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  1. Adding a military

    Thanks for the feedback. I've got a lot of faith in this game. Crytivo has hit the nail on the head for everything I wanted in a game like this, even when I didn't know what I wanted so I know there'll be an awesome solution either way. Going to jump on v29 right now and check it out.
  2. Question about Leader and the boni

    I thought they stacked. D: Well at least now I can make better choices now I know.
  3. [Suggestion] Auto Upgrade Buildings

    I suspect upgades would be a part of the ministry's responsibilities. From what the live stream suggested, that could be as early as V30 or V31.
  4. Military Suggestion

    The idea that being at war or maintaining a military is detrimental to society is awesome in my eyes. I made a post with an idea for implimenting a military and I think this idea would work really well with it in tandem.
  5. Adding a military

    I just watched the live stream for v29 and someone asked if there would be a militia that could be sent to fight other nations. The concern was it turning into a strategy/fighting game and I think there's a middle ground. With the ministry of defense I think it would make sense for there to be defense forces in the modern age but what about a diplomacy building? Basically, when a new tribe is founded you could choose a positive, neutral or aggressive stance against them. If you choose positive you can implement trade through, I think it's called an envoy? and you could choose which resource to trade for what. If you choose neutral you take no action and just leave them be and with aggressive, the military units would automatically rally forces. Just like hunters, they'd just do it all themselves. You simply choose your stance and let it go. If that's your only input then hopefully that would avoid it turning into a strategy war game? To step even further away maybe you could have nuggets set as diplomats who decide the stance independently. I'm sure there's probably issues with my idea but I also think it's a good potential starting point for a perfect middle ground.
  6. My thoughts

    So far the new update is great. Smoothest game play yet, I really like the new happiness system. In previous versions I'd put down just a couple tents and forget about it but this one feels more involved. That said, it's not perfect. The biggest issue are the bunkers. These are meant to keep Nuggets alive and safe and as my population grows I will have no choice but to place more, as such having them have a value of -20 makes keeping a population happy nigh impossible because holy damn that stacks fast. Logically they should really have a positive value in my opinion but if they have to be negative they should only be -5 or something. I needed 8 to safely house all my Nuggets. That's -160 and my happiness dropped to <0 despite it being well over 100 before them. If you make them -5 then it would be -40, much easier to handle. With such a huge negative stat to overcome, the only effective option was to flood my village with lizard candy, cowsmetics and others. It's a big drain on resources and time, and it doesn't feel like good gameplay. (spammy). Raising the value from -20 to -5 would probably fix all of this but alternatively maybe add other ways to improve happiness outside buildings. Maybe increase happiness by 1 to celebrate twins or research items that can further raise happiness values, even a little would go a long way. There's just one other thing and it's something I've wanted since v11. A "Generate New Planet" button! Since the planets are randomly generated some can really suck while others are perfect. If you get a crappy one you have to completely close and reopen the game which is a pain and working on an unfavourable map can and will obliterate your civilisation when you start expanding and need access to mountain biomes. Pleeeaaassse consider adding this button. I will love you forever. Outside of those two things I'm super happy with how the game is evolving, it hardly feels like the same game I bought nearly 3 years ago. <3 you all Crytivo Crew!
  7. Ask Us:

    Sorry, I was a bit vague. I was referring to the ministry of defense, agriculture, energy etc. Automating the construction of all those buildings.
  8. Ask Us:

    Will a basic government system be implemented with the november update or will it be a longer wait?
  9. Water problems

    faith could spread via generations? That's pretty much how it works in reality and each generation would expand faith not just continue it.
  10. Sign the petition!

    Oh, that's easy. 4am.
  11. Sign the petition!

    Firstly, there's no petition. Sorry to disappoint. But before you wander off all sad like I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! to every single member of the crytivo crew. Every one of you have done a simply amazing job bringing your vision to life. It's beyond amazing, to see how much hard work, dedication and love has gone into not only the universim itself but everything that has come out of it. Even the company itself has come so far since I joined the forums roughly 2 years ago. so again, congratulations. Second I want to give you my sincerest thanks. This game has given me something to wait for, something to look forward to and endless hours of enjoyment in a harder part of my life and I bet I'm not the only one. But not only that, throughout all the work you've been doing you've always kept your backers and your fans at the heart of everything. With the way mainstream gaming has changed, it's great to feel like I'm valued and listened to. It's far more than I ever expected when I first sank money into it. (I regret /only/ spending $300 xP) Lastly I want to say good luck. With such a huge milestone coming up I know you're all working your absolute butts off to get the game to a whole new level and I can't wait! I have complete faith in all of you and I just wanted to put it out there to remind you that you are appreciated and loved (not in the creepy way... Probably). If anyone else feels the same you should definitely leave a comment for the team to see. No advice or suggestions. Just words of encouragement and support. Love, (I /promise/ not in the creepy way) Lissa <3
  12. New Residential Block

    They're fully aware about the engineer issue as it's been the #1 bug for this version. They'll be sure to get it resolved for the steam release because they're focussing on getting this game ship shape and ready to go so probably no need for a rant.
  13. New Residential Block

    I think it has to do with the fact they build in a radius to the evolution tower so if the circle reaches the other side, that's where they'll go. I typically take it as an opportunity to build a whole second village with wells and farms etc, I also set up eateries along the way. So far nuggets are too dumb to use them but eventually the issue will be resolved one way or another.
  14. April/ May Update

    Ahh, I thought that might have been the case. All good.
  15. April/ May Update

    Not sure what that has to do with my comment. I'm just saying it'll be worth the wait. Not made any comment about keeping us informed or anything else.