, the game would be much more interesting, compelling and difficult. Being a god without actually being able to modify my religion and having people of your civ be only of your religion are pretty bad choices that oversimplify and streamline. I do agree that the evolution of needs is interesting, but to be honest it's the most basic feature that a lot of games ( albeit of a lower calliber) often present.
  4. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    In retrospect, I think that you could merge eras together and having each one's mechanics appear further down the line. Though it would be prettier if buildings got more variations throughout the course of time.
  5. So, I was wondering how the eras would work and thought about the following: I am unaware of the number of eras you wish to add so I'll suppose that you would add those bellow: Stone age Medieval Enlightenment Industrial Modern Future The stone age would work as you already have it, by creating a small civilization with the first glimpses of organized faith. Medieval goes further by having the clergy consolidate power and faith being a huge deal, holy wars happen, e.t.c. You can interact with the religious figures and use them to spread religion and reform society. Also the first power structures in society form and you can start taxing nuggets. Enlightenment would be where tech starts to gain significant traction and people starting to question the authority of the church ( reformations, inquisitions, tolerance towards different religions or civil unrest, e.t.c.). Industrial era is where you start the efficiency vs echo friendlyness dilemma. It would be fun to see different political ideologies being represented and people fighting over them. The working class would want more rights and to form unions, which would decrease productivity but increase happiness. Jingoists would want to expand and have a society ruled by the military (unrest reduction, better fighters as well as less happiness), the monarchy would cling to power and try to keep the status quo, the democrats strive for tolerance, hell you could even add zealots wanting to put the church in control of society and advocating for religious persecutions). You could add more political ideologies this way and have the system be quite organic and add to the replayability. Modern era is equivalent to 1930 - 50 years from now, pollutions choices here and the wish for self sustainability and survival. Civs develop wmds, large scale wars can happen with the possibility for nuclear annihilation. Civs try explore/escape to the stars and start building the first space exploration modules. Future era would be the age of space colonization, teleportation, more cyberpunk. Now all that is well and good, but what about adding one more era, the devestation era? Let me explain: When civs reach the modern era and onwards, large scale wars and catastrophies can happen that could result in the utter devestation of the nugget race. Thus the civs would reach the devestation age (think Fallout) which would be a transition period from the current age to a previous age. Throughout this transition the player would try to undo the damage he did and try to have his civ hold it together. Perhaps he could lose some epicenters and have them declare independence. Perhaps the more time passes, more and more unrest is generated and more and more epicenters declare independence. If enough time passes, the player will be left with one epicenter and have to play from the stone age. If he rectifies some of his wrongdoings, he will not go as further back as he would otherwise. If the player is completely successful in his endeavours, he might go one era back of even stay to the one he was previously. This whole process adds to the replayability and helping solve the problem that finite technologies cause. By going back, you forget tech and basically have to reinvent the wheel (sometimes in the literal sense). Here is a post I made regarding faith which explains some faith related points better. What are your thoughts people and devs? (Devs are not people, devs are gods that try to make this masterpiece happen )
  6. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    In addition to what you guys suggested, now that exile villages will be a thing, I believe that not only should your actions portray how your people see you, but it also should make people stop believing in you and/or leaving to join other civilizations. Although I think it would be more fun if you had to manage your population (both heretics and believers). For example, if you are a tolerant god that accepts nuggets of all faiths, you would not earn as much faith points but you could get buffs to many aspects of nuggets or a happiness bonus. Perhaps you could fuse the two religions together. I really believe that multiple religions should be a thing, each with it's own tree/(however research works now). Inquisitions should happen, wars should be fought over religion, unrest should be generated e.t.c. Another thing that would make a fine addition would be a hierarchical system of people that live to spread the glory of god (priests, clergy). You should be able to "speak to them" and help them make some decisions. The more they believe in you and the more power they hold, the more effective said decisions would be. These decisions would essentially spread the faith but could come at a cost with how society works ( zealous fighters at the expense of more people wanting to fight rather than work in your civ, religion being spread more easily but only men can be preachers, women have more kids but are restricted from some jobs, e.t.c. ). Also, If you ever consider multiplayer, having each player be a god of a civ could be rather interesting, although I know not how the pacing would feel. How do you feel about those ideas devs?