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    GuardianZealot got a reaction from KyloRen in GPU Crash   
    GPU Crash
    Game Version: 0_0_9_1606151805
    GPU: AMD MSI R9 280X crossfire (crossfire disabled)
    CPU: AMD FX-8350 
    RAM: 32GB
    OS: Windows 10pro 64
    Able to play game for less than a minute before black screen.  Unable to interact with anything and must manually restart.  There does not seem to be an event generated, other than the event describing the manual restart.
    The AMD support pages have noted this occurrence the Unity 5 engine.   In have certainly noticed this as well.
    It seems to only happen with Unity 5 plus Windows 10 and certain AMD chipsets. (But this is just here-say to be honest, AMD has not commented from what I can tell.)
    Though, it does not seem to be so much on your end, more Unity and those other companies. Just thought you should know.
    Certainly hope this issue is fixed soon, I just bought the game and would like to follow its progress.