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  1. No patch this month?

    Well makes me wonder now.. it is now tuesday , the patch would have come out yesterday.. What happend?
  2. Find my lost nugget Quest

    Thanks , I have tried that.. But the camera placing is very shaky on itself.. It never puts the nugget / trees/ rocks back where I want to place it.. The camera view always moves
  3. upgrading buildings

    I am sure they will fix the update Bug asap :).. It is indeed very game breaking.. Without updates you are stuck
  4. Well I would like to find out how the QA team works on bugs they find. My thoughts that they do SEE the bugs and report them. But the DEV's push out those updates anyways.. Even with the bugs still inside.. Do not think that is a good approach in doing QA testing. IMO the QA team is there to tell the DEV's what bugs they found. and that they fix those bugs without bringing out a patch with the bugs still in there. (I know some bugs are less severe then others , but still a lot of game breaking bugs are in the game now . And those game breaking bugs would be for me a reason not to even bring out the latest patch. I would do it like this: - Monthly big updates with adding a lot of new stuff - Incremental Updates every time when you have them ready to fix the bugs. Keep us updated with a common big bugs list and which bugs are fixed and worked upon.
  5. A Poll to see what you want!

    I am sure they are working hard. I am also sure one day the game would come out nicely. But I do hope that they fix Gamebreaking BUGS ASAP (like the upgrade bug) . Once they fix it they should bring it out directly. Not wait for the next big update. Since the last 4 big updates.. They fixed some , but also a lot of other bugs were there. Makes me wonder why the QA team doesnot see those bugs before releasing.. but maybe they do and push out the update anyways. Like I said.. Once a big game breaking bug is noticed.. FIX it and get it out directly. Wait for the playerbase to confirm it is indeed working.. then focus on the next bug etc.. The way they are doing it now.. is not working. They have to many Game Breaking bugs left in the update to make the update a nice update. So still having mixed feelings about the process they are using
  6. How do you use divine powers?

    I only use the power to pick up trees and rocks myself early in the game. Later I try to heal buildings and nuggets.. that is about it.. Picking up nuggets , dead or not is also a task I do.. Most actions are using the CTRL + left click to start and CTRL+both mouse buttons to drop .. Or CTRL+right click.. Have fun experimenting.
  7. Find my lost nugget Quest

    I tried this approach too.. but then ever I pick up a nugget. I Smash it to death when I try to put it down again.
  8. Punish my Nemesis

    Make him scared.. pick up a tree , or a rock and drop it next to him a acouple of times.. he will get the "OOOE NOES I AM SCARED" icon and then poof it is done
  9. Game looks good but....

    Ow I have no doubt , I am still having fun with the latest patch. The game only crashes on me now a lot.
  10. Medieval Age

    Can you people please put my mind at rest about my fear that all ages will basicly be the same like the other , only with different names and building textures???? Please do not say that would be the case.. I always was a little bit upset about the building panal anyways.. Nothing there suggest multipple ages and more buildings to unlock in the future
  11. Game looks good but....

    I also have mixed feelinga gain about this update. You guys already talk about the new age for couple of weeks now. Also showing a lot of artwork with the new buildings. I really hoped it would be in the game now with the latest patch. I was not amused when I found out no new age was added. I agree with the TS here. If it takes so much time just to do one age. Makes me wonder what would happen with the next age. I hope we will see some kind of roadmap in the game ,where you can see what you need to do to progress to the next age. Also as I said before I do not hope all the ages are pretty much the same .. Only with different textures and names on excisting buildings.. That would be a total bummer. I hope each age will have its special buildings and researches and special things to build.. Would hate see that you just can upgrade (for example : The WItch doctor > Medievel Doctoer > Modern doctor > hospital ) with only the texture changing.. Would be nice if the upgraded sturctures would have extra things that can help in your city/planet.. Like albulances , helicoptors flying out to help sick people etc.. And that you really can manage all the structure in an ANT manner. But the more I feel , the more I fear that the ages themselves are just repeatables of the old buildings that already are there , just upgraded with a new texture and name.. Would be nice if we indeed can see the building panel being expanded with different ages structures you can build.
  12. Game progress rate is to fast

    I have a feeling that they will balance the game more and more with each update. I agree that the balance is totally off. Also as a god you should be able to do more. Lets hope that the new godpowers makes us able to fish , hunt , prolong life , resurrect nuggets . Well time will tell
  13. Not Reproducing

    yeah I know , but not really what I mean. I mean if you see your nugget walking around and doing their thing , it is hard to tell if the nugget is male or female. I have asked that it would be nice if there would be trademarks on the nuggets to tell if they are male or female. Maybe the way they dress. Or maybe even have female features like breasts and long hair. To me the nuggets are to much alike. Indeed the names are also not working. If you want to use the cupid power , to make them breed . Would be nice to see what gender you link together.. Or as I said , they will be multisex / or gay / or all of the above.. We shall see what they will come up with.
  14. Stopped Using Stone

    Did you research upgrades and did you already start upgrading a building. If so , the nuggets will stop using normal stone/trees , they need to use the refined ones.
  15. Not Reproducing

    They already stated that they will work on a way to see if a nugget is male or female. At the moment it is hard to tell what sex they are. Let's hope it will be implemented soon
  16. Forum Problem (steam connect)

    This is my account where I want to have my Steam acount Stronkie Linked too.. Please assist. Seems I could link my steam account also to my forum name.. Cool , just Delete the user Stronkie_2 please
  17. I cannot even stream this game.. It shows me only a black screen

  18. Paragon Issues

    Paragon Issues Well I have been trying the new build out for some time now . Things that I found: - Loading time , sometimes the game freezes while loading a new game - Nuggets AI are screwed up. When they are sick or injured , they do not go to the hospital directly , instead they keep on doing what they do until they are almost death and then they go - The requirements of the buildings are happening to fast.. What do I mean. Well nuggets dying , injuring , buildings degrade to fast for me to even keep up. Even when I try to build all the buildings required faster then they first are needed , I still loose to much niggets on diseases and death. - The harvest season of fishing is rediculous. I mean never heard of ice fishing. So the first year I allread start off with to little food. - Cannot use the god powers to chop trees or get stone. This update really screwed up the game mechanics for me.. Please fix it
  19. This is the way to go.. Lovely Game

  20. Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    So what is the roadmap of this game now. The last post is almost a year ago. Looking in what happend the last months.. I can not see any progress. I mean the video's with the space stuff and the modern buildings etc.. Were they fabricated???? I was happy with the game when I played it the first time. Thought it was just released its alpha etc. But now I see the game is a lot longer in developement.. Like ok.. Why are we not further then the stone age. I mean come on guys.. Would like to be able to do more with the game now . It seems people are only concentrating on the stoneage and to add more buildings and features to it.. Well what I would like to see is a roadmap when different ages will be added to the game.. And do not say , It will be happening when it is done.. cause that is indeed such a "stone age" reaction. So I would be happy , if there is or any roadmap which I can focus on.. Cause a new building every month and new feature every month in a update makes only the stoneage last for more then 2 years more... Please do not let me wait until I am in an elderly people home to busy to remember where I put my teeth then wanting to play that game , that I would forgot then.