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    Research Prototype Panel

    Hi Guys, Due to numerous requests that we received from you, here we will provide current prototypes & ideas that we considering to implement and working right now for the Research based on your feedback. Please note that some of those prototypes are very ambitious and we would love to implement them, but they require a lot of man power and time, which unfortunately we don't have. So please consider that even though after finalizing the approach which we will take on that, we might still will have to cut some things from it due to time constrains. Also, this is something that we are planning after steam release, not before. Don't hesitate to post your ideas and thoughts about those prototypes. Constructive critics are also welcome. Sincerely, Sasha Prototype #1 Prototype #2 Prototype #3 @Lissa Gloom @threeheaded monkey as promised
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    I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
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    What do you think about research?

    My idea for a research system for a god game in which the player decides how much godly intervention should be avaiable.: My suggestion is to introduce minimum 3 Shrines which evolve depending on your decisions. You Start with a SHRINE OF WISDOM (or if you want to call it epicenter) This shrine provides the possibility to choose between different options that have direct influence on the society. Those research options can be bought by spending faith. Which could be generated in a prayer enclave or a temple. Like: Major options to choose: -secularity -freedom of will -prayer rules -Sacrifices Basic options to choose: -clothes -reproduction -basic technology By choosing either free will or strict prayer rules you decide if the Shrine of Wisdom changes to a "Heaven Shrine" or a "Secularity Shrine" Heaven Shrine Most technologies are avaiable but main focus is on pleasing a god. You decide by spending faith what to introduce to your Nuggets. Higher technologies have a higher faith cost. Some special technologies like a faith shield insted of a bunker to protect nuggets from natural disasters are avaiable. Or in the space age a "godly spaceship" that reduces risks if you land on a planet. Of course your faith gain is faster and you can decide how much nuggets pray or if you sacrifice one for an instant faith boost. Nuggets do most things autonomous to stay alive if you did not set a rule for a specific behaviour... like "god decides if you breed" Secularity Shrine This shrine is not powered by faith. You have to pay resources and nuggets have to learn to invent things. A school is unlocked if your Shrine of Wisdom transforms to a Secularity Shrine. Some nuggets still pray in this secular society so you as a god will not die, but you're not mighty... Your might does not suffice to perform mighy powers... So your nuggets have to learn to protect themselves with a bunker against nature. You're more like a manager insteat of a god. People are aware that you exist but most of them do not care about you but they agree that you're their mayor. ;-) Technologies reflect those circumstances. Your nuggets may evolve not so fast but will be more advanced in the space age when it comes to self defense. My2cents. What are you thinking about this idea?
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    What's the current take on keeping the wood production chain sustained? I get that, initially, cutting down forests will have the benefit of opening up building spots. But mid game latest, a solution for the dwindeling number of trees will be needed. Maybe a god power, "seedlings" or such. Or tree farms? New funeral options where the dead are buried under a tree sapling? Each birth of a nugget is commemorated by planting one or several trees?
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    I think it's just you. ...I like the idea of being able to see inside their homes and workplaces, but I'd much rather that come after the game is released. I don't think it really adds anything to the game other than allowing us to be creepers, and I'd probably look once, say "you lazy bugger, get back to work!", then continue on my way and forget about it.
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    Research Prototype Panel

    Hey Guys, thank you for all the feedback. It is being appreciated. So currently we decided to go with the 3rd prototype with some modifications. Please let us know what do you think.
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    Research Prototype Panel

