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    Fjury reacted to Lissa Gloom in Micromanagement in the game   
    I think maybe it would be good to move away from placing individual buildings and focus on resources as a whole. ATM if we want food, we build farms, fishing huts or hunter's cabins. In the next phase we could simply increase our food production which would trigger the randomised construction of those three to meet demands. If my food consumption is 20 units higher than than production I'd simply instruct for more production and it would automatically choose and place the buildings. Research could then focus on things such as upgrades, focusing on going green or vice versa among other things rather than just unlocking more buildings and getting overwhelmed. I don't really know how you'd design a UI for this though.
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    Fjury reacted to Bolerro in Engineers don't repair lowest HP buildings   
    We are aware of the issue with Engineers and you should see improvements with the Early Access launch update
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    Fjury reacted to Holze in Engineers don't repair lowest HP buildings   
    "Ingenieur" is the German word for engineer, so I guess that's what the author meant.
    What I wanted to add here, is that engineers seem to walk by buildings with low healt (<25%) and start reparing buildings with quite high healt (>75%). Furhtermore I noticed that the ignored buildings seemed to be either right next to the engineer's hut or really far away, although that might just be coincidence.
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    Fjury reacted to Bolerro in Engineers / Buildings at breaking point   
    @Fjury @Nemisis311@NeroVice
    Thank you for the feedback, that is definitely no fun when that happens and we are looking into why the Engineers aren't keeping up. Please keep providing feedback so we can whip those nuggets into shape and make them behave.
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    Fjury got a reaction from Bolerro in Engineers / Buildings at breaking point   
    Hi there, i have about 10 engineers huts, but i recognized they doing nothing for bad health buildings. So when i don't use my mighty power, buildings would get ruined. They need the preference for lower buildings and not for constructing new buildings.
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    Fjury reacted to IzznO in Has Anyone Been Able to get 40-50+ Nugget Population?   
    Jeah did the same thing can confirm it works. Its jsut not fun. This game was not supposed to be about making one huge village ooozing out over the entire planet. Unless they manage to make the village more compact this will end in disaster.