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  1. So we recently had freezing rain here it covered all the tree branches (and everything else really) in ice. I tried to draw it, but failed. Turns out drawing ice is hard on a smartphone. So here's a festive Ent
  2. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    The leaves of the trees turn from a bright green to shades of orange, yellow and brown, before falling to the ground in nice big piles. The children loved this time of year, playing hide and seek around the village and in the nearby woods. The weather cools after a hot summer and food is plentiful, whats not to like? Elu had just come back from fishing for the day, a good haul slung over her shoulder on her return to camp. On her way back she had noticed something odd. A man was standing at the treeline near the woods. There was nothing particularly scary about this man, in fact she recognized him as Adahy. He worked at the eatery, cooking the fish she brought back. Elu thought he might be foraging for herbs or berries out here, but Adahy just stood there staring into the woods. Elu approached to get his attention and make sure he was alright, but before he could reach him he walked into the trees. That was a weird encounter, to be sure, but Elu wasn't worried. She'll check with him when they return to the village. Further down the road, up a hill that overlooked the lake she was just fishing in, she noticed some people walking out of the treeline towards the lake shore. What could be happening? Her curiosity caught up with her and she stopped to watch them a moment. To her surprise they were walking into the water. Elu grew concerned, as she thought it was a bit late in the day to be going for a swim. She left her fish hanging from a nearby tree to retrieve on her way back and made her way through the woods towards the crowd entering the lake. When she arrived, she found a macabre scene. Nuggets of men and women, and of all ages, were floating along the shoreline. She recognized many of them from the village. Almost all of her friends and family were floating before her, lifeless. At that moment a noise broke her from the scene, leaves crunching in the treeline behind her. She turned quickly to see Adahy exiting the treeline, like the others before. Slowly, Adahy walked, almost as if in a trance. His gaze was fixed on the lake, and before Elu could say anything or attempt to stop him she noticed him mumbling something. Quietly, as if whispered by a dying man, Adahy repeated his phrase as he stepped into the water, "the pat-... commin-... he patch is commin-..." and with that the water overtook him and silence fell around Elu.
  3. Curved Monitors?

    I have a curved monitor. I don't really notice the difference much. Its curved so slightly that it might as well just be a normal monitor. Now, if I had 3 of them lined up in a row I'd definitely notice a difference.
  4. Top 5 Steam Games?

    You mean top 5 most played or just our top 5 favorites - well I guess it might be the same thing huh? 1. Skyrim 2. Borderlands 2 3. Fallout 4 4. Dark Souls III 5. Dragon's Dogma
  5. Righto, so I just found this thread on forum badge and I can't actually remember how much I kickstarted for. I know it wasn't mammoth, but... Hold on, let me dig through my emails. AH, it was $100.