    I really love the 3rd and the 2nd type of research screens i think you should opt for creating a mixture between both of them : the graphical design of the 2nd one and the Ui cleaness and precision of the 3rd one. Let me just explain a bit what i mean : * the 3rd one gives you more control over the eras, over what conditions are required to move into the next era, for instance moving from the stone age to the iron age is researching the iron melting research and so on * the 2nd one is more precise when it comes to sorting out researches, that means sorting into social, scientific, ethical , and so researches and that would give you guys more room to add lots and lots of new researches when it comes to art , recreation, rockets . basically a limitless sorting and clear sorting * a mix of both would be really really nice to see the mixing and precision and control over the researches, that way we can opt for better research order and better appeal to when it comes to the eyes i have a small question though , perhaps it is already included, or even say planned for the game , but are random technologies a thing? instead of having the same order all the time i think perhaps having randomly researches might spicy things up and create an interesting game each save : it helps when it comes to replayability, and imagine the endless Possibilities . Thanks for going through my post, i really really really love this game and i truly believe in its potential to achieve the milestone of best game of the era. Great work guys and keep on rocking, from Tunisia
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    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Already have fixes for this that you'll see in the October update
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    HOW YOUR CHOICES MATTER IN THE UNIVERSIM Our team is hard at work on that oh-so-sweet update for the Steam Release going live on August 28. We’ve got a whole lot of new systems coming with the patch, and we’re going to be discussing one of them today. Buckle up! Introducing God Quests. As a god, you have to deal with a lot of prayers. While some of them may be spam - and a fair amount will be ludicrous - there are a few genuine, reasonable requests you might want to take a look at. Nuggets will ask for help with various tasks, or request aid during hard times. They might throw in a few bizarre ones now and then, and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to fulfill them or not. We are also adding legendary Nugget Influencers and Inventors with this system. Inventors are notable Nuggets who will alter the course of your civilization’s progress with their quests. For example, you will be able to choose which technology path your civilization follows with the quests from Nuggola Tesla. Nuggola will have a dilemma; he discovered that there are several ways of generating Electricity, and he will need your help to end the battle in his mind over which technology to pursue. There will be three ways to generate Electricity: Kinetic - Wind Turbines One path leads to Wind Turbine Electricity Generators. This is a relatively passive and clean way of generating Electricity for your civilization. However, it’s a little unpredictable, due to the production relying solely on the wills of the wind. Wind Turbines will not work during Windstorms (to protect them from being ripped apart) or when there is no wind at all. The good news is, you’ll be able to store any energy surplus in Batteries. Stored power can then be utilized when Wind Turbines aren’t generating enough Electricity to keep your cities’ lights on. Kinetic - Nuggetic Motion Generator Now, here’s an idea. You know all of those Nuggets you have running around? Are they really all being productive members of society? We doubt it. That’s why you will be able to use Nuggets to generate Electricity for your civilization. It’ll be great for their health, it’ll definitely keep the lights on, and it only requires a bit of light whipping. If you have Nuggets to spare, and you don’t really want to take your chances with the wind, then this is a great system. Of course, excess Electricity is stored in the same way as other Generators. In a similar manner to fancy cars, there is an Insane Mode Button that pushes things into overdrive on the Nuggetic Motion Generator. Nuggets will run like mad, producing far more energy than before. However, use this with caution. Nuggets have been known to explode without warning. Cover expensive furniture beforehand. As mentioned, these methods of Electricity generation are 100% environmentally friendly. There is, of course, a far more aggressive approach that replaces unreliability with consistency and clean air with pollution - the Electric Gas Plant. Electric Gas Plants are behemoths when it comes to generating Electricity. They spew it out with ease. However, there are significant downsides. You’ve probably already guessed why, but it’s mostly because this system burns through Natural Gas, which is only found underground. In order to extract Gas, you will need to build Gas Mines. This precious resource will then be delivered to Electric Gas Plants to be converted into Electricity. Gas Plants will cause a steady decrease in air quality, with an additional side effect involving global temperature increases. But, hey, at least Gas Mine owners will get filthy rich. Inventors and Influencers There will be many more Inventors and Influencers throughout your civilization’s advancement, but they will appear randomly. Our goal is to offer you a different experience every time you play the game. Before you tell your friends all about it, here are a couple more Influencers you might come across: Elon Nugsk - A clever Nugget with some grand and occasionally silly ideas. He will help begin the Planet Colonization initiative. He also may or may not send expensive machinery into space for fun. Keep an eye on him. Donnug Rump - A Nugget who has a peculiar fascination with walls. He will allow you to build advanced walls around your civilization to protect against extraterrestrial threats or other unwanted intruders. He should never be put in a position of power, but his rants about wall designs have proven to be useful in certain scenarios. Florence Nuggingale - Her healing hands and tireless efficiency will lead to significant improvements in Hospitals, increasing the total number of patients a Hospital can serve at a time, as well as their Happiness. Kim-Joe Nug - His sole intention is to provide Nuggets with Nuclear Power. However, many Nuggets may need to be sacrificed to achieve his goal. Nuggie Curie - Her contributions will lead to the invention of the X-ray machine, reducing the time needed for diagnosis of injuries or pain. This will result in faster healing times for patients. Wrong Brothers - These guys are crazy. They think Nuggets will be able to fly like birds. We all know that Nuggets can barely walk to begin with, so we’ll have to see whether they’re wrong or wright. We hope you’re as excited as we are for these new features to make their way into the game. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Influencers or Inventors you’d like to see. Tell us their contributions and how they will alter gameplay, and don’t forget to come up with a terrible pun for their names. We will hopefully get a few more in before the Steam release, but rest assured that more will follow. Be sure to share this with your friends and family - they might have crazy ideas as well! https://crytivo.com/en/news/how-your-choice-matter-in-the-universim
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    Oh @Alex Koshelkov that was great "The worlds most expensive Screensaver. Well it's in your hands to give us something meaningful to do. Only micromanaging is a tedious task for many people. But in the other hand some people enjoy virtual gardening and house renovation although they could do it in the real world. A game should give you the options to do things you can't do in the real world. Managing people can be fun but is only a small part of a game at least the Kickstarter game you promised. The interaction as god to your followers is especially important. Do I feel needed? Am I in control? If I wanted to... could i do something wonderful or am I forced to obey. I know it is hard. That's the reason you were funded on Kickstarter. Because people wanted a god game. The ability to be a god again and enjoy the game in their pace. You started with the Idea of an god game and developed it to an city simulator first... and gained supporters that want a city simulator. That was not the original pitch. So yes it's hard to combine those two playstiles together. See I understand your point of view but a god game (at least The Universim was funded as god game) should have god powers that are useful and sometimes needed. If you make them optional... you make the whole god game concept of the game optional. There are plenty of management games outside but no god game. This is the only thing The Universim is or could be different from any other game on the market. @Alex Koshelkov Talking about the genre. What do you think is the main genre of The Universim at the moment? I don't know what you're working on and how it affects gameplay and godly gameplay. In all honesty... you should not advertise The Universim as god game if you did not improve the godly gameplay mechanics insanely in comparison to the current build. A clear statement would help. The only thing I know is... If you'd advertise the current build as god game in Steam... Most people would be disappointet about the godly gameplay. And people that don't want a god game like @rnramos or less godly interactions, are maybe annoyed about the pure existence of god powers in a city building management game. The question is: Who do you want to be your main audience? The original concept supporters that funded you because you promised to do a god game or the group that joined later while you already developed a city builder simulation. As I said... management and city builder games are a huge market and the competition is really hard... But there does not exist a single god game on the market beside the old black & white series which is nowhere to buy. See I am the (sometimes critical and for your liking uncomfortable but also very supportive and constructive) voice of the Kickstarter backers that wanted a god game more than anything else. We talked about Godus and you agreed. Such a disaster should never happen again. I do understand that the development of a game of this scale is a really hard job. But you can't please them all if you do not introduce different gameplay options to activate or deactivate to everyones liking. Or a completely "god free" gamemode with as much micromanaging as possible for those who don't want a god game... Which is funny... As I said... There are plenty of not god games on the market..... I think you get the point. You as developer need to decide which is your main audience or everyone is unsatisfied with a half hearted compromise. If you have enough manpower to introduce different game modes... okay... but I doubt it. It's hard work. But you should (I'm egoistic now for a second...) know who supported you in the beginning and for what.
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    Research Prototype Panel

