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  1. New Residential Block

    They're fully aware about the engineer issue as it's been the #1 bug for this version. They'll be sure to get it resolved for the steam release because they're focussing on getting this game ship shape and ready to go so probably no need for a rant.
  2. New Residential Block

    I think it has to do with the fact they build in a radius to the evolution tower so if the circle reaches the other side, that's where they'll go. I typically take it as an opportunity to build a whole second village with wells and farms etc, I also set up eateries along the way. So far nuggets are too dumb to use them but eventually the issue will be resolved one way or another.
  3. April/ May Update

    Ahh, I thought that might have been the case. All good.
  4. April/ May Update

    Not sure what that has to do with my comment. I'm just saying it'll be worth the wait. Not made any comment about keeping us informed or anything else.
  5. The Price of Godhood: Power Costs

    Happy to help, I /kind of/ like how effective the animal attacks are for the one reason it gives us something to work for instead of just automatically having flawless defense but aside from that they're absolutely awful.
  6. I had a thought last night about how to make things feel more godly. I think it'd be amazing if a god power were implemented wherein you could place obelisks or relics, some sort of holy objects that Nuggets would turn into temples. The more temples the more worship, the faster god points were earned. I think coupling this with idle nuggets randomly worshipping at these temples would add that godly touch people are asking for and offer a more direct link between the player and the lil nugs. Sort of similar to age of empires but still uniquely universim.
  7. The Price of Godhood: Power Costs

  8. April/ May Update

    The last time there was a delay like this they were re-writing the whole ai system or something technical from scratch and it was really, really worth the wait. This time it's dedicated to things we can actually play with! I'm not overly patient but trust, it's going to be sweeeeeet. By the way, Do you stream on twitch? What kind of stuff do you play if you do?
  9. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I like it as an artistic sort of thing. Maybe if you click on a hut it opens up to that with the info displayed over the top, basically have the art as a background. That said, if there's a way to make it interactive and give it a point that'd be cool too.
  10. Research and Evolution

    deleting thread. This is just barely concealed passive aggression and I don't want it on my thread.
  11. Research Prototype Panel

    I guess I'm just a bit slow. Would you mind clarifying? Seeing the picture a second time didn't exactly clarify the matter.
  12. Research Prototype Panel

    That was implemented in Fable 2 so I got a bit confused, my bad. You had skill, will and strength XP which could be used exclusively plus green general XP which could be used for any. Research sort of already is divided into different areas like adaptation/advancement/evolution but how would you gain xp to research those areas? I think it's a pretty cool idea, just not sure how you would get the points through the current style of game play. If you scrapped the unique XP system and only had general XP (similar to god points which you naturally accrue over time) That would make sense and provide an incentive to strategise your research as you would have to wait and accrue more points to continue research. That feels especially appealing and would love to see that be implemented. Even if they simply made research cost god points that would be great.
  13. Research Prototype Panel

    This isn't a complaint but since the example all says artisanal waterworks I don't really understand how it would work, exactly. Is each horizontal line an expansion on the same base research, branching off into related but different threads or am I misreading it? Aesthetically I love it, just want to be sure I understand.
  14. Micromanagement in the game

    I'm wondering though, how is the medieval age going to differ from the stone age first? It's all well and good to talk about modern and space but what's already in the works for the second age? If each age is meant to feel like a unique part of the game, we need to know what is planned for the medieval age, otherwise we're probably just telling you stuff you already know.
  15. Micromanagement in the game

    I think maybe it would be good to move away from placing individual buildings and focus on resources as a whole. ATM if we want food, we build farms, fishing huts or hunter's cabins. In the next phase we could simply increase our food production which would trigger the randomised construction of those three to meet demands. If my food consumption is 20 units higher than than production I'd simply instruct for more production and it would automatically choose and place the buildings. Research could then focus on things such as upgrades, focusing on going green or vice versa among other things rather than just unlocking more buildings and getting overwhelmed. I don't really know how you'd design a UI for this though.