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  1. Spelling, language error

    Also 'exsisting' should be changed to 'existing'. "Engineers are responsible for constructing new buildings and repairing existing ones"
  2. Version 0.0.9 In game clock bug

    Version 0.0.9 In game clock bug What client version you downloaded: dashboard/standalone client download, PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: the game client itself Are you able to replicate the problem: Not yet Detailed description of the problem: When fast forwarding using the '+' key on the numpad I noticed the in game clock going backwards. Maybe it was just a glitch on my machine but I felt I should report it. Maybe someone else can reproduce/confirm this.
  3. Version 0.0.9 In game clock bug

    No, I wasn't moving. I just hovered above the epic center of my civilization and pressed the '+' key
  4. Hello everyone, i'm Richard from the The Netherlands. Just bought the game yesterday. Exited to start playing. Hopefully I have some time tonight.