    An idea to get xp to get a new research would be a/some nuggets who are smarter. You make them build something, and the smarter nugget studies the building and it's functions and he comes up with the idea, then you have a pop up message that says, "elu came up with an idea, research x is now available". It would be nice if you could designate those nuggets, the smarter they are, the faster they get the research. But it's still tricky, you'd need the first research tier, so you have a base line you can start from...
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    Kerby is quite right, we're all here to support the game as best as we can, and steam will bring trolls and ragers into the forums. I understand that having too many people weigh-in on an idea or give their own can undermine productivity, but the earlier a bad idea is caught or a good idea is made better, the less work you'll have to spend later. I think the way we can be most valuable is giving the "what if" scenario's that may break a design decision.
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    Tips System

    I'd recommend some basic tips for how the emergency shelters work. I had absolutely no idea the bell was used to get nuggets to go into the bunkers until about 2 weeks ago. That could've been explained and cleared up very easily if I had some tips for that.
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    What I want to see in the game

    Hello. I finished the technology tree of the current version of the game and here is what i think would be nice to have. I am sure that a lot of it is planned, but here it is anyway: 1. logistics and public transport Roads and trains and horse chariots would be a welcome sight. 2. better statistics I wish I could research demographic data where I can causes of death for example. At some pint population started to decline, but it was unclear why. It would be nice to see workforce allocation, education, lifespan, most dangerous jobs and such. 3. remote outposts and villages Citizens refused to move to newly created distant villages where I created all sorts of services. They travelled there for work and back to the main town. I imagine they should move to the place where they work and not just expand the main town. There could be a building or marker that influences where they build homes. Also they should switch homes for the ones close to where they work. (I am not sure if they are doing that, but it seemed like they don’t) 4. different wind force at different locations, local weather I went for wind turbines and it resulted in very long periods with no power. I had two locations of the turbines, one in the mountains and one in a desert, but they always stopped at once and worked at once. Location had no effect on wind force or direction and it should. 5. sailing and oceans, rivers and bridges Oceans should not freeze, should not be source of water, but there should be fishing all year and cargo ships everywhere. A river or two will do the planet good. 6. forts and castles There is lack of these building. I noticed only a tower and that’s it. 7. different political systems There seems to be only one way of government. I imagine it could range from tyranny to democracy with everything that is between. 8. animal farming and domestication The title says it. 9. better religion Let the creator bring his law that will restrict believers in a way he wants. The more believers the more the civilization is affected. Let there be unelected high priest of prophet who influences policy. 10. diplomacy Other villages don’t need to be just pests. There can be a more complex way to influence them, take over their settlement or cooperate with them economically and in war. 11. war There was no way to retaliate for the attacks except to use miracles. I could not build a professional army. 12. narrators Give us someone less annoying or a different narrators or narrator modes. Morgan Freeman perhaps? Although the game is work in progress it didn’t crash, there were only few bugs like tooltips not disappearing, fishing not happening and some other minor bugs. It feels way better done than some other infamous god games that came before. I am looking forward to the final version.
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    Im just gonna jump in and say, even in black and white you had to place certain buildings, at least in the start. Eventually they would work on their own, but its just part of it. Now eventually I would love to see the AI become self-sufficient and build all on their own, would probably look better than my layouts . I am a backer for the biggest kickstarter game ever, star citizen, and it has been delayed, and feature creeped, and ect. However I still play it and enjoy it because it has grown in scope and is becoming more than we ever imagined. Now, I believe this game can level out and be more of a god game with little influence, but you still want a decent amount to keep you engaged or it would be like watching paint dry. Balance is the key to any good game, and that comes with time and work. Is the development taking longer than thought, of course, Welcome to open development. What I enjoy from these open development games vs closed (GTAV, FFVII, Gran Turismo), is we get to see and influence the development. GTAV was delayed by 3 years, but most people didn't know because it was a closed quiet development by a large studio. I love that our ideas and opinions help to influence this game and make it better, however to implement everything and have it working takes time. Star Citizen just got Object Container Streaming set up so that items load in as you need it so not to starve your pc of resources, as well as Face Over IP, The tech behind that is so extreme and new, it was horribly flawed at first testing, but has gotten better. I will stick around and keep trying to influence this game for the better, citing references like B&W, SC, WFTO, and more to help give collective ideas, instead of just getting salted.
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    Rest House [suggestion]

