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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    To keep it short and simple, the third prototype is the most logical and neat one. It's easy and appealing to look at, keeps all the convenient information at the bottom of the screen where it's not distracting anything, the color coding actually serves some purpose it seems, and is overall just less clunky than the other prototypes. Sometimes people make interfaces that are all fancy pants, but they never take into consideration the actual utility of the interface, and it becomes too clunky. The third prototype checks a ton of boxes that make it the obvious candidate for what the research tree should look like in a very efficient form.
  2. April Update

    If you follow them more closely in The Universim related sections of the community, as that's still the only game Crytivo is developing, and is therefore still their number one priority, it's just that they've started publishing indie games aside from just developing The Universim, then you can still get exclusively The Universim related news, while being able to ignore pretty much all of the other games' news.
  3. April Update

    The Patch was completed on April 6, as they said, and it was pushed out the next day. You must haven't checked your game for an update, yet. Or just checked anywhere in The Universim in general.
  4. Tips System

    I'd recommend some basic tips for how the emergency shelters work. I had absolutely no idea the bell was used to get nuggets to go into the bunkers until about 2 weeks ago. That could've been explained and cleared up very easily if I had some tips for that.
  5. April Update

    According to some sources, today. Though I have suspicions that may not be the case right now.
  6. April Update

  7. April Update

    I suppose it's always important to be slightly more patient. Slight delays to updates are completely normal. In fact, if it takes longer to make an update, for a good studio like Crytivo, it usually means that they're making the update better, which is always good.
  8. What do you think about research?

    Well then that's rather useful. Thanks Bolerro!
  9. What do you think about research?

    Oh, sorry, I didn't notice that there was already another discussion about research already. I just had the idea and quickly wrote it up here. Didn't have to check if there was already another research topic.
  10. What do you think about research?

    People before have made clear their moderate distaste of the way research works in The Universim. I certainly agree to a degree with them, that the research in The Universim is definitely not the best system it can be, and can have major changes to it. I don't have the most creative or useful ideas, but I would like to just suggest that The Universim needs to change its research system. Randomized research bubbles that pop up don't give many people any real sense of progression. "I unlocked fishing piers. Cool." So what does that mean for your nuggets? What does it mean for the progression of your civilization? Well, it's hard to figure that out because it's randomized and doesn't tell people how far they've advanced. A pretty big part of the game is obviously helping your nuggets progress through the ages, but then if research is the driving force behind that progression, why should it be randomized? Let the players see how far they've progressed in research, let them know how close they are to the next era. This is some concept "art" I made in MS Paint because I'm too poor (and too unskilled) for any type of "real" photoshop, but I think it gets my point across to how a research system could look in The Universim. The picture shows a progression bar at the bottom, which shows how close someone is to the next age (similar to the bar in Spore, where once you get to the end, you get to the next stage in the game) telling by their research. Finished research could be marked off in some way, I used a check mark because it was the easiest to make, but there most definitely can be other ways to show that a research has been researched before. The greyed-out bubbles are research that hasn't been unlocked yet, and cannot be researched yet. They may be hidden or partly transparent, but I just made them grey, because again, I am using MS Paint. Side research could really mean a lot of things, they could simply add-on to existing research, or do something different entirely. By the last research bubble, you could either research something that changes the nuggets' way of life significantly, or you can just have it be a button to move onto the next era. This is only my very basic idea of a research tree page that can easily let the player identify progression, research, and the different eras. I'm certain there are many better designs, but this is just the one I can make up for right now.
  11. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I generally see this as a conflict in the community between "more automation because we're God" and "more automation makes game boring." In short terms, I think a very good way to keep the "God game" aspect and to not diverge into a self-building-city-builder game which is not what Crytivo probably wanted, is to first automate the nuggets. To make up for the automation of nuggets (which removes some gameplay but not all gameplay as we're still in complete control), we should get new responsibilities to keep the game fresh. Preventing (or causing) disasters, changing the way our nuggets have faith in us (as there is already a fear/love factor) which determines how they work and whatnot. This roughly fixes a ton of complaints that both sides of the community currently have, and in a relatively short message too. No need for a TL;DR on this one.
  12. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    You can rotate buildings, just press Q and E to rotate them left and right before placing them.
  13. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Quick suggestion: In the beginning, during the still-early eras when automation isn't really a thing yet, there could still be "quick-management" options such as "set all farms to this crop cycle" or "set all hunters huts to this prey" and something like that for every specialized system. I also agree with threeheaded monkey's: as this just makes everything very convenient for the player, by moving repetitive tasks away from the player while still giving us full control over the basic systems until the later eras.
  14. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I absolutely agree with just about everything that Goldmos said. As the civilization progresses through the eras, more and more basic needs should be automated by the nuggets, such as by "chief" or "manager" nuggets who oversee the automation of one system such as water. It would be a realistic design choice, as the stone age obviously didn't have any sort of organized civilization, it was just groups of Homo Sapiens without any leader or directive other than to survive. As the civilization advances, different responsibilities should be moved onto the player, and others should be moved to the nuggets. From having to manage food and water, to managing wars and politics, to managing whole planets and (hopefully) star systems. This makes an incentive for people to want to experience more of the game, and prevents the progression from feeling too repetitive and grindy. No one wants a Universim where every era is the same but is only graphically different. Micromanagement should be constantly shaped throughout a playthrough, which puts more work on you developers, but can interest more fans into the game and the ultimate product will be much better.
  15. AI "Doing Nothing" Constantly

    Alright! Thanks for notifying me of the plans to fix the issue because it's really getting out of hand when I'm out of juice and just have to resort to good ol' grim reaper to clean up my mess.
  16. In the beginning, the AI was totally fine. Pretty much all the nuggets were rarely "doing nothing" and so everything worked as expected. However, as my civilization grew, more and more nuggets doing very critical jobs were just constantly either "doing nothing" or just drinking/eating. They were mating less too. My hunters completely stopped hunting, only just walking around and drinking. My engineer kept supporting stone huts but never stopped to just repair some buildings which were being upkept by my rejuvenation which could only last so long. I built another engineer hut and hired another nugget for the engineer job but they too just did nothing to repair the tons of buildings which were breaking down. Eventually, almost every specialized worker basically stopped doing their job. They were forever "doing nothing" and just using up food and water. They became useless. There wasn't any obvious point when my nuggets stopped working, the laborers were always on task, but as my civilization grew, the specialized workers just became lazier and lazier. I suppose this is almost a crack at real life. Due to the lack of basically any work from my very-needed nuggets, there was no longer much food to go around, people were starving to death, people became homeless when I couldn't rejuvenate all the huts and buildings, and my little society fell apart and I just decided to burn the whole place to the ground.