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  1. Population

    Hey Magecoerlin, when I first played I had it active. Thought it is because of that, but also in the second game, the same result. I did not research the shifts. If you look at the cemetery most die of old age. I have 350/102 Food and 680/512 Water For example, 20 Nuggets grow after, but 25 die in time, and that goes on all the time. The whole thing then settles down at 180, but it never goes over 200 anymore.
  2. Population

    Hello creators, i need your help! first sorry for my english, it's not my native language. I have a question about the population. Actually, everything runs pretty well with me until the Middle Ages. With a population of about 240, the population is suddenly back. Many nuggets die of old age.It dies more than offspring grows up. There is enough to eat, drink and hardly anyone is sick. What am I doing wrong? Or is this normal? Many Greetings Harv
  3. New Residential Block

    Hey, Thank you for your answer. I just found out that you need iron for the huts.
  4. New Residential Block

    I have the same problem. How exactly upgrade the huts?
  5. Loading problems

    Hello everybodey, Is it normal that the loading times are so long? It is also partially not loaded. Greetings Harv