    I do like the idea of rest houses. It may be something that could be implemented in the modern age, and would be a good way to actually cut down on the number of nugget models. Thanks!
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    At first getting people to believe was easy... but now that i have over 100 people less than 10% of them believe in me... despite curing them of infection from lake water (they drink from lake despite having good clean water next to them.. silly nuggets) changing the seasons.. and making it rain.. i mean if i saw it go from fall to spring instantly i would probably believe something is up... but nope less than 10% of my population believes in me.. and its declining... It feels like i have to constantly use up all my power just to have them continue to believe in me...
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    GREETINGS, CREATORS! We hope you had an amazing E3 and took some time to digest all of the delicious game reveals and new info pouring out from its doors. While you were enjoying the show, our team was hard at work developing new features and coming up with crazy design ideas for The Universim. Today, we would like to talk about a feature you’ve been requesting for ages - Exile Villages Exile Villages will pop up around the planet. These villages will grow alongside your own, eventually threatening and attacking your civilization. We think these villages offer an amazing opportunity to test your Creator Powers. However, you may want to refrain from rushing out to wipe them off of the face of the planet, as they could also offer you something very valuable. Exile Villages will be formed by Nuggets who have lost faith in you. Certain actions or a lack thereof might cause Nuggets in need to become frustrated and leave. Of course, there will be situations where their demands are completely ridiculous, so it’s almost impossible to please everyone. There could even come a time when you must choose between helping one Nugget or another. Every Exile Village will have its own population, threat level, and evolution progress, which you can reveal by clicking on them. They will contact your civilization’s leaders with demands or trade offers as time goes by. Refusing or ignoring these messages will, as you can likely guess, end in conflict. Our design philosophy with The Universim is to give you as much choice as possible, ensuring you have the ability to decide the outcome of almost any situation, either by ignoring it or taking control. We want you to decide how much you engage with and influence the world. We know that many of you enjoy the micromanagement aspects of the game, while others prefer to lean back and watch over their civilization as a silent observer. Exile Villages will be making their way into the game sometime after the Steam Release. Please let us know your thoughts on the new system. What kind of interactions would you like to see? Do you have some cool ideas you’d like to share? Don’t be afraid to drop us a comment! WHILE WE HAVE YOU HERE We have plans to begin releasing regular video updates in the future where Alex Koshelkov (founder) or Sasha Shumski (our producer) will talk about recent changes to the game and general news about Crytivo. These videos will be titled the Crytivo Digest, and we will publish them on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update! GOBLINS OF ELDERSTONE Our friends over at Lost Goblin released a great little game a while ago, and they’ve been working hard on tuning the game’s systems and fixing pesky bugs. Goblins of Elderstone is the best it’s ever been, but we need your help to make it even better. We have created forums where you can share your feedback and ideas for the game. The game had a bit of a rough launch on Steam due to a mix up with the Early Access label, so we need to help them recover. They will be adding a whole host of attractive features to entice new players and reward current fans, so be sure to throw your thoughts in as well on what you think should be added. You can check out some videos here to get an idea of how the game plays. We will also be giving away game keys to the most active community members who play the game and offer feedback.Explore the forums here. WANT YOUR NAME TO BE FEATURED IN THE UNIVERSIM? Just a friendly reminder that everyone who purchases The Universim from the Crytivo Store prior to August 28 will get their name in the game on the backer list monument, available for all to admire. We will begin sending surveys out very soon that will ask for the name you want to add (we want to get the spelling and details right). Read more about this at: https://theuniversim.com/something-special-for-our-supporters Oh, and FYI, if you purchase the game from the Crytivo Store any time before the Steam launch, you will also receive a Steam key on 28 August. IMMORTALIZE YOURSELF FOREVER BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK. Don’t forget to sign-up here for our future updates and giveaways. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for day-to-day updates. All the best, The Crytivo Crew Article Link: https://crytivo.com/en/news/tu-exile-villages
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    Tips System

