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  1. Hunting

    Hi, and can u scale up animal spawning? After a few decades of hunting, nuggets have to run all over the world to get the latest and greatest animals. Seems further killed animals do not respawn after time.
  2. Hi there, i have about 10 engineers huts, but i recognized they doing nothing for bad health buildings. So when i don't use my mighty power, buildings would get ruined. They need the preference for lower buildings and not for constructing new buildings.
  3. Great, considered the bug too on a farmer
  4. Yeah I agree, the more nuggs u get, the unconfortable it gets... They seem to place their huts just in one direction and not placing them around buildings where needed for better comfort. Guess the world should grow a bit or don't know. U need a lot of space to hold this little population.
  5. Hi, i did it now to 120+ nuggets, u have to spread ur empire a bit :P, structure ur paths and build warhouses, in every direction u need eateries and 2 cementry, 2 doctors and so on. Right now i have a bad computer, but back at my gaming rig i think i could get to 200 nuggs. This patch seems to be the best so far
  6. Nugget Juice

    Thx, for fast reply, where are the patchnotes? O.o Some issues causing delay?
  7. Nugget Juice

    Hi guys, I was wondering after i read the new patchnotes where are the roads u wanna implement these days. Are they going to be implemented in another pathc?