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  1. Research bugged

    Thank you for the detailed report. Is being fixed.
  2. right click crash

    @Thorien Thanks for the report, we will look into it. The QA troops here repeat the premises for filling bug reports as we really need those details to be there, and have them structured in a certain way. This helps us to save lots of time and frustration. Each person tends to have its own way to write bug reports, and that result very time consuming, requiring to go back and forth asking for details or deciphering specific information from the original report. Hopefully we'll have news of this issue on the next patch!
  3. v0.0.11 Game crashes on welcome screen

    Hello @nubmarine and @Zythaar Would you please have a look at this thread and create a new report under the proper build sub forum (and following the described guidelines)? It would be of great help! Also please tag me on the report threads. Thanks!