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  1. The March Update V0.0.31 news

    the March Update is live on the mainbranch. Enjoy
  2. welll until the game mechanics stay the same and not to many internal engine things change , we need to start a new game every time you start a new update built. The variables change to much , so your save game makes no sense anymore
  3. with the new patch you need to start a new game
  4. Poll for you playing Universim

    Added the survey link : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TKGRGST
  5. The March Update V0.0.31 news

    it is still the 4th a long time in the us
  6. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    thank you for the addition
  7. Ok people the V0.0..31 Q&A Update is Live !!!! Keep posting those bugs
  8. The March Update V0.0.31 news

    Update about the Update for March Ok people listen up. I have some news about this subject. The internal Q&A of version 0.0.31 have shown 2 major bugs. This has resulted that the External Q&A was not there yet . So according to the DEV's we work to the following dates: - Today the external Q&A team will receive the built with those major bugs fixed. - March 4th, experimental update will be rolled out on Steam. - March 6-7th Main if everything is good and smooth we will roll out the update to the mainbranch Note: Experimental built will be with the logging option enabled, the main built will be without the logging enabled So sitck with us
  9. Bug reporting: For all bug reports please only make a post if the issue is very serious and you have a save file relevant to the issue, or you have reproduction steps and can fill out the below form in its entirety. For filling out the form. Text in Bold should remain when you copy and paste the form. All other text is to explain or give examples of the bold text, and can be removed when you use the form. Title: the title of the post should describe in a short summary what the bug is Build version: The version of the Universim you are playing. The current version is V31, which will be displayed in the top left between the creator points and time UI elements. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 is a small bug (text issue) with little to no impact on gameplay and 5 is a gamebreaking bug Description: Be as descriptive as possible while detailing exactly what happens, what the bug is, and any possible implications the bug has to your game. Reproduction: In bullet point form, detail every single action you take to have this bug show up consistently. Even the most minute bit of information may reveal you doing something we never thought to. Relevant images and saves: Simply include any extra material that may help us. Save files are especially important, as we can use them to find errors and situations to kill the bugs. For this, please host the image or file somewhere (Remember to protect your privacy while doing so) and link in the bug report to that location. Or what will help more , is to come to Crytivo Discord and talk to the dev's directly , there is also a "Bugs and Issues" Channel there. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report. Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\ Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim Crash files & Log file folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
  10. V30.23498 will not launch

    I am glad it sorted itself out
  11. Hello , If you want to have more info about this game . The Dev's of the game have many ways you can reach them: Important Links Twitter: link Forums: link Steam: link Facebook: link Goblins Discord : link Crytivo Discord : link
  12. Welcome! Please Read

    General FAQ 1. What is Goblins of Elderstone? Goblins of Elderstone brings a unique chaotic twist to the city building genre. It is more than just a city builder - it is a Goblin Tribe Simulator! Nurture your tiny clan as it grows. Stand against the other races and even the gods. Rule over your chaotic Goblins and raid dungeons and villages to keep feeding your ever-growing tribe. 2. When is Goblins of Elderstone due to release? GOE is now out in early access! 3.Where can I buy Goblins of Elderstone? Early access versions are available on itch.io and Steam right now. 4. Can I stream/youtube my playthroughs of GOE? Yes! Game FAQ Q How should I start a new village? A Place your starting point near trees, berry bushes and rocks. Beware of gravestones. Follow the guided instructions provided on the right of the screen. Q Can you control the goblins? A Not directly, you can assign them jobs and change priorities of work. They do everything automatically. Q Can you play as other races? A No, although there will be some Heroes that are from other races. Q Are there other races? A Yes, there will be Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and potentially others, as NPCs in the world map, that you play against or trade/make alliances with. Q How do the gods work? A Gods are essentially your tech tree. By choosing 1-4 gods you will have access to various technology and magic (and other bonuses) from their godly domains. Select only 1 god to more easily appease it and gain favour to unlock all their advantages or select more gods to have the option of more varied bonuses. Q Can you build more than one village? A You can only build on the one starting tile you chose. You will be able to interact with other hexes by raiding and trading with the NPC settlements and raid dungeons. Q What is raiding? A You will be able to form a raiding party of goblins (that can also be lead by a hero) which you will use to attack cities and dungeons, that you have scouted, to collect much needed resources for your village. These raids will only be text based with some basic tactical options.(edited) Q How do you protect your village? A You need to build Watch Towers and assign Town Watch and then later you can build Guard Towers (assigning Guards) and Shaman Huts (assigning Shamans). Two Town Watch should be able to defend the village from one wraith or several skeletons. The towers have small patrol radiuses in which they will attack dangers if they are on duty. The king and the peons can also defend themselves. Peons are not very strong but the king is. Don't rely on this however. Q Why do my goblins freeze to death? A Goblins use stick to burn in order to keep warm. They burn these sticks in their warrens and at the camp fire. If they run out of sticks then they could freeze to death. Be sure to stock up sticks for winter, as they burn more sticks in winter. Q How do you get more resources? A You can prioritise a specific resource from the building controlling that job. Basic resources like sticks, berries and rocks are managed through the Trade Hall. Other resources require specialised buildings. You can further prioritise the higher tier resources by assigning a Trade Prince to the trade hall. Access the job priority menu through the goblins button or the button in the trade hall (and other crafting buildings). You can also prioritise a specific resource by clicking on the resource node (like a berry bush) and prioritising that resource if you have the appropriate job available. Q Can you speed up the game? A You can pause the game and increase the time with the game speed buttons in the task menu or by pressing Space, 1-3. If you play at a faster speed, more time will pass and it is likely you will not be ready for winter!(edited) Q What can I do when a goblin get stuck? A Click on the goblin and click the red “go to campfire” button. This will move the goblin to the campfire and hopefully will get on with his business. Q Why are some goblins red, yellow or white? A All goblins have a WTF stat, War, Trade and Faith. Some goblins are blessed by the gods. Red goblins have an extra point in War stats and are slightly better at fighting. Yellow goblins are better at work and white goblins will make better faith (priests and shamans) units. Q What happens in winter? A Undead enemies spawn in winter. They stay until defeated currently but eventually they will die in spring. In the future other creatures such as wolves will also move closer to the village in winter. Q What do the red numbers mean in the resource inventory menu? A The red numbers are the amount of resources needed of that resource. Important Links Twitter: link Forums: link Steam: link Facebook: link Discord : link
  13. game lags/skips

    yes I agree with you , lets wait for the next update
  14. I cannot wait until  it is spring time :)

  15. Nuggets Don't move bug

    Well let’s hope with the next update this bug is also not there.