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  1. game wont run!

    no solutions, just questions. my game won'
  2. No mans sky

    everything you said. but they said that there is no way you could see every planet, and the chance of you catching a friend on a planet or even in the same space as you is going to be just as rare. I get that you find the planet and explore and have to figure out how to adjust to the planet to survive and get resources of some sort and ship parts and upgrades... "and then what"-jeezy
  3. No mans sky

    I hate when people tell me to not push another game on another games page, but no mans sky is an awesome concept but it lacks in wow factor. eventhough you never know what you are going to get, theres not much to get. look up this game, - out of this world - hell, i'll do it for you, i'll even skip past the first 4 min opening sequence. this is what I imagine no mans sky is going to be like, just not as cool... as this. I admit. I was excited when I first heard about no mans sky but the more I heard about it the more I lost interest. space is the place, but not the space they are giving me. anyways, this "the universim" is going to be massive. if they can bring it all together, I have my doubts but I pray to based god that they can. I don't see the full game coming out for another year or more. i'm fine with that though. take all the time you need. ps. I like SimCity2013 better than skylines, anyday. i'm biased though, I was on the test team, spent close to 1000 hours on it, tried to stick around after the release but they dropped the ball. skylines is lacking something. so I bought my way into PA cause they didn't have massive testing on the SimCity level, needed backing, almost like universim but I like how universim is going about it. PA just came out on PS4 and X1, and I don't want to play it anymore. so here I am. now lets focus on this game. don't buy no mans sky. put that money towards backing https://theuniversim.com/ more.
  4. Audio setting page glitch

    can you send me a link to the format page please?
  5. when assigning a worker for the eatery... ..... when I try to scroll down the list with the wheel it zooms the window out instead of scrolling the list down.
  6. Audio setting page glitch

    Audio setting page glitch when I attempt to change any values on the audio screen the whole display spazzes out and I can only change the value to full on (100 or whatever the case may be) or 0. don't think i'm posting this the right way. sorry.