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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Ow do not get me wrong. I am not really upset about the fact we can build buildings.. that is what I was hoping for too.. But to me , the worse thing , is the pace of the developement. I was hoping we could already be in space , if you know what I mean. The original pitch made me believe that I , as a god , would have much much more influence on the nuggets and the worlds they live in. That is basicly it.. in a short post
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thank you Alex for your detailed answer. I am happy you respond to my post. I was thinking how I could explain what I mean. It is basicly as Robert says. The original pitch that you are a god and you can influence your people . I know you cannot really do stuff to your people directly , but you could use your godpowers to let the nuggets do as you want. In the current game you really cannot influence your people that much. You cannot make them evil , you cannot make them good , you have no control on the world.. You cannot create food , hunt , pick up water , decide what your nuggets should concentrate on. Yes I know you have your god powers.. but in my opinion those godpowers are not enough influence on your people.. You can let people fall in love , mate or whatever. But As a god I want to be able to do more. Like I said above. .I want to directly be able to control my nugget , if I choose to do so. It should be my choice that they do things automaticly or that I as god influence them so that they do my bidding.. Like building placing.. I mean .. as a god I can insert the thought of persuating the nuggets to place a certain building somewhere.. Esp those stone huts , huts whatever.. These are placed to randomly. Also the game should give me more feedback in what kind of god I am . Also the nuggets should let me know , in what way , what they desire.. like what kind of buildings etc. The original pitch , in the above video , made me think the game would be like that. That is why I backed. I thought it would be like black @ white meets populos.. Or something like that.. But yes , like you said , you will not rock my boat with the steam releease.. but I do hope the steam release will not rock your boat in a negative way.. I will not ask for a refund.. I personally have also spent a lot of time and effort in this game for not to see it to the finish line.. But yeha.. I will stay pray
  3. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I have to agree to the above post. I backed this game up due that video. The game , in the state as it is in now , is nothing like the original pitch to get our backs. I am very dissapointed in the whole Developement of this game. The thing that really hurted my opinion the most of this game is : They stopped giving us monthly updates cause of the ooooeeeeehhh Big Big Steam release.. Which is totally crap and BS. Like I feared in many of my posts.. This game will not be finished before I have grandchildren. I hate to say it , but this game only proofs that we should not invest in games , even if we like what they are proposing. Please do not get me wrong. I loved the idea of this game , I loved the fact what they showed in their kickstarter. But the developement is too slow in my opinion. More and more things around the company and other non related Universim stuff got the overhand . Like the gameshop page , the studio , the other games , the fact they force us to wait for almost half a year for a , already very very very slow paste in content update , update due the Steam Release. Personally I think the DEVs can redeem themselves in my eyes , if they really bring out the almost full game in the steam release of august. If that is the suprise they had in store , then they got me. I would scream from the top of my lungs that this is the game I wanted , this would be the game I will play.. But I have a great fear that the steamrelease will not be as we all will hope.. I think it might backfire totally , cause we all know how toxic the steam community is. Look at all the other early access games.. they are burned down to the ground. Well fingers crossed guys.. I hope you can all suprise me.
  4. Thank you for your answer. But even a release date in late 2019 is optimistic. Even a thing like a Steam Release , pushes back future updates for more then 4 months. I know they do their best. I know they are a small team. But no this is , in my opinion not done. It is a shame really , for what I could see in the kickstarter movie , I really hoped this would be the game for me. But something about it now , really makes me shiver. Is it the lack of updates , is it the game itself , is it the progression of the updates , only God knows. I have a bad taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong. I really hope this game delivers what it promised. But I hope I am still alive and around to see it and play it. They have all the support from me what they can have. Also I like how they treat their community. They are really open and listen to all comments.. Even bad reviews. I do not troll here. I just hope , really hope , that we can finally say. Yes this is the game we all love and want to play. Just go DEV's Make us proud
  5. Download and buy game

    Checking it now there is a spelling error when you want to claim it on steam By choosing Staem you’ll earn: +0 Crytivo Coins Yes that worked
  6. Download and buy game

    I got an email: Stating this : Heyo! What an amazing time to be a pilot. Astrokill - a modern space shooter - is now available in the Crytivo Store. For a limited time only, you can buy the full game with Crytivo Coins. The amount? Only 4,990 CC. Yep, we’re finding more ways to reward you for being a fan. You can expect to see more of these great deals in the future! When I try to buy it and check out with paypal.. (I use my points for it ) I cannot buy it.. There is an error when paying with paypal.. Also I do not want to give out My CC details.. So please fix it
  7. thanks for the clarification mate :)_
  8. Wow I just love your post.. you totally hit the nail on the head.. I do not see anything from that video in the game also what I see that they have to many fingers in the other projects as well. I mean they do not only develope Universim right :).. They have expanded to a store and other games.. which is not good if you ask me. I am interested in Universim , that is why I invested...
  9. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    nice update , the game still crashes on me. I indeed love the hunter But still where is the next age?
  10. Deleted Crytivo accounts??

    It is a shame that you lost the accounts.. but the forums I see now , are a mess.. They were already a mess before the loosing issue , but ever since they have decided to put all their games here and the store.. this forum doesnot make sense anymore Please bring back the old forum structure and move all the non Universum posts.. Put them in their own forum.. and do not cloud this forum with it. Also there are now only 2 forums about the universum.. what gives.. Please bring back the old forums
  11. No patch this month?

    Not what I ment. Yes I agree the patch should be bug free. But it is the lack of communication. I mean they planned to release this update yesterday. But you cannot tell me that the "breaking bug" was found only 5 minutes before release.. If soo , they should be rethinking their QA approach. If I would run a QA team. I would make sure that the whole update and or patch was tested before last weekend started.. If they really found the problem on monday.. they should have communicated it to us.. Not almost at the end of mondy.. Also.. The lack of information about the game in this forum is disturbing.. Yes I know they lost a lot of accounts/ posts.. But I will not check every social media to see if there is any news.. I do not check steam , twitter , facebook every day about this game.. I check this forum .. Nothing being mentioned about the late update
  12. No patch this month?

    well do not get me wrong.. If they said they would have the patch out on monday.. they should have finished the QA before that time right.. I mean I do not think they work on sunday.. so they already knew the patch was not comming out on saterday. If they really were still working on the patch yesterday , they should have said so.. and not let us wait. Small suggestion , have the QA done before the weekend of the launch of the new patch... Or be more open to us and tell us directly on patch day that they are still ironing out the bugs.
  13. No patch this month?

    Well makes me wonder now.. it is now tuesday , the patch would have come out yesterday.. What happend?
  14. Find my lost nugget Quest

    Thanks , I have tried that.. But the camera placing is very shaky on itself.. It never puts the nugget / trees/ rocks back where I want to place it.. The camera view always moves
  15. upgrading buildings

    I am sure they will fix the update Bug asap :).. It is indeed very game breaking.. Without updates you are stuck