    Hi! Just bought the game in your Steam early access debut -- congratulations on an exciting, new game -- looks great. I come from a long line of godlikes, citybuilders, resource gathering, etc. Looking forward to following along your progress. I have some thoughts from my first 2 hours in the game: Water control. Water generated/Water stored is pretty clear -- what's not clear is how much will be needed in the future. I ran out of water in the winter despite "some" pumps and "some" reservoirs. It's not currently intuitive how much water per season my village uses. Wells vs. reservoirs and their use. It's unclear if villagers drink exclusively from wells. Therefore it's unclear if I should spread them throughout my village. The tooltip seems to warn against building too far from water pumps, but is that meant to deter me from building many in each stone hut neighborhood? I don't know whether water is needed, and why, and how to handle it. Building placement. Using "q" and "e" to rotate isn't intuitive - tooltip Using "shift" to multi-place isn't intuitive If there are keyboard shortcuts to bring up the builder menu and the submenus within it, they aren't known Making the builder menu disappear when you select a building to build means often returning to re-open and re-find the building you want. The 6 categories of building aren't intuitive. It's hard to remember the difference between an Epicenter building and a Resource one. When I'm placing a new graveyard or engineer, seeing the AOE of the other ones is helpful. Why isn't that the case with all other buildings? If I'm trying to maximize food coverage, it would be helpful if all existing food places glowed or became illuminated to show previous placements. The role of each building is unclear. Am I doing anything by adding eateries? Population Control I like the idea of breeding to get desirable traits, but it's too difficult to sort through all my nuggets. Once I had more than 4 nuggets, identifying each one and isolating them to pair with a different nugget was difficult. Once I had 70 nuggets, it was impossible. It's very difficult to tell which buildings need workers, and which don't. The small flag next to a building isn't sufficient. Menus/GUI I LOVE the sorting function in the menus. HOLY CRAP YES. The downside is that the window size doesn't change, and only 10 results per page, and the numeration/clicking through pages is somewhat awkward. The GUI could be improved by auto-jumping to the top of new pages when clicking through sorted results, at least. Being able to sort buildings by worker makes finding buildings w/o them easier. But ALL buildings without workers are listed -- including those that don't need any. Sending those to the bottom, or sorting them differently would make finding buildings w/o workers much easier. Progress In my first two hours, it was hard to tell what "progress" looked like. I wasn't responsible for telling the Nuggets where to build their houses, and I couldn't tell how many pumps/reservoirs/wells to build, so I was left just... watching. I'd wait til a new research came available, build its associated building and then... watch. Something that more clearly explains what "progress" ought to look like would help, and a clearer picture of what very early-game is meant to be would be helpful.
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    Hey. I really would like to know what the others are thinking about the way we do research in the game. That's it,heh. See, I was playing Stellaris a lot and the game is absolutely amazing, there's just one thing that doesn't seem right to me and that's how you do research. I'm more the kind of guy who likes to see where I am, where I'm heading to and what I have to do to get there. But choosing from randomly popping up techs makes me feel like sitting in front of a slotmachine, pushing buttons for an unseen jackpot. As for The Universim I feel the same way, but with more "frustration". The research as it takes place right now actually offers no proof of progression. When selecting a certain perk and researching it, I can only imagine which opportunities may arise afterwards. The game deserves more.
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    Ask Us:

    We are rethinking the whole faith system. More and more it boils down to just the faith as a whole and not good or bad side, since a lot of the actions can be good or bad based on the situation. ~ 1 year. Not a long time, but for some time I was working as a Lead Designer & Programmer as well.
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    I more and more think that the choices of technologies we make define what a kind of god we are. Either one using the alternatives and poducing/developing in a sustainable way or one exploiting the motherplanet and the nuggets without any mercy. The believe system shouldn't purely be dependant on the god powers or the god quests IMO, because so it would be possible to act "good" by using "good" god powers , but still we could use "bad" tech, so research is related to believe and the way the nuggets consider god's choices, isn't it?! Also we can't just be "a" god, there has to be a way to personalize ourselves: When using destructive technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/ could be more afraid of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more destructive (c) even the god quests should go more into the destructive direction When using clean technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/could be more impressed of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more clean (c) even the god quests should go more into the clean direction
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    I won't find any time this summer anyway,so... But as for the NDA.. I'm not quite sure what you guys at Crytivo are afraid of? How are you going to make sure that the broad audience is happy about said features? The steam people will know when it's released, but what about the early supporters? I already was paying solid money for this project, just to make it happen and I want it to be a success after all, but I also would like to speak openly about the progress telling the people wether I like it or not and why. I can't for the sake of it comprehend in which way this would harm the game and probably the release on steam. But it's your business, not mine. And I'm a "customer", not an employee.
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    I love this idea and think its a great way to see whats going on in those little nugget homes, but i completely agree with the majority and ask, can this be done at a later date? It seems (myself mostly) that we would prefer to have a playable somewhat complete game with content rather than extra little graphics that from what i can see plays no real role in the actual game play. In saying that i would love to see this idea eventually implemented when the core game is complete. Also i voice the concern over using twitter for these votes (mostly because i feel left out as i dont have twitter and love participating in the evolution of this game). Keep up the good work and these ideas!
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    Hey Kerby84, Thank you for your feedback and your concern about the game. We share similar concerns and currently we are concentrated on the development. We would like our child to be successful and we are doing our best to ensure that. One thing that we are doing to improve the god aspect of the game is the Quest System. Before the quest system was pretty bad and we did not give it a lot of attention. Currently we are improving that system and Quests will require you to utilize all the different god powers. Besides that, a lot of quests will provide you with the choice. That choice might effect the buildings that will be unlocked, nuggets perception, their Faith. We also would like to expend the Faith System more. We would like your actions as a god to have an impact on your civilization. Currently we are still working on multiple ideas how to achieve that, so once we will make them more or less "community-friendly" and not a bunch of scribbles, we will show it to you guys. Meantime, everyone can give us their ideas about the Faith System. In a week or so, I will create a separate topic with our notes of what we would like to do with the Faith System for the steam release. Sincerely, Sasha
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    Research Prototype Panel

