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  1. Nuggets not moving

    I have had a similar problem when I get as far as building a prison. They'll 'do nothing', and then starve to death.
  2. Basic Buildings after refined materials research

    You just rebuild them from the menu like you first built them. They don't require refined materials to build, just normal wood and stone. They are in the first bubble from the left when you open the building menu.
  3. Medieval Age

    It looks like you go through ages by upgrading...however it looks like when players try to upgrade we run into buggy problems (nuggets get stuck, die rapidly, etc). It gets better with each upgrade though
  4. In Shock and Awe

    I haven't had this one yet, but I have experienced the Shock and Awe kinda behavior you're talking about. I seem to get it in my farmers and doctors. This needs to be fixed I agree
  5. First post for me. Been playing the alpha for a few days now. I am really loving it, but I'm getting tired of seeing Coming Soon! all over the place. What is soon? It'd be more helpful if we had an In Development or something to let us know what feature is being worked on.