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  1. The Winter Festival and Decorating the Tree Art Contest

    Mirror, can we post multiple trees for consideration?
  2. The Winter Festival and Decorating the Tree Art Contest

    Here we go. Wish I had Autodesk. Watch out Socman, a giant spider has stolen your Skittles and trapped all those poor animals in that mega tree!
  3. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

  4. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    That was hilarious Rokku and the shirt looks pretty sweet Mirror.
  5. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    The tree leaves rustled in the quickening breeze that began to have a chill to it not yet experienced by the fledging nugget civilization. Alpha shivered as he hugged his arms around his body. To keep warm he quickened the strikes against the stone chipping away the jagged edges that would make the new home for his grandnuggets to live in. His mate Beta, heavy with child, was gathering fruits for the communities next meal. Feeling a little warmer Alpha stopped hammering the stone and decided to steal a quick glance at the quickly growing community. The sky was beginning to darken and he could see the glowing light of the Creator moving about the nearby forest. Alpha always obeyed the thoughts and ideas planted into his mind by the creator and did his best to support it among the people. Thanks to the Creator his village now hunted fish and stored water, an idea he didn't think his people were capable of by themselves. He appreciated that the Creator never seemed to force him to do work at each and every opportunity and allowed his people to steer their own destiny most of the time only stepping in when it was beneficial. Knowing that such a powerful being was on his side, Alpha's fear of the dark and colder nights dimmed with each year of his life. He enjoyed the beauty of the land that he was gifted and trusted to lord over. Suddenly a loud screech drew his attention and he gripped his stone hammer tighter and ran towards the noise. Alpha and Beta arrived to see Wokka their 3rd born nugget whimpering sitting beneath a tree that had fallen on his arm pinning it to the ground. As the rest of the nugget people arrived to investigate the curious noise Alpha immediate began to try and pry the heavy tree trunk off of his son while Beta who started to cry herself attempted to console Wokka. As other nuggets began to help Alpha pry the trunk off of Wokka's arm the encroaching darkness retreated as the soft glow of the Creators light came closer to the gathering. With an unearthly noise the heavy trunk lifted straight up into the air and shot off into the distance. As the gathered nuggets displayed awe and joy, Alpha bowed to the Creator's light and loudly gave thanks. As the Creator's light moved away and became invisible again Alpha moved to help Beta lift Wokka off the ground. Wokka's mate Werka finally arrived and both moved off to a stone hut to rest. Alpha and Beta smiled at each other, each grateful that they had such a powerful ally of the Creator to keep them safe. Then suddenly their minds filled with the knowledge and drive to build something new. Something they had never thought of before, the word forming in their minds. Hospital. The Creator had once again shown his brilliance and infallibility of logic and graced this gift to the nuggets. Alpha and Beta then immediately moved to the piece of land the Creator had chosen for the contruction of the Hospital. In their minds they knew that if the Creator had chosen this spot then it truly must be the perfect place to build. They worked hard and fast with little help from the other nuggets. It's use becoming known to them the closer to completion they came. In their zeal to please the Creator they never noticed the curious shape that was forming along the ground slowly being covered up by the stone beds they were placing to heal and rest the wounded. The curious shape of a long forgotten race. A race predating the Creator. The symbol's very meaning...death. The nuggets would soon understand it's meaning too as Wokka, who came to the Hospital to rest and heal the next darkening of the sky, who's life slowly ebbed away, who's flesh rapidly deteriorated and who's mate that would greet him when he came home unexpectedly early and discover the new nature of the hunger he possessed much to late. The other nuggets would indeed understand when the scratching at their huts awoke them and Alpha would find out that the Creator was not as infallible and all knowing as he believed. - Had to write something about that curiously placed skull visual during hospital construction. I hope you all enjoyed. For the visual. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz2SVHSmcHD-a2VUUHlWTWdJWFU
  6. Hello, Requesting Forum Badge. Website Backer (New Homepage) Brontosaurus Level. New here so please forgive me being out of the loop at this time. Really look forward to playing the game.