    I simply request that the nuggets litterally learn from the tree. I want them getting hurt because they don't have shoes. No fire until fire is researched any where in the game.. Make the nuggets act like cavemen poking it to find out its hot. Fire feels like a joke right now. Please if we give them huge muscles.. Make them look.. A little more machoy or something.
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    threeheaded monkey

    Research Prototype Panel

    Was thinking about this during work. Just don't tell my supervisor. Let's just say you would stick with the current panel,just showing the researchable perks but also having the opportunity to "zoom" into the relevant tech trees. It would be possible to keep the research simple, but also to get an overview of research at all. Maybe that's just stupid, anyway. lol Good point! What is research all about? Will there be just nugget related research? How is the "god" going to evolve? Had to think about this again. Wasn't it so that in Fable the "experience" you were gathering was color coded, and you then only could research spells according to the amount of that "experience"? There were three different colors as far as I remember, each representing a different action. What if there would be a similiar approach in The Universim?
  30. 3 points

    Research Prototype Panel

    Just a quick question about the research panel: would we have some specific research that we could unlock upon specific action/alignment or we would always be able to research everything?
  31. 3 points
    Lissa Gloom

    Nuggets stuck to cursor

    Not going to lie, this conversation without context would raise a few eyebrows. xD I'm so intent on building and researching I sometimes forget I can pick up a nugget and shake 'em around like a rag doll for a bit. Or just launch the little s**t into a mountain. Such a fun game. xD
  32. 3 points

    Remove building durability

    Hello, I just wanted to voice my opinion regarding Engineers and building durability while also proposing that 'Building Durability' be removed (in lieu of nuggets 'upkeeping' their own homes or something along those lines). To make this quick and to the point, I firmly believe that Engineers should be more of a 'repairing' duty with 'events,' much like the ones that cause nuggets to break limbs, that affect buildings (Fires, accidents, etc...) As such, this will prevent the Engineers from growing overwhelmed and being unable to keep with all the buildings withering away. I understand that the game is in Early Alpha, but Engineers have an incredibly difficult time 'up-keeping' buildings, especially when there are a lot of buildings in a small area -- I don't really see how this issue can be resolved or fixed in the future, especially when you have so many buildings; the thought of forgetting to place down engineering-huts near a collection of buildings and, as a result, they all break is already stressing me out. Regardless, I'm really enjoying this game! :^)
  33. 3 points

    April Update

    We're still aiming towards a patch a month, and it's only the 5th right now. This patch has a LOT in it and we had some last minute game breaking bugs crop up right before finalization that had to absolutely be addressed. Sasha made this statement on Discord on 04/05/2018: "we were done with everything a week ago, but as usual last minute bugs... 2 of them breaking the game. And 3 have visual issues. We are aiming for tomorrow release. As we speak, we are fixing them" http://prntscr.com/j13ukf
  34. 3 points

    What do you think about research?

