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  1. First of all : I did not know I am in Medevil times. Also even in what era you are in. It doesnot matter , people need water.. So if I want to built an ancient waterpump... It should be able to do so.. But yes I know what you mean.. No need for obsolute buildings.. But then I would like to see , as soon as you upgrade a building the building itself doesnot get trhown down and rebuild competely... Just upgrade the existing building and leave the function it does perform intact during upgrade.
  2. I tend not to research updating the buildings.. it is a pain in the butt. YOu have to many restriction in gameplay as soon as you researche building upgrades.. You are not even to built the lower tier buildings anymore.. Also the building should keep working while being upgraded. I lost my water supply when upgrading the waterpump.. Which is useless.. I would suggest that the game will update the building and not just destroy the old building and built a new upgraded version of it. I mean.. It is hard to make that happen?
  3. System Requirement

    I also see a decrease in performance while playing the game.. Something indeed has changed.. Well not the textures.. The GPU mem usages stayed the same.. It uses more CPU power
  4. no babies

    You need to use the cupid power to force the babymaking.. You are acting like the Tinder God use your powers to make them want to make babies
  5. What I noticed playing this game again. .Is that rain and snow do not fall down on the planet.. They are floating upwards.. what is up with that?
  6. Waterpump Issue

    Well still I would be able to built buildings that I can built with the materials I have. I am a god in this game.. So if I want to built an older building.. I should be able to do so I HAVE THE POWER
  7. Some help on nuggets getting stuck

    Yes, it is a well known bug. They know about the pathfinding issues. Let's hope they bring out a patch soon. Would be a waste of a month to not be able to play the game completely
  8. Waterpump Issue

    well that is a bit of a bug. You should be able to build the Non- Upgradeable buildings too. Let's hope they fix it
  9. Waterpump Issue

    so let me get this straight. As soon as you upgrade one. You cannot built normal ones cause also new ones are not being built
  10. Waterpump Issue I found that some point in game the people are not building any waterpumps anymore. I could reproduce the error by building one waterpump , try to upgrade it and then beng. No water intake / needs etc.. But they do not built any new pumps I order them to do. Note Everything researched , only one working waterpump to start with. Then after the trying to upgrade. The nuggets do not bring material to upgrade it and to built even new ones.
  11. 600+ babies in 15 seconds

    Maybe they are not baby's but nuggetzombies
  12. Everyone is getting stuck

    I have tried that , but as soon as you do that , they tend to get stuck again. Also I am never able to pick them up and put them gentle down without breaking their bones
  13. Everyone is getting stuck

    Yes I have also this bug. I even have to destroy the building to make the nuggets assigned to that building to get unstuck
  14. I cannot even stream this game.. It shows me only a black screen

  15. endless loading screen

    just close the game and start a new game again. It should load then completely