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  1. Slow Game Startup (ingame progression)

    Ok then that's a bug then cos they just aren't building, 43 days in and they've just managed to build the well and farm, cemetery still isn't done yet, they're dying off from thirst and hunger before they can progress even the basic buildings.
  2. Slow Game Startup (ingame progression) What client version you downloaded: 0.9 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Yep Detailed description of the problem: Essentially, you start with 2 workers, 2 babies.. you make an engineers building, then a pump.. then your builders start dying from thirst. It's totally pointless. The pathing to find water and food needs to kick in earlier or be more manageable by god. Adathy and his partner died having sex. This at least can be turned off. Ideally, a Well should be placeable at the start and the water pump should increase it's function or output, this way your nuggets aren't dying and food collectors should bring harvested food to the epic center, so starving nuggets aren't trying to get their starving selves to far off places before dropping dead.
  3. Unwieldy Building objects

    heh, cool.
  4. Unwieldy Building objects

    Unwieldy Building objects What client version you downloaded: 0.9 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes Detailed description of the problem: New Farm is bigger than before, whilst this is nice, the size of the structure makes it cumbersome to place, would be handy to be able to turn structures to be able to place them in more useful locations.
  5. Zoom Issue

    Zoom Issue What client version you downloaded: 0.9 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Occurs always Detailed description of the problem: Zoom function is overly sensitive, difficult to find a nice level of zoom without continually touching wheel gradually. Could be an issue for me because I'm using a Raptor Mouse.
  6. Camera Bug on Nugget Selection

    Camera Bug on Nugget Selection What client version you downloaded: Ver 0.9 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Occurs everytime Detailed description of the problem: Win10 pc Select Nuggets List Panel, Select any nugget, camera pans out and you cannot zoom in on selected nugget. Have to right click to deselect then you can zoom back in.
  7. Observations

    Yeh was about to edit 3/ seems builders do make pumps etc, although mine are now getting confused as to where wood is, all are "gathering wood" even though theres 30 stacks of it lying around them. Obviously all this is moot until new ai. regarding 2/ I can't find a crash dump file. I got a win 10 error saying game is not responding, quit or wait msg. maybe one wasn't created? Looking forward to Ver 0.9
  8. Observations

    I realise your next patch is just around the corner, ie 3 days.. 1/ When thirsty nuggets don't tend to quit current job to look for water, instead they finish current job first, then look. This wastes precious time needed to find and drink, often killing them. For example I watched a nugget at rest, showing a popup saying was thirsty, but kept resting, once rested then went to look for water from nearby lake, but died a few steps from it. Food and Drink timers should exit current job and they should immediately seek food/water as applicable. 2/ Clicking on Log crashed the game. Are there crash dump files that you'd like to see? I forget where these are located. 3/ Builders.. it seems builders only build houses, constructors hut and wells. Yet key builders build water pumps, farms, eatery, distribution and reservoir buildings. Key builders tend to idle often, not building anything from their queue, whilst builders tend to just make huts (yes i know you're fixing this in next patch) and almost randomly decide to actually build stuff that's queued for building, several times I've seen wells, just sitting waiting to be built with wood/stone reserved but they never get built. 4/ Drinking from lake, nuggets only seem to drink when there's an accessible side of a lake available from the direction of travel, otherwise they seem unable to path around obstacles to find a water source. Specifically obstacles which are part of the lakes themselves. 5/ known issue, lakes being generated inside each other, also that they need to be uniformly placed around planet, have had 1 world generate with only 2 lakes on it and they were inside each other. 6/ The Dark Side.. if you zoom out you can see the sun moving in the sky.. ie the planet is revolving.. however, if you pick a dark side to build on, it seems to have very short days and long nights, building on the light side the opposite. Of course, building location is purely dependent on water source, food sources and locations of wood/stone to build with. So sometimes you have no choice but to build in the dark area. Side effect of this is headaches. (for me at least) Perhaps God should have ability to ignore darkness completely and not be limited by straining eyesight to see clearly. Tested on Win10 Pc Game Versions 0.8, ingame observations only. These aren't being listed as separate bugs because your patch is due, I just needed somewhere to list them to check back on later. 7/ Ai ignores wood/stone created by "god" smashing trees/rocks on ground. 8/ Builders chop trees to gather wood for building, but don't chop stone to get rock? 9/ Ai ignores stock piles of wood/stone if the woodsmen or quarrymen are reducing or reassigned. 10/ Ai Status in building status not updated? Adahy is mating, partner is gathering wood.. He's been mating for last 30 minutes. In the case of the 2 constructors also getting stuck in this cycle, I removed one of them and the other immediately stopped mating and switched to gathering wood, so maybe issue is because the building being built status isn't updating, that nuggets aren't updating? Also noticed that dead nuggets still occupy a slot in a building being built. I have 2 builders die, they occupied slots 1 & 2, I create a new builder and he goes to slow 3. Adahy has just died whilst mating.. and his partner was building a warehouse.. so who/what was he mating with..
  9. [0.0.8] Nugget profile status/occupation

    Ah ok, so occupation is the question and status the current answer. ie whats he trying to do and actually doing. Handy if you see one loitering.
  10. [0.0.8] Declining Population after a point

    Yeh kylo, I saw that, but mating isn't completely stopping, it seems to completely stop most of the time but a few babies keep slipping through. But sure, lets wait a few days and see then.
  11. Build Priority fails

    yeh i get that, but i wonder if theres something getting lost, say for example a builder is sent to start on a building, then dies, does another builder then goto that building? or does the building get forgotten? is the building listed as needed to be built when partially built or is the dead nugget still listed as building it, even tho they're dead and can't. I'm finding in longer games, that there's several buildings that just never get built, even tho buildings placed later are completed.
  12. Nuggets stuck at eatery v 0.0.8

    just realised this in is 3 days.. i'll leave off making reports until then
  13. Nuggets stuck at eatery v 0.0.8

    I'll stick this in here as well, they get stuck on corpses, usually where a nugget dies next to a building, occurs mostly with builders who move around abit during their building process, then they die of thirst/hunger themselves. In the eatery they all die in the same spot.
  14. [0.0.8] Declining Population after a point

    Noticed this as well, although I lost nearly 2/3s of my lot due to a building issue with a well, I've noticed that the "natural death" rate doesn't seem to match births, so if 20 people are born during a mass spate of matings, over a set period of time, they can all die almost at the same time. Not over a spread of time similar to when they were born. Also noticed that nuggets don't tend to mate very often past a certain point, most mothers having 4-6 children max. This creates the situation where you can drop from 35-40 nuggets down to 7-9 and the ones remaining are usually the paired nuggets whose mates have already died. Which means they won't procreate. And everyone dies. Which has knock on effect that buildings are destroyed because there's noone to build or repair them, usually the first built break first, leaving you without constructors or a distribution base for the few remaining nuggets.
  15. [0.0.8] Nuggets build stone hut inside of reservoir

    Cool, had same thing, only they built over a well, and about 20 nuggets died from thirst trying to get to the well. hehe.