    @Bolerro That was my idea behind the two shrines. Some people prefer a RTS style resource management to unlock new technologies and some prefer a more godly way by spending faith which could be gained through prayer and other tasks. This solution could please both player types and it´d help (in my opinion) to make the universim a unique god game for a broad audience. Sure... Double work for The Universim team but I think we all want the universim to become the best game for different playstyles which results in a a broad and pleased audience. Of course. That makes sense.Those are basic technologies for me. I agree. Basic technologies should be obtainable in the starter shrine (epicenter) If I continue my idea with your help... Basic Technologies are avaiable in the Epicenter (Shrine of Wisdom): First should be: simple tools -> wood cutting and stone mining -> taming of fire -> first buildings including huts and water system (huts have a little fireplace. in there we see light, so they need fire in their stone huts) and so on. those technologies should be a mix of faith and resource cost. some only researchable trough faith, some only trough resources. once all basic technologies are researched, the player (god) should choose between two ways to proceed. the godly way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough faith (but follow a logic rule in order to unlock. you can't unlock a high cost technology before you unlocked a basic one... for example... ->commitments for breeding, prayer and so on. -> more advanced temple to gain more faith -> godly powers to support nuggets: shield of faith that protects nuggets from nature, manna rain to provide food fast if needed... Your nuggets could learn from you. example: -you need to unlock the godly power "godly hunt" which allows you to shoot many arrows from the sky to the ground to hunt wild animals. Your nuggets try to imitate you and learn to build arrows and bows sooner or later. you have no direct control of the learning process. your nuggets learn instantly or you have to perform the miracle over and over again until they learn. but you are there to feed them so no need to rush. those poor stupid mortals. (of course your nugget's can't be harmed trough your godly arrows.) -you need to unlock the godly power "harvest of god" which allows you to harvest food from wild plants. Your nuggets try to imitate you and sooner or later they start to build a farm and cultivate food plants. -you need to unlock the godly power "heal" or "mass heal" and your nuggets sooner or later learn to build a hospital. ... If you do not enjoy being an almighty god you can perform a very costly miracle "crisis of belief" which consumes all faith you have and 50% -75% of your nuggets will die but the rest evolves to a secular point of view. Your nuggets learn to protect themselves and do not count on godly help. ->secular shrine the secular way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough resources and nugget intellect. a school building needs to be unlocked to invent new technologies. nuggets auto assign to the school building and generate intellect. ->society laws for breeding and so on ->school building -> bow and arrow -> fishing hut -> eatery -> farming -> medicine-> and of course bunkers to protect themselves from natural disasters. The school system may allow you to progress slower in the beginning stone age and medieval era because intellect ist a resource you need to collect beside real resources to invent things, but in the later game your nuggets learn faster. You still slowly gain faith but have no influence on the rate. Faith regeneration depends on the number of nuggets alive. You're limited to basic god powers like rain, thunder, tornadoes, rainbows, flying birds... If you want to change the way nuggets see you, you can perform a special miracle "rain of belief" which cost an enormous amout of faith - and over time the secular society may change to a godly one and your nuggets forget secular only buildings like bunkers and destroy them to praise you. Of course not all nuggets agree. So 50% to 75% of your nuggets die during this process. -> godly shrine
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    Just a creator wheel request

    Perhaps in a future update could we get an icon that shows which creator power we have selected? Possibly could be up by the believers and creator point numbers. I ask because unfortunately the tree icon and the fire icon are right next to each other on the wheel. And here I was about to plant a tree and instead I just set my village on fire. Planted fire right in the center of it. 😂
  36. 2 points

    My ~20 hour impressions

    - Stretch out the early game while giving you interesting things to tinker with. - Connect even more to the initial 3-5 families and the idea that your actions are having an effect on them and rippling down generations. Mark them somehow (yeah last names as default would be the obvious solution!). - Give all job-buildings an adjoining house. When a worker dies one of their children takes their place. Now you have the farmers, the shaman family etc., lots of little stories linked by the buildings. - Base villagers' mods on what god powers you use to help them. Enough cupids and they get a bonus to twins, telekinesis enough materials they get a bonus to carry capacity, telekinesis enough villagers around and they get a bonus to movespeed. Deliver enough meat/veg they get bonuses from eating it or hunters/farmers work faster... likewise wood, stone, get one smoking enough herbs and he hallucinates a degree (squee-gee that third eye...). And massively increase this effect in the beginning, so your Adam and Eve pick up mods really quickly, then tail it off to almost nothing so you create a kind of 'mythic' age where the basis of your culture has been set but you can still change destinies later on if you try really hard. - Ooh I just thought. What if your set of powers changed too? So in the 'mythic' age you got these short-lived biblical powers that had a massive effect but they get taken away one by one, as the camera pulls out, and replaced with more general, indirect powers? - Regular night-time just gets in the way but you could use the effect as a kind of challenge mode. A meteor hits, it all goes dark for a season and the animals go crazy. Or actual nuclear winter...
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    That's why I backed up the game when I got it earlier... then put steam in offline mode so the game can't patch The latest update breaks the game
  38. 2 points
    This just happened to me too. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling, restart pc, reinstall. nothing. When I open the folder where the game is suppose to be installed in, there are no files.
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    Kickstarter boosts your nugget strength and speed, but it has nothing to do with traits. When your nuggets develop different traits, their kids will inherit those traits. So if your nugget has a trait called "lazy". His kids, are going to have the same traits as well and therefore your whole civilization can end up being lazy. You can fix it by connecting the nugget with a lazy trait to the nugget with a hardworking trait. This way the kids will have 50% / 50% chance to inherit either parent trait.
  40. 2 points
    What really is missing, is the "feeling" of playing a god game, literally. I'd say the current foundation of the game is fine, but all the managing aspects have to be driven/ruled by the godly gameplay. Every god game is a rts, but not every rts is a god game. The idea of having different kinds of "faith", similiar to Fable's approach of gathering experience. Energy production is a good example: When choosing the wind turbine we could get "eco-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a "green" technology, which does not harm anyone. Therefor we can use that faith for "eco/good god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "eco god". When choosing the kinetic generator we could get "grey-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a technology, which does not really harm anyone, but they aren't happy about it either. Therefor we can use that faith for "grey/neutral god powers" only and/or progress towards being a "grey god". When using the gas plants we could get "issue-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a problematic technology, which harms the nuggets and the motherplanet. Therefor we can use that faith for "Issue/bad god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "issue-god". So it somehow depends on our research choices, ofc (Again, we can't just be "a" god.) and the way the nuggets understand them and then generate faith accordingly. And becasue of that I think we need a far more "complicated" and "far-reaching" tech tree,heh. Mooar choices! The god quests could be modified in the same way, so that the players/gods in fact experience the result of their choices and get the "rewards" accordingly.
  41. 2 points

