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  1. A Few Bugs

    I haven't tried to recreate the issue. Once I read how to fix it I just started doing that cuz it was my first time playing. But next time I open it I'm gonna see if its the tutorial or if it's just the first playthrough
  2. A Few Bugs

    A Few Bugs Bugs (1 has the most affect on gameplay and 4 has the least) (Has anyone else had these problems?) 1. On first time playing, the water pumps won't snap to lake and aren't place able. Fixed by starting new game and skipping water pump tutorial. 2. Nuggets going hungry and thirsty even though there though there is an excess of food or water. I don't know if this is a bug or just a problem with how I'm building. 3. During gameplay the clock starting going backwards (Ex. going from 5:10 pm to 5:09 pm and continuing backwards) Had no affect on actual gameplay, the game itself and day/night cycle progressed as normal. Just a minor detail that was kinda bugging me. 4. Clock is stuck on PM. Again has no affect on gameplay, day/night cycle progressed as normal. Don't know if this even is a bug, probably just hasn't been programmed yet