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  1. next update?

    This update or next one we should get exile villages that will add another challenge through diplomacy and war. Once that happens I'll be playing a ton more.
  2. Ask Us:

    I think there should be several interactions with aliens throughout the game. Pre-modern: Aliens should very rarely visit your planet either causing damage to structures or abducted your nuggets/taking some resources from planet. There should also be a very very small chance of a crash that allows your nuggets to observe the crash giving a research boost/or a free tech. Modern: Same stuff as earlier except now you have some ability to observe their species with the tech you already will have to observe space. Also you can now do some fighting back against those visitors with the military. Space: At this point I would assume they would act like an exile village with some being friendly and other hostile. Since you have spacecraft I would assume their will also be some fleet battles over planets.
  3. Ask Us:

    Since we are getting exile villages how is warfare going to be conducted?
  4. The Stars

    So I did search and didn't see this as a topic already so don't know how new this is but at night if you click on stars it gives some info and there are greyed out options at the bottom. Any ideas what those three are for? The middle one I thought was a tank looking object but Im not sure.