    Ask Us:

    May I answer this. This is how your nuggets see your actions. Picking up resources is "evil" and healing is "good". The opposite is a fountain with a tree. So your nuggets think you are evil at the moment.
  42. 2 points
    threeheaded monkey

    [TWITTER] "..."

    I'm going to randomly quote stuff from their KS from now on... "Keep in mind that this explorable version is nothing more than a teaser for what is to come, there will be no gameplay whatsoever. We are not quite ready to implement all of the features for public testing yet as they are in varying levels of development. We are also working on a great UI (including various research menus and the like) which is a pretty crucial element that absolutely must be included in any gameplay build we release. A good portion of the features (but not all as we want some time to polish them!) will be available in the official Alpha build which should be ready before the end of the year, if the campaign is successful."
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    @Magecoerlin So please answer this short Question. With NDA... would you sue somebody from the Community that breaks the NDA because it's an affront against the transparency? Yes Or No? Only Yes Or No. Simple answer, simple Question. Would you sue your community? Yes or No? This will be the main promotional thing for you. Crytivo... The kickstarted company that is willing to sue it's supporters because of NDA violations. This "Could" be the logic headline if you insist on having a NDA. If you're not willing to sue your community members if they break the NDA, a NDA is useless. And suing your community is a really bad pr stunt. We're not employees with a pay check from Crytivo. We´re the ones that made Crytivo possible at all. All backers. Kickstarter backers first and all other backers later. Quick Edit: Bug reporting was made possible ingame. So the forum is not needed for bug reporting... and as @amigacooke mentioned... YOU promoted Discord as the main communication channel... Even pinned to your twitter account on top... not main promotion for the forum... main promotion for Discord... Edit 2: A description of what is planned would be okay. We're not the twitter community that reacts to shiny pictures with a like button. We can read and think and no... you're not pulling away suspense. There should be no suspense at all for the god game gamplay. This is a simple excuse for not wanting to talk about what is planned. Will the godly gameplay be empowering? Is god mail still a thing? Is god degraded to simple missions? Does god still watch nuggets being slaughtered by wild animals in the future without the chance of doing anything? Yes, The Universim was kickstarded and advertised as: "The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov." Original Kickstarter short text. What do we have? Planet management? no... nugget management yes. God game? not at all. The Universim is not unique. It's a management game that introduces questionable gameplay mechanics like stone huts that need repair after short time... engineers in the stoneage...those "buldings need repair" things were only introduced to keep people busy... micromanagement. it does not make sense.
  44. 2 points
    aka "Ooops, we did it again." Kinda dissappointing that nobody is able to keep the forum up to date, @Mirror . Maybe you are too busy though, but then somone else should do this. A twitter feed maybe? Others are having this. Anyway. Back to topic though.
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    I had a thought last night about how to make things feel more godly. I think it'd be amazing if a god power were implemented wherein you could place obelisks or relics, some sort of holy objects that Nuggets would turn into temples. The more temples the more worship, the faster god points were earned. I think coupling this with idle nuggets randomly worshipping at these temples would add that godly touch people are asking for and offer a more direct link between the player and the lil nugs. Sort of similar to age of empires but still uniquely universim.
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    I love this idea. Seeing the interior on a game level just seems 'too much' at this point when there's so much that needs addressing in other aspects. Having an interior picture icon in the info box, as we do with the Nuggets themselves, would be much better and very welcomed.
  47. 2 points

    Research Prototype Panel

    It can be natural. That is fine. However, Nuggets can currently harness fire before its taught to them. Harnessing fire should be a taught skill, a means of survival. Imagine how insane fire would be if you never knew of it before, but saw it for the first time as a natural event. It would bring a feeling currently not in game.
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    Tell us how. We would like to get involved and say hey great or... are you sure this is a good idea.... You get my point.... A little more open development would be great... At least now you only have to face critics of supporters that believe in the project... when you're on steam full wrath is unleashed.... you get the point...
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    What the heck is an "ingenieur" ? Do